Teenagers in the language learning community - Daniela Szep | PGO 2021

Teenagers in the language learning community - Daniela Szep | PGO 2021

You don’t hear about teenage polyglots very often, do you? Probably you heard about Tim Doner, but that’s pretty much it. There is not much being spoken about us, there is not much known about us actually. Maybe it is because it is believed that it takes years to learn a new language, so at such a young age it is impossible to speak many languages especially at a high level. But that couldn’t be further away from the reality. There are much more of us than you would think. That’s why I’m here today. I am one of them. I’m a teenage polyglot. At the age of 17 I speak 15 languages. And in this speech I will introduce you to our world, the world of teenage polyglots.

Daniela Szep is a 17 year-old hyperpolyglot who was born in Ukraine. With Russian being her native language she learned 3 more languages while living abroad (Slovak, Hungarian and Serbo-Croatian). Her passion for languages began at the age of 14 when she started learning Italian after which she has mastered 6 more languages. Today in total she speaks 11 languages and continues to learn more.

This video was recorded at the Polyglot Gathering Online 2021 (https://www.polyglotgathering.com).

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