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  1. Awareness of People with Disability

  2. Hello, my name is Icha
  3. I work at the YAKKUM
    (Christian Foundation for Public Health)
  4. in Yogyakarta
  5. YAKKUM Rehabilitation Center is
  6. A social institution
  7. Which works for differently
    abled people
  8. In essence, we carry out
  9. Activities towards that
  10. And also trainings
  11. So that children with disabilities
    can be independent
  12. economically
  13. and in their daily activities
  14. For me,
  15. at the YAKKUM Center
  16. I focus on the education of
    children with disabilities
  17. We currently accommodate children
  18. with cerebral palsy
  19. who are rejected in SLBs
    (School for disabilities people)
  20. for various reasons, so
  21. Besides education, we fight
  22. For for the rights of
  23. children with cerebral palsy
  24. and Establishment of inclusive schools
  25. In Yogyakarta
  26. Because the Law about
  27. inclusive education is very clear
  28. But in reality
  29. The implementation is still
  30. very less
  31. Where there are still
    many schools
  32. Which reject differently abled children
  33. for various reasons
  34. Because the teachers
  35. in the inclusive school
  36. are also still very dependent
  37. on the special education teachers
  38. So, our focus is
  39. to train existing
  40. teachers in public schools
  41. to no longer depend on
  42. special educators
  43. and can provide adequate services
  44. for special needs children
    who attend there
  45. My hope in the future is
  46. that the community will care more
  47. for children with disabilities
  48. Differently abled children
  49. can also be empowered
  50. like normal children
  51. They only need to be given a chance
  52. So that they can develop
  53. up to their potentials
  54. then also for the government
  55. I hope for the future
  56. it does not only enact laws
  57. about inclusive education
  58. but it also increases
    the capacity of the teachers
  59. Otherwise, how can they run
  60. the inclusive education process
  61. Thank you
  62. --