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  1. [Set up of the session until 2'03'']
  2. The Keshe Foundation
    is proud to announce
  3. the second Universal Council
    and second science conferences
  4. which will be held in Rome
    March 27-31, 2017
  5. If you you are intersted in attending
    both or either conferences
  6. please go to:
  7. and click on NEW Wehshop
    on top of the home page.
  8. You can attend the conference's
    as an audience member
  9. or participate as
    a science conference presenter
  10. presenters will be allocated one hour
  11. to present products and innovations
    in Keshe plasma technology
  12. in any of the following categories
  13. Space Technology, Health, Materials,
    Energy, Agriculture, Transportation,
  14. the Environment, GaNS and Nanotech
    and any other area that applies.
  15. Foundation distributors and manufacturers
    will be attending the conference
  16. offering you the opportunity
    to build relationships
  17. to promote and market your products.
  18. The full package price for both
    conferences is 1650 Euros per person
  19. which includes:
    daily attendance to the conference's
  20. six-night stay in Rome
  21. as well as breakfast, tea
    and lunch on the days of the event.
  22. Accommodations for this package
    is based on double occupancy
  23. check in on the 26 of March
    check out on the first of April.
  24. The full package price for two persons
    for both conferences is 3300 Euros
  25. which includes daily attendance
    for two persons, six-night stay in Rome
  26. as well as breakfast, tea and lunch
    on the days of the conference's.
  27. Accommodations for this package
    include a twin room with a king size bed.
  28. Check in on the 26 of March
    check out on the first of April.
  29. You can stay additional nights if you wish
  30. at a cost of a 175 Euros
    per night per person
  31. A single ticket for those who wish to only
    attend the Universal Council conference
  32. which takes place
    on the 27 and 28 is 750 Euros
  33. which includes the price of admission
    plus two night stay in rome
  34. in the two single bedroom
  35. as well as breakfast, tea and lunch
    on the days of the event
  36. accommodations is based
    on double occupancy
  37. check in on the 26 of March
    check out on the 29.
  38. A two-person ticket
  39. for those who wish to only attend
    the universal council conference
  40. is 1500 Euros which includes
    the price of admission
  41. plus two night stay in rome in
    a hotel room with a king size bed
  42. as well as breakfast, tea and lunch
    on the days of the event.
  43. Accommodations is based
    on double occupancy
  44. check in on the 26 of March
    check out on the 29.
  45. A single ticket for those who wish to only
    attend the universal science conference
  46. which takes place on march 29
    through March 31st
  47. is 1150 Euros, which includes
    the price of admission
  48. plus 4 night stay in Rome
    in a 2 single bedroom
  49. as well as breakfast, tea and lunch
    on the days of the event
  50. accommodations is based
    on double occupancy
  51. check in on the twenty-eighth March
    check out on the first of April.
  52. A 2 person ticket for those who wish to only
    attend the universal science conference
  53. is 2300 Euros which includes
    the price of admission
  54. plus 4 night stay in Rome
    in a hotel room with a king size bed
  55. as well as breakfast,
    tea and lunch on the days of the event.
  56. Accommodations are based on double occupancy
  57. check in on the twenty-eighth of March
    check out on the first of April.
  58. If you would like to attend and prefer to make
    your own arrangements for accommodations
  59. the price of admission to either
    conference is 200 Euros per day.
  60. We look forward to meeting you at the 2nd
    universal science and council conferences
  61. in Rome March 27
    through 31st 2017.
  62. (Keshe Foundation's Private
    Weekly Medical Teaching Workshop)
  63. The Keshe Foundation
    is extending an Invitation
  64. to Medical Doctors of
    any practice and speciality,
  65. to apply to the Foundation's Private
    Weekly Medical Teaching Workshop,
  66. this includes Medical Doctors,
    Dentists, and Veterinarians.
  67. Scientists at the Keshe Foundation
  68. developed different types
    of Plasma therapies, and cures,
  69. that utilize advanced
    non-invasive Plasma technology.
  70. The Weekly Private
    Medical Teaching Workshop
  71. educates Doctors to the
    Plasma science behind the therapies,
  72. along with the functionality and operation
    of revolutionary Plasma medical devices.
  73. The goal of the Private Teachings
    is to add Plasma Health Knowledge
  74. to the profound knowledge
    of Medical Doctors.
  75. The weekly Class is broadcast live
    over the Internet
  76. through a secure Private Channel,
  77. every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm
    Central European Time.
  78. Presently the Class
    is only offered in English,
  79. however you are free to bring
    a translator to the Class.
  80. If you can't participate
    in the live broadcast
  81. you can watch them later
    at your convenience
  82. through a Private Internet portal.
  83. Every patient's case
    that is discussed in the Workshop
  84. will be kept anonymous and private.
  85. This includes catalogued
    findings and data,
  86. gained from the analysis
    of the patient's health issues.
  87. Any Medical Doctor in the world
    who wants to participate can do so,
  88. by sending an email to :
  90. In your email, please state your
    willingness to participate
  91. in the Medical Teaching Workshop.
  92. If you're planning on bringing
    a Translator to the Workshop,
  93. please state this in your email as well.
  94. After we receive your email,
  95. we will contact you with the instructions
    on How to Apply to the Workshop.
  96. As a part of the Application process,
    applicants who apply,
  97. including any Translators
    brought into the Workshop,
  98. will be required to sign the :
    Keshe Foundation's World Peace Treaty,
  99. which can be found
    at the following web address:
  101. All Applicants will be required to
    provide proof of their education,
  102. and ability to practice medicine,
  103. and will also be required to pass
    an extensive security background check,
  104. before they are granted access
    to the Teaching Workshop.
  105. Helpful Plasma Technology is here now.
  106. The use of which is increasing
    exponentially on a day to day basis,
  107. on every continent.
  108. We encourage you to come and learn
    about this revolutionary technology.
  109. Apply today!
  110. [Private Weekly Agriculture Teaching]
  111. The Keshe Foundation is extending an Invitation
  112. to experienced Farmers,
  113. Agricultural Specialists,
  114. and Researchers,
  115. to Apply to the Foundation's Private
    Weekly Agriculture Teaching Workshops.
  116. If you fall into 1 of these categories,
  117. and are interested in Plasma Technology
    integration into Agriculture,
  118. you're invited to apply.
  119. Scientists and Agricultural practitioners
    at the Keshe Foundation,
  120. continually develop and apply
    new methods of food and fiber production,
  121. soil fertility management,
  122. plant and livestock health management,
  123. and increased farm productivity,
    using the most advanced Plasma Technology
  124. that is taught at the Keshe
    Foundation Spaceship Institute.
  125. In the Teaching Workshop,
  126. you'll learn the science
    of Plasma Technology
  127. and it's applications in
    the fields of Agriculture,
  128. for enhanced and
    equitable global food production,
  129. while minimizing costs
    and external input.
  130. Practicing Farmers and
    Keshe Foundation Scientists
  131. will demonstrate their application
    of Plasma Technology in Agriculture,
  132. and the ensuing results
    of such applications,
  133. thus deepening and enriching learning
  134. for all participants in
    the Private Teachings.
  135. Participants are encouraged to demonstrate
  136. their farming practices
    in the Teaching Workshop.
  137. The Private Teachings are broadcast
    in English live over the Internet
  138. through a secure private channel
  139. every Wednesday at 10 am to 1 pm
    Central European Time (CET).
  140. If necessary, you may bring
    a Translator to the Workshop.
  141. All Applications are required
    to provide proof of their Education
  142. and Professional qualifications.
  143. Must pass a Security Background Check.
  144. And are required to sign the
    Keshe Foundation's World Peace Treaty,
  145. which can be found
    at the following Web address:
  146. (
  147. Translators that attend
    must also pass a Security Check
  148. and sign the World Peace Treaty.
  149. For details on how to join
    the Private Teachings in Agriculture,
  150. send an email to:
  151. stating that you would like
    to participate.
  152. Include in the email your Educational
    and Agricultural experience,
  153. and reasons for your interest
    in Plasma Technology.
  154. Applicants will be contacted
    with further instructions
  155. and details on the Application process.
  156. Welcome everyone to the 153rd
    Knowledge Seekers Workshop
  157. of the Keshe Foundation
    Spaceship Institute
  158. and it's Thursday january 5 2017 not 16
  159. and it's a new beginning with this year
    as the number nine...
  160. and it becomes exposed and becomes
    a new beginning
  161. with the 2017 to from the nine of 2016
  162. and i noticed today's workshop
    also adds up to nine as an
  163. ending of the old and the new beginning
  164. as well so we're at a juncture here of
    new beginnings it looks like
  165. so Mr Keshe sure
    you have lots to speak up today
  166. and understand there's a limitation on
    today's workshop of a maximum of 3 hours
  167. so we'll probably end shortly
    before that allow Mr keshe
  168. to get on this amount of things.
  169. Ok are you ready to go ahead Mr Keshe?
  170. Yes good morning good day to you
  171. wherever and whenever
    you listen to these broadcasts
  172. as usual we tried to open new
    paths into the new knowledge and receive
  173. very go on how we can support
    each other with the new knowledge
  174. we have very little announcement
    to make this week except that...
  175. what we have received from the
    Italian authorities in respect to their
  176. earthquake situation in Italy is Giovanni
    in the background do you see him on the panel?
  177. Received from the italian respect
    to their and all incidents graduation in
  178. is Giovanni in the background?
  179. Yes i'm actually myself back and all and
  180. Hello can you hear Yes Giovanni, good morning.
  181. Good morning Mr Keshe
    good morning to everey body.
  182. Giovanni would you like to annouce
    what's happened in Italy
  183. because its fundamental for the rest
    of the Keshe Foundations in Europe.
  184. yes it's very important
  185. is the first time in Italy that...
  186. we have an official authorization from the Civil Ptotection
  187. to the to have to support the
  188. emergency for the earthquake
  189. The situation it's been important because
    who give to us this autorization is a
  190. is one of the form the who have
    founded the the Civil Protection
  191. so is a a very important person
    in italy in this sector.
  192. the other aspect is that the the Civil
    Protection in Italy
  193. is the first one in the world and the ...
    all the the other country come in Italy
  194. to study the structure of the civil protection
    so this is a an example for all the world
  195. ... this kind of structure in Italy.
  196. And... when we have an authorization
    from structure of this ...
  197. this way, is a very important things for
    an aspect for all the rest of the world.
  198. And the situation it's a it's a very big because our 15,000
  199. people that are uh in in a tender
  200. although of alltel and some other
  201. structure for the NDA athletic and the I
  202. spoke personally with with the with the
  203. achieve of civil protection and he said
  204. important will be scared because of and
  205. now the prostitution of the art wake it
  206. smooth down near room as you say a few
  207. times they go before and so this is mean
  208. that maybe did the next our wake are
  209. more near you Jerome and so on and so
  210. they need to ever L passport for its
  211. feet
  212. there is a another news that the after
  213. that we can give this support take all
  214. the information of the of our and
  215. support for became a stable
  216. for the next time our like a partner of
  217. civil protection in Italy so the next
  218. time that we have that there is some
  219. problem they ask me there is to ask
  220. support if there is something that they
  221. need or what we can do for for this for
  222. the next emergency so no the other is
  223. pathetic it's a bees is possible to to
  224. make the same things in another country
  225. of Europe because this now is a example
  226. at but we cannot replicated another
  227. another another country like Greece or
  228. rolls lavania or spain spain and so on
  229. and after we can find it we can be
  230. recognized from from the central
  231. structure of the Dior and this is very
  232. important there is another suspect that
  233. it was important that in this case of
  234. emergency some cheese local chief like
  235. the major or the the chief of the rage
  236. on and so on
  237. ever the other the possibilities the of
  238. recognize the
  239. the more that like the rule over over
  240. over
  241. they have the same the same as a college
  242. the same level of the minister of of the
  243. ash so in this weigh-in in this moment
  244. of emergency they give to us this kind
  245. of of of the right dosage ability the
  246. outer should thank you
  247. and so this is another aspect aspect
  248. that's very important we go there with
  249. the two companies that two tracks that
  250. are full of match one come from Italy
  251. and the other one is a come from France
  252. ready to go tomorrow will be there is
  253. asked to give the patches they ever to
  254. bigger lap that a show that are all
  255. foundation and and the can so that
  256. people know that we give and we explain
  257. what give to them and after we take some
  258. some information from these people that
  259. we give the patch because after we
  260. contact them and take the the
  261. testimonials and this this ammonia will
  262. go to the to the government and the
  263. government can check that the the
  264. technology work and the finally we
  265. became part of the government in
  266. imagines this is a program that's what
  267. we're at that that when the the Civil
  268. Protection check that the
  269. the people feel good and so on so we
  270. give this material to dama and when they
  271. have checked this we became official
  272. partner of the civil protector so the
  273. next time that there is an emergency
  274. they call immediately acid and asked us
  275. if we can add them in this emergency but
  276. it's a really let me clarify something
  277. this is what you already have done and
  278. that's why they have been the clearance
  279. to do this
  280. yes yes yes before to during this class
  281. yes yes that's why they have asked you
  282. to become part of the civil defense
  283. because they've seen the results
  284. yes yes and they have a scene of the
  285. results for became part of official
  286. partner for of forever being necessary
  287. to the next step and this next step is a
  288. we have them to to close the fire is
  289. there another another set about the wii
  290. closer without problem because of how
  291. it's it it's simple is not difficult to
  292. thank you very much and congratulations
  293. now you work of suggestion it's a it's a
  294. pleasure to argument
  295. thank you very much him going on me
  296. submarine have been working closely with
  297. the Civil difference and as you remember
  298. people from strip from Germany Holland
  299. shipped in a lot of parts after the
  300. first earthquake and after we open the
  301. kitchen is your factory to the national
  302. public and it takes years to achieve
  303. such a position where do you become part
  304. of the Civil Defence supporting as you
  305. are aware now that we have received the
  306. first authorization be ready for the
  307. next disaster when it happens in them
  308. have seen
  309. in the use of the patches because
  310. they're already asked the past couple
  311. months work furthermore supplies that
  312. they wanted to use for people who needed
  313. after the accident whether this gives us
  314. the acceptance of the technology on the
  315. medical level internationally
  316. once the second level comes in i was
  317. talking to signal the ants offices in
  318. other the nation and they said you know
  319. what it's miss occasion
  320. this means you have become equal to red
  321. cross in a very short time the
  322. difference within your organization and
  323. the right process that they have to go
  324. down by 10 and technology is that they
  325. can help with your organisation that's
  326. what why and now with a spiritual
  327. defense you produce everything yourself
  328. and you bring a new technology right
  329. across very fast
  330. this is the beauty of what is happening
  331. there
  332. their requests and acceptance of this
  333. level it means our health coaches and
  334. hands-on waters which has been
  335. distributed during their disaster last
  336. time has been shown to do the work and
  337. has gone into the next level
  338. now the data collected is just a
  339. formality to complete their permanent
  340. membership on this level
  341. this is important for all the kitchen
  342. dishes worldwide take a step if you are
  343. setting up to be able to help your
  344. nations in type of disaster there we
  345. will also apply their confirmation at a2
  346. u2 supply to your forex hits but not
  347. part of the Civil Defence this is
  348. important because now obviously the
  349. health unit Sean working this is a
  350. breakthrough and thanks to all of you
  351. doing what you've done and the major
  352. breakthroughs are coming one at a time
  353. but in a very extensive way we did this
  354. we can immediately join worldwide civil
  355. defense in next 12 months two years and
  356. no organisation so rich this or fast is
  357. thanks your work and especially I have
  358. to thank class
  359. in Austria of people in Holland
  360. volunteers in France who build these
  361. patches too just deliver to show that
  362. that the technology not only works but
  363. say international cooperation is not the
  364. Italian cooperation and this brings us
  365. to where we wanted to be slowly but
  366. gradually you're getting to where we
  367. should be as one nation in the next
  368. seven days
  369. you hear a lot of next 14 days you hear
  370. about new developments around cash
  371. foundation white this is important for
  372. us to develop and let the government's
  373. to contacts of the technology in eatery
  374. we have a friend announcement in next
  375. seven days watching days that a lot of
  376. you who know about what we are doing we
  377. have been recognized on the very largest
  378. scale you're hoping to finalize it
  379. through the test on by the governmental
  380. support local governments what's showing
  381. that the technology is highly acceptable
  382. for the contamination is taken us three
  383. months hard work and I tank power is
  384. working relentlessly in Italy to bring
  385. this into full for operation the Keshe
  386. foundation after next week got two weeks
  387. under the new heading up new management
  388. which we put in position we'll set up
  389. award the contamination or to the
  390. contamination at the contamination
  391. section which brings everything back
  392. again base and headquartered in arleta
  393. and initially and this gives you a lot
  394. of leverage in a way any water
  395. contamination any disaster will allow us
  396. to be able to submit and deliver
  397. technologies rapid technology
  398. deliberates to support on this basis of
  399. environmental water cleaning and we have
  400. Alex in the background has been trying
  401. to sort out away with all the
  402. contamination as in nigeria there is a
  403. huge problem with it and other people
  404. are familiar with oil business even
  405. reading oil drill holes creates a lot of
  406. local pollution we have set up a small
  407. unit which will collaborate with the
  408. Italian organisation autonomic for all
  409. the contamination we brought in a
  410. petroleum engineer who understands both
  411. side is being any seen the operation of
  412. the gallons and now I was talking to him
  413. yesterday says he sees how we can start
  414. the process of the contamination to use
  415. up their dance materials and other ways
  416. so we are breaking into this level of
  417. the contamination headquarters on base
  418. will be in its Richard onion
  419. successfully involved with it
  420. joining now runs the whole of the
  421. italian catch foundation on that site
  422. and soupy worst opportunity like the oil
  423. disaster in the gulf of mexico we can
  424. deliver technologies which is natural
  425. it's like the water up to see what
  426. dissolves their oil nes villages as you
  427. remember when they're canadian
  428. government blocked us and imprisonment
  429. for 11 days i was on the way to the root
  430. of this technology to help Mexico now of
  431. issuing an automatic fish foundation
  432. cooperation we have put this and this
  433. causes a PhD and masters degree where
  434. the engineer was a pretty on the end
  435. petroleum engineer who will take this
  436. here started already into that actual
  437. delivery of the technology next six
  438. months 12 months we hear from him as he
  439. is putting up asked him to put a team of
  440. African nations scientists in petroleum
  441. to solve the problem i see how it can be
  442. done i saw the height would be done
  443. during their BP petroleo and gulf of
  444. mexico now we put the sign victim as I
  445. said make on the center of in what we
  446. call excellent success based technology
  447. and this is under the store in
  448. collaboration with
  449. what we have achieved in Italy this
  450. thing's will not be possible with other
  451. for support of our area a lot of you
  452. have made or update comment on what i
  453. said last week that we are real rights
  454. in the kitchen foundation is
  455. reorganizing our people who are around
  456. us we have released number of people
  457. from the duties and some people have
  458. moved into new duties and to become
  459. international the way we have become
  460. means we appreciate the talents of our
  461. people we all came in as well and tears
  462. in different ways to help and support
  463. and some of us work full-time for the
  464. foundation we are looking for experts
  465. now in garner we have reached 22 and
  466. this must be more to just under a
  467. hundred employees by the end of the
  468. month or beginning of the februari we
  469. have become part of the structure only
  470. we employ masters and PhD engineers at
  471. highest level that we Kennedy forward
  472. this is what we expect from those who've
  473. been sitting around waiting for
  474. factories to come in a blueprint to come
  475. the blueprint has to be your thoughts
  476. and the way you think something can be
  477. done to put in the market that can help
  478. the others the cooperation and
  479. collaboration between the calculation
  480. factory has to come from the heart and
  481. understanding and not dating just
  482. researcher factory up he was 2 blueprint
  483. we want to copy we looked at ghana we
  484. looked at garner deeply importance the
  485. need here what we have here what we can
  486. use locally we have only shipped 11
  487. items or 10 items from Europe to support
  488. us here because it wasn't here
  489. everything else we achieved in setting
  490. up the factory is locally made we are
  491. not looking beyond the borders are
  492. listed is nothing there that we can
  493. support all we cannot get it that time
  494. lapse we need to stop looking at the
  495. blueprints what they're going to give us
  496. the blueprint is what your nature
  497. need I get this from the people who are
  498. signing for the factories can you give
  499. us to print out the generator can us
  500. appropriate at the max okay us you're
  501. looking start donations see what you
  502. need in ghana we need clean water in God
  503. now we need to overcome a lot of what i
  504. call infections a lot of bacterias and
  505. the rest which is causing problems
  506. internally and these are won't be
  507. responding to immediately water
  508. treatment places where the medical
  509. application is reachable at a cost
  510. people can afford this is what your job
  511. is not just looking for a blueprint for
  512. us to print that we can make money out
  513. of it
  514. look what you need look one is needed in
  515. time of agencies of what yourselves and
  516. use the local material China should not
  517. become the last point
  518. china has to become the support point if
  519. we can now get it
  520. we have reliable sources in China that
  521. can help us use the coconut yours
  522. editing which is locally available that
  523. you can be the change you don't need to
  524. have sophisticated blue containers to
  525. acrop systems of power generators you
  526. don't need to have the most advanced
  527. whatever to do
  528. Caroline in past three weeks in in Ghana
  529. has more into the water call Animal Care
  530. she has brought the change the doctors
  531. now they see how dogs which died had
  532. been dying very young age with very
  533. little amount of co2 and other materials
  534. which caroline has put together and give
  535. it to them 3d have saved lives of dogs
  536. one after another
  537. are there animals are part sounds simple
  538. drinking water can change liable for us
  539. off an animal what it was not available
  540. in Africa she's been asked to give
  541. lectures in different cities because by
  542. the by the words by the people who are
  543. the animal care because in such a short
  544. time they've seen we're losing the
  545. animals
  546. almost within 24 hours are back live on
  547. running this is where we have to see
  548. where the demand is that we can meet the
  549. local demands as I said you don't need
  550. to it's gone from memory card fraud by
  551. FDR united states that you can use it
  552. our ancestors as medicine man did not
  553. have FDA and save the man's life the
  554. life i come from the bloodline you're in
  555. South America manufacturer in peril
  556. look what is needed locally in peril
  557. you're in singapore you're in Australia
  558. or in philippine you have worked enough
  559. see what is needed the whole hunger and
  560. the Greek calls he was the power unit
  561. that's all we need
  562. you're in the wrong place to stop it do
  563. what we've done in Africa door be done
  564. in alex is doing in nigeria dr. Watson
  565. is doing in kenya we are responding to
  566. the African need the local news bring
  567. the change we are not looking to bring
  568. the most sophisticated thing you plug it
  569. five percent of the nation can for these
  570. things
  571. ninety-five percent and lives in hearts
  572. 95% lives in the in the conditions that
  573. the food is needed daily that they don't
  574. know however we are responding to that
  575. 95 and a fire detector pleasure you have
  576. to understand a very fundamental point
  577. we all thought America was no land off
  578. honey and whatever till we had the
  579. Huracan in the other and we saw through
  580. America is worse than Central Africa
  581. qualities beyond imagination
  582. we receive the data how many children go
  583. hungry in developing countries 35%
  584. children live below the poverty line in
  585. the United State 5% in Norway fifteen
  586. percent in Korea the richest nations
  587. more people people go hungry because
  588. they cannot report expensive food this
  589. 36 is on the internet just come out how
  590. look there's a saying in English they
  591. save their course and no knickers with
  592. me as people who used to have still
  593. whether all the fair course with love
  594. bites it and the animals in it but they
  595. don't have the money even to wear
  596. underwear and the Western world has
  597. reached that point and the other nations
  598. are not far but we are not reaching you
  599. are teaching how for you to start
  600. changing the course you signed a
  601. manufacturing you want to be a
  602. manufacturer I don't want to give me the
  603. blueprint dr. generator i will not give
  604. you this on that see what you need
  605. locally and respond to it and use local
  606. materials everything we have said the
  607. keshe foundation gone up factories
  608. offices everything else is a hundred the
  609. Sun on the introduced it doesn't look
  610. brandish like the laboratories of us the
  611. world but the producers material better
  612. understand what does we need Adam and
  613. after local community we have put in
  614. educated people back to work when there
  615. was no job we putting pride back into
  616. the nation
  617. we are meeting with the world leaders
  618. and understand the change is your job is
  619. no more teaching of show us this and
  620. that you're learning all we just trying
  621. to enlighten teach more and more to
  622. understand more in-depth to understand
  623. what needs to be done
  624. the three websites are the whole cache
  625. foundation around the world which are
  626. based by one misconduct the person we
  627. all as they said we didn't see thousands
  628. our website all ends up with one name
  629. the l and that will be handled so
  630. because we need to bring people and they
  631. do the job for us in a very recent
  632. high-level discussion one person brought
  633. we were told in a call in a meeting
  634. about how you seen Josh about the hard
  635. cash facts about the cash they said have
  636. you seen how they have invested with the
  637. guy who's writing it one person one man
  638. and I give you a warning we clean
  639. everything up
  640. you remember when important thus telling
  641. understand he wrote a lot he wrote a lot
  642. till exactly why the year ago we opened
  643. his hand that these abuses on children
  644. and it has a right anymore and the
  645. moment has become the biggest informer
  646. for FBI 25 years in prison for raping
  647. soldier the people who are guilty right
  648. everything to die rotation we teach to
  649. bring knowledge people of the same get
  650. together mr. sterling read two of his
  651. own daughters look who's got two
  652. daughters and writes the same
  653. we have evidence of child abuse and
  654. child trafficking through the website we
  655. have hard copy out and share with the
  656. interval and other offices the secret
  657. was nobody could point the finger
  658. how could be done look at the websites
  659. which is run by the same man the with
  660. teams could not remember so there was no
  661. trace but the gentleman is a Hypnotizer
  662. children are right by their hypnotized
  663. evidence is heavily loaded to one side
  664. even his own children don't remember
  665. because he is proud to announce he is a
  666. Hypnotizer it cannot remember what is
  667. done to your what you doin your ties
  668. documents have been doing it to
  669. international authorities that them
  670. right you know what technology does and
  671. this where you're strong because it
  672. Biggers clue how can we find out how it
  673. be that there is no witnesses witnesses
  674. that the job six have taken picture up
  675. and publicly announced they needed we
  676. have taken all the websites pages you
  677. have to be six-year-old to get their
  678. free ticket to a cinema in which nation
  679. you need their free to get to the cinema
  680. and get the picture of your child a
  681. daughter and cannot be more than six
  682. years old because when they're
  683. hypnotized their car remember i think
  684. now you see the truth is that the album
  685. we praise him for him to make more
  686. mistakes for the authorities to track
  687. and we have achieved it go on the
  688. websites which is run and you see the
  689. whole mentality is on sexual abuse tools
  690. writings websites asking for children
  691. girls not more than six years old to
  692. begin their free to get you Scylla all
  693. the pictures and videos have been taken
  694. by security services if you had best way
  695. to a cinema take your daughter to be
  696. taking a picture but you said the l and
  697. is a good hypnotized
  698. now you know the truth about the
  699. operation of chatrak the reason we've
  700. been attacked heavily since we come to
  701. Bonner because will please website
  702. published secure line by the British
  703. government national securities some of
  704. it you can reach yourself in these
  705. website says the highest rate of child
  706. trafficking from Connor into and web so
  707. we are touching somebody's income and
  708. has to be written harder just go on the
  709. internet right child trafficking garner
  710. culture are the highest rate the most
  711. advanced nation in child trafficking in
  712. Europe it all comes up to answer would
  713. be no holes in natural and why the
  714. attack on garners has become increase
  715. orphanages have no records of children
  716. and don't forget the was born in Africa
  717. heels raised in Africa he knows all
  718. Google's hypnotizing the lottery many
  719. memories now you understand why we keep
  720. so quiet and we let them write
  721. relentlessly we have the documents we
  722. have the pages on the internet which is
  723. asking for 60 kills and funny enough one
  724. of the victims picture on the front to
  725. attract your girl those being the victim
  726. house up
  727. this is what believe it and is for you
  728. to find out why and right to the water
  729. authorities to the police
  730. how come they're looking for seizure or
  731. children our website for a picture for a
  732. cinema don't forget give them the link
  733. that is holistic and proud to hypnotize
  734. hundred people in university of brussels
  735. in one go
  736. now you know what your assignment just a
  737. sign that we collect ammunition
  738. information that we can help you the
  739. links are there very soon we open the
  740. line called facts about the l1 check and
  741. what we ask you is how many people got a
  742. free ticket and how many children's
  743. pages like mr. sterling appears around
  744. the world now you know that and how
  745. vicious attacks are started because we
  746. informed him that we have found the
  747. website and the pages looking for
  748. children with his companies names on the
  749. companies he owns a run by his are final
  750. and picture of his own daughter used
  751. under research we do the cleanup the
  752. cleanup will start we are not afraid as
  753. all channel to be taken out but the
  754. freed many children authorities in
  755. garner are looking and will issue
  756. warrants for arrest but it should have
  757. been trafficked from here into and Ferb
  758. using online internet hypnotism as he
  759. claims is very good
  760. now you understand the cleanup calmness
  761. within the structure go on the internet
  762. and you know how are you can be happy
  763. cubed and look into it gives you reason
  764. about you get for your six-year-old
  765. thought why not
  766. twenty-year-old not why others now you
  767. understand how Peter files work now the
  768. links will be in the truth
  769. Let's go back on the science we are and
    encourages a lot of people to be.
  770. In the last teaching we put a very clear
    indication and we were told
  771. you said it's going to be important teaching
    but it was nothing about it so much
  772. it was one of the most important teachings
    that we have we done
  773. because we gone into the position away
    from the matter into the Soul.
  774. The essence of the creation this is
    what i said in the teaching last week
  775. that in the past weeks
    we are going to a next level
  776. then the next level which is
    the operation of your soul
  777. which gives you the manifestation of physicality
  778. is what man has not been aware is the
    new teaching
  779. it means a lot to those who understand
  780. and means nothing
    to those who don't understand
  781. it means that as we are going
    into the space deepest Space teacnology
  782. we were used to the present
    space program to wear the clothes
  783. to wear these homemade pressurize clothing
  784. that we train for a long time in the
    water that we can get into a space
  785. now with the new technology
    now with the new approach
  786. not only with the rid of this spacesuit but now we understand
  787. the human party itself is a suit that
  788. change in according to the environment
  789. which you are arriving
  790. This was the change.
  791. This was what i said in the
    teaching that people will understand
  792. according to their intelligence.
  793. We explained that the soul of the man is the center of the man
  794. is the essence of his creation.
  795. Is the essence
    of his existence on this planet.
  796. now if you could understand that now
    when you have the essence
  797. when you have to what we call
    in the world of creation
  798. the seed of life and is active
  799. you can take it anywhere i'll grow
    according to the environment.
  800. We seen the man has taken
    let's say an apple from one place
  801. and is taking it to another
    place an other part of this world.
  802. The apple has changed his characteristics
    to fit the environment.
  803. In essence is still Apple used to be red and green
  804. here now is yellow with the slidly different texture
    because the environment is different.
  805. This is what's going to happen to man.
  806. We carry the essence we understand we teach you to understand
  807. the operation of your soul that in space
    your understanding it
  808. can manifest itself and yourself in a condition of the environment.
  809. You don't need to be in the suit of the
    man and cover yourself in the spaceship
  810. that you still become a fish in the tank
    of the new world you travel into.
  811. To be able to live in the environment
    you have to become part of the environment.
  812. You cannot walk on the street in Planet Zeus
    with a helmet with a spacesuit walking
  813. I want to be one of
    you doesn't fit
  814. but if you understand
    how you can use the essence of the
  815. emotion through your emotion to reach your Soul
  816. then in space you arrive you feel good
    the emotion fits the environment feels good
  817. You take the manifestation.
  818. You dress the body of the man the way you
    wanted it according to the environment you arrive.
  819. This is what the others are doing across on this planet.
  820. Because they have reached the
    maturity understanding the operation of the Soul.
  821. This is why we're going
    in the deeper and deeper teaching
  822. is not that there's nothing in it
    it means you never understood
  823. and this is my job to teach you more to understand more
  824. Than you can overcome these what I call for beers
  825. these misguided informations.
  826. you got to understand very very important condition
  827. you got to understand a very fundamental point
  828. that once the man understands the reversal position
  829. man will become part of the creation
    the true creation.
  830. In Plasma technology we teach.
    Can I share please?
  831. Go ahead Mr Keshe .
  832. In the Space technology
    we teach something very fundamental
  833. and that is we say in plasma technology
  834. technology we go backwards
    we go into essence of creation
  835. we go into understanding of the creation
  836. what we understood
    what we did not understand
  837. we said that we create the Soul
    or the Soul is created
  838. in this processed it goes through emotion
  839. with condition of the environment leads to manifestation of physicality
  840. Go back to the teachings of
    ther Keshe Foundation.
  841. A plasma.
  842. We radiate out
  843. as magnetical
  844. that at the point of interaction with the environment
  845. we manifest we see the physicality of it.
  846. we talk about what is under underhand gravitational which
  847. means we go back to the essence
  848. what is not comes back in
  849. so using the gravitational
    we can go to the essence
  850. to the origin according to the strength.
  851. Translate this knowledge back to this side
  852. now you see the beauty of the knowledge given.
  853. by the delivery of the fields
  854. we gave it a physicality of manifestation
  855. We've done the same here
    we've gone from the Soul
  856. through emotion
    to manifestation of physicality.
  857. Now if you understood that how
    your MaGrav system works
  858. and how there is always a gravitational against magnetical which is a stronger
  859. so the man all needs to understand is the step
  860. How to revert?
  861. how to use his physicality through his emotions
    to reach his Soul.
  862. And then you can take this Soul anywhere.
  863. The plasma of copper stays or States copper does not matter where you taking atomic masses
  864. so shall be the physicality of the man respect to the
  865. environment according to the essence of his Soul.
  866. Now you understand what the teaching of last week was about.
  867. now you understand why how we tought the GaNS to plasma and the rest
  868. and some people explain it undefined it in their own way
  869. it's not that they are wrong is beautiful
    because this is what i understand
  870. and every understanding
    doesn't matter wrong to us
  871. it brings of fruit of knowledge
    to the Man who understand to his level
  872. so no one is wrong.
  873. now you understand
    where we are heading for.
  874. What it means why we have to study
    the existence of our own Soul?
  875. Because it's the key
    to our existence across the Universe.
  876. We travel with this Spaceship as a group
    we come to the destination.
  877. Who wants to stay
    can change to the environment
  878. who wants to carry on to the next station
    can carry on
  879. and they become manifestation of their existence
    in the new location
  880. But the problem is that you have to understand
    different methods of the transportation.
  881. Different methods of doing things.
  882. Different methods of delivering things.
  883. it's you who has access to your emotion
    and no one else
  884. and is you who has to understand
    the existence of your physicality
  885. through emotion of the environment
    and your Soul
  886. has let to the physicality of your presence
    and how you can go back and change
  887. its you who have to understand
    you don't need the physicality of the term
  888. to be able to exist.
  889. It's you who have to understand
  890. that understanding
    that there is a structure of the Soul
  891. and lost an arm in an accident
    how can i create it instantaneous?
  892. is embedded within it is like as we said
    in the plasma here is hydrogen
  893. but here you have copper it doesn't mean
    that the copper doesn't exist
  894. copper is still industry the strength
    stinks in the proximal of the hydrogen
  895. but at a high general in manifest itself
    as the entity of the environment.
  896. So, can you?
  897. So is the essence
    that you should be able to do
  898. if you can understand your own creation
    and through emotion to reach your Soul.
  899. Is not magic and those who don't understand
    means they are not me here???
  900. the more you interact the more
    you understand your own emotion
  901. the closer you become to find the path
    to your Soul and this is our job.
  902. You are GaNSes and we put GaNSes
    and we see the field of interaction
  903. which is the mother.
  904. the whole lot is the same path. ou call it
  905. You call it the Plasma you call it the GaNS
    you call it the matter state
  906. is all the same is all transformation and
    transportation of fields, nothing else.
  907. There is no magic
    that you can be afraid of.
  908. We've seen people who come
    around the Foundation ??? once
  909. We cannot do what we thought we can do
  910. we would like to do something else
    for the time being.
  911. It means is good
    this is how you understood
  912. maybe the information which
    you carried and you understood
  913. and is deposited in your RNA-DNA Soul
  914. is there to enlighten your child
    in the future to go to the next door
  915. to understand the Universal Community.
  916. The beauty with this technology is
  917. we don't expect everybody
    to be in Space tomorrow morning.
  918. We allow those who understand
    and have understood
  919. to go to the next level
    by their own not by choice of us.
  920. Going into Space, in a deeper Space
    without understanding
  921. the structure and the work
    off the Soul, emotion and physicality
  922. is jumping off Eiffel Tower with no
    parachute and hoping to survive.
  923. They are three problems jumping:
  924. first of all
    you got to get the leap.
  925. Second of all
    the building opens up like your phonal???
  926. You never ran outside the building
  927. you hit the physicality
    and then the height loss.
  928. Is the same in travel in Space.
  929. First is fear of warning, opening
    and then is fear of how we do?
  930. How we achieve?
  931. How we see?
  932. How we operate?
  933. How we would like
    to be operating in where we are.
  934. How much we want to go and to what
    extent we are prepared to take off the
  935. of the heigth of the Eiffel Tower
  936. Do we jump of the first lift?
  937. is safe we might might stay alive and
    is nothing that we can't accept the ground
  938. or understanding but the jumping off the
    first lift then on the first level
  939. I have trust in my Soul and I can develop
    technology within me with my own emotion
  940. that I can become a bird
    bird of a space
  941. in the space there is no land to crash into
  942. is how you want to perceive in
    the open plasma of the Universe.
  943. This is the beauty of it
    and it takes time to learn.
  944. Man did not take off the first time
    he took into the wings
  945. from the east to work took 701 years tourneys the
  946. Chinese the first kites ??? years before by
    progress ever tested and they try it
  947. was not to be known so they had to be
  948. the first
  949. this is what many men before us who have
  950. managed to develop the next steps and
  951. have understood the existence of
  952. universal community have already joined
  953. in the pattern of life the universe
  954. this time it is not a fuel is teaching
  955. for the mass we think the man is mature
  956. enough that by majority of five to ten
  957. percent we can carry the restroom in my
  958. fail but is a chance what they came with
  959. this to come many times I've set in mark
  960. public teachings the revolutions like
  961. Iranian seventies eighties did not
  962. become part of nowhere it came because
  963. five to ten percent less than five
  964. percent of educated we're trying to
  965. carry ninety-five percent of illiterate
  966. or people thought is there right just
  967. because they can be the little bit more
  968. to have everything
  969. that's where everything is locked fire
  970. carrying we're trying to increase this
  971. lumber to analyse twenty twenty-five
  972. percent in coming years now
  973. interesting one the rest would
  974. understand and we can teach more to join
  975. in that we open the community is no use
  976. openness universal community to land
  977. when they're still counting sidearms and
  978. the things that weapon technology they
  979. have is the latest the will which is the
  980. connection between the physicality and
  981. the emotion you call it that will
  982. can change the condition of the saw and
  983. through it condition of the Soul
    and change another man's cock
  984. i came across one of the top man in weapon strike
  985. that is a weapon strike
  986. technology of one of the most advanced
    military companies in the world
  987. and in a very simple way I made my wish this man
    should not be in this job and technology
  988. you don't need to one protest you need
    to understand your own soul that the
  989. creation of the emotion within the
  990. structure of the soil after lad reaches
    other than men will disarm themselves.
  991. You shall see my work very soon
  992. Do we have almost 20
    next time step or I'll break
  993. Mr Keshe
  994. Freddie will read it without them
    knowing what they're doing
  995. because is our wish and you
    can you hear me?
  996. stop your screen share that might help your voice.
  997. it's a red some breaking up quite a bit
    i was waiting for you to hear me can you
  998. You've been breaking up sense
    you advised about meeting the person
  999. that's all we got to think
  1000. Which person?
  1001. the military person was it.
  1002. Ah, ok is it better now?
  1003. if you want to put your screen share back up for a second
  1004. then i can take a snapshot of it and put
  1005. it up put it up as a screen share if you like
  1006. it was a nice drawing to look at
  1007. okay thank you
    thank you ok Mr Keshe go ahead
  1008. again not hearing you Mr Keshe at
  1009. least I'm not here now it's not just
  1010. human and Rick ok
  1011. hello can you hear me know yeah yes but
  1012. ok we have to change server
  1013. well I was saying when we met the
  1014. military mind amount of military was a
  1015. weapon strike technology head of open
  1016. the structure ecology I understood the
  1017. man is not happy with this position and
  1018. my which was him not to be there and
  1019. very shortly afterwards he moved on he
  1020. left the job
  1021. the point is our wish has to be our way
  1022. up bringing peace and I sassette we are
  1023. working that direction other said i
  1024. don't know if you heard it that we give
  1025. the world leaders to 21st 22nd of
  1026. december to organize and come with a
  1027. position regarding what piece it did not
  1028. happen and I said we take over and we
  1029. have taken away very soon you will hear
  1030. about that way
  1031. we will make the difference but we is
  1032. not me is us as the followers are the
  1033. wish of all style peaceful life is the
  1034. response event to the souls who have not
  1035. heard about the kitchen foundation but
  1036. wishes walkies and upwards
  1037. it takes time but we are very good added
  1038. we will deliver a lot of world leaders
  1039. need to understand wish through the soul
  1040. and then they become servant to their
  1041. souls and the soul of the nation's and
  1042. as one nation to the sort of humanity
  1043. try to understand something very simple
  1044. I've been teaching a long time in the
  1045. medical side
  1046. the star to understand the process of
  1047. connecting with your soul the start to
  1048. understand the process of connecting to
  1049. your emotion that you can reach the soul
  1050. in some of the health teachings I teach
  1051. in our thoughts in the paths that for
  1052. example if you have a finger which is
  1053. not functioning the way it's a hostel is
  1054. paralyzed or is not moving in teachings
  1055. we explain that you go to your emotion
  1056. you go into your brain and you send the
  1057. information to the finger to move and
  1058. you follow it through your arm to your
  1059. hand to the finger but you don't know it
  1060. you just test driving for mission comes
  1061. there
  1062. then you do the same thing for the
  1063. second time but you don't know it you
  1064. don't even take intention of moving the
  1065. physicality to match the motion then I
  1066. teach bad this time the third time you
  1067. send the information from the emotion
  1068. about one the finger two more and then
  1069. you inform the physicality to follow the
  1070. emotion and then you tried water figure
  1071. and it works it needs practice works
  1072. those who have done it have seen it how
  1073. beautifully works scientifically
  1074. scientists and liverpool university a
  1075. couple married but men and a woman
  1076. scientist trying to support the sports
  1077. people have replicated it and it works
  1078. now reverse the process
  1079. send the physicality into the emotion
  1080. without moving the finger from feeling
  1081. hot on the tip of the finger and then
  1082. try to feel that emotion of the heat in
  1083. your brain you start start wishing how
  1084. to go through your physicality to your
  1085. emotion and then try to see how your
  1086. soul response
  1087. this is the way you connect to your soul
  1088. you bring your physicality I won this
  1089. physicality to change that here I don't
  1090. feel pain the temperatures too high for
  1091. me but I want to be comfortable where my
  1092. soul is physically happy
  1093. this is the process which we are trying
  1094. to teach you is not reversal up to now
  1095. it was magnetical I'm trying to teach
  1096. you the gravitational and the feedback
  1097. and the feedback horse to the soul that
  1098. because next time he has to reflect back
  1099. to give our tires
  1100. you got to understand the reality you
  1101. got to understand the truth
  1102. you got to understand the day essence is
  1103. no use as i said in their teaching some
  1104. boleta I could see that guy sitting
  1105. there when i said that you're
  1106. emotionally kenmore Houston presses eyes
  1107. on arms i'm pushing it but it's not
  1108. moving there is something wrong with the
  1109. is wrong but he never understood if you
  1110. understand this is the soul of whatever
  1111. it hits and you ask it to more because
  1112. it gives me pleasure it will move
  1113. this is what we got to learn this is the
  1114. reason we announced last week is going
  1115. to be one of the most important teach
  1116. those were physical and feeble they left
  1117. there was nothing there
  1118. those who were wise saw the wisdom in
  1119. the tech space job if you understand
  1120. that within the plasma often matter sets
  1121. the plasma every matter sits the plasma
  1122. the connection with the universe then
  1123. you understood you can walk into any
  1124. condition anywhere in the universe and
  1125. travel with it
  1126. zero time
  1127. those are wise will understand the
  1128. centuries weather's been scorned go back
  1129. in if it's hard to understand to this
  1130. point you remember can share please
  1131. allow me to share
  1132. thank you
  1133. if it's hard to understand go back to
  1134. basic principles
  1135. I try to see if i can do it in a very
  1136. simple way and you can follow I just
  1137. this one I choose this if you remember
  1138. this what was the plasma if you remember
  1139. this was another plasma
  1140. I'm not good at it
  1141. see google documents if you remember
  1142. this is very hard i'm going to go back
  1143. to my own simple writing
  1144. go back there to get you to you can move
  1145. the dots can enlarge it or closer to
  1146. hear about the your credit I'm about
  1147. that technical yet if you take their
  1148. very simple plasma there is a problem
  1149. with this pen think that's the problem
  1150. if you take a single plasma and consider
  1151. layers and layers of the plasma on this
  1152. side in respect to about you are
  1153. magnetical on this side regarding to
  1154. hear and decide your gravitational
  1155. hydrogen copper uranium a lot of people
  1156. tell me why do you keep on speaking
  1157. about your input
  1158. I'm a nuclear physicist the first battle
  1159. comes to my head is that I've been
  1160. trained
  1161. Oh convert this into another way you
  1162. understand
  1163. take your magnet you are mathematical
  1164. and your gravitational up to
  1165. understanding today or recently but now
  1166. you know why you're magnetical your
  1167. gravitational to Andrey worse now go
  1168. back
  1169. what about other entities what about
  1170. other things which querida see you are
  1171. magnetical 21 or gravitational to the
  1172. other you understood how you can go in a
  1173. matter of state from one to another
  1174. now you understand how you can go
  1175. magnetical and being one position on the
  1176. other if you understood the essence of
  1177. the song
  1178. can I be in different places at the same
  1179. time
  1180. if you understood the operation of the
  1181. soul
  1182. yes you become like a loudspeaker coming
  1183. from the same deck one speaker in one
  1184. room and modest between two other but
  1185. you have to understand the line of
  1186. connection
  1187. it's the first time I teach this but for
  1188. you have to understand what it means in
  1189. reality you have done it all the time
  1190. but you have never understood the
  1191. process you sit at work physically doing
  1192. something but promotion is wondering
  1193. something else
  1194. this is the multi tasking of the soul of
  1195. the man which man has their understood
  1196. you are with one person and you're mine
  1197. somewhere else with another person doing
  1198. business whether you're having a talking
  1199. about homework with your child
  1200. you can do the same with a soul after
  1201. man
  1202. but it needs expertise it needs
  1203. understanding up the truth and the
  1204. reality of the presence of the soul the
  1205. position of the physicality of this
  1206. because now like as you've seen your
  1207. connected tradition points because of
  1208. the few the strength but it comes to a
  1209. point where I asked which all of you
  1210. know and in a present world of science
  1211. to call it different stages of sleep
  1212. where does the soul after mangos and the
  1213. body of the man is dressed or is the
  1214. physicality of the motion is the time
  1215. part of the soul gets engaged its
  1216. quality of the environment of existence
  1217. we do not teach we in light
  1218. this were you to understand to enlighten
  1219. yourself
  1220. many times in the teachings are
  1221. explained what language do the children
  1222. speak for the come out of the water
  1223. mother in China India in Africa or South
  1224. America bring them together they don't
  1225. see what they feel and they know the
  1226. hierarchy of their position while
  1227. language does the soul of the universal
  1228. communities because that we understand
  1229. in essence but we have ignored for their
  1230. sake of survival in the physicality of
  1231. the village after
  1232. this is daylight
  1233. this is why in the teachers before the
  1234. Christian new year i said we have
  1235. finished with teaching don't start
  1236. teaching the language of universal
  1237. community the language of existence
  1238. means understanding the process of the
  1239. interaction of the soul out of that
  1240. where does the soul when the body is at
  1241. rest where which dimensions
  1242. why do we dream when we are asleep or
  1243. actually is our physical existence the
  1244. dream of our soul
  1245. why do we see in contact and communicate
  1246. with the things we don't know doing the
  1247. daytime but that first we do and the
  1248. next few weeks or days things happens i
  1249. had a dream about this I had a
  1250. premonition
  1251. I saw this a few seconds ago
  1252. because the souls have already have seen
  1253. before you do because it was such hopped
  1254. with that way because you have ignored
  1255. your own through existence and this is
  1256. our job to open a channel for demand
  1257. route control not control but interface
  1258. interaction in the operation of his own
  1259. soul then I shall not steal because if
  1260. you steal from South half of the
  1261. formation goals and other homes that
  1262. they're so you have above the body this
  1263. is the teaching of this base technology
  1264. the water's the cancers depend on the
  1265. pads is how we can't keep the man's of
  1266. materialistic world happy and we had
  1267. but is taken time to bring those who
  1268. understand respectable now that they
  1269. start finding a path to their own his
  1270. account in the emotion to where the
  1271. physicality and emotion key from the
  1272. school after this is where now we enter
  1273. the two space technology
  1274. well we have finished with dancers and
  1275. God knows nanomaterial now we have to
  1276. use against her body after Amanda no
  1277. asking a man to use the line of
  1278. communication of the field of these
  1279. plans worked against of the managed to
  1280. reach the solar and then do we decide
  1281. where we want the soldier's life as
  1282. itself was shameful according to
  1283. environmentalism appearance is getting a
  1284. tough wake you work so hard to make
  1285. another materials you are so hard to
  1286. make the answers you more so hard to
  1287. make this course to provide anyway so
  1288. hard to get these generators going now
  1289. the guy calls to another dimension where
  1290. are we going to do with this one
  1291. nothing understanded embrace it and fly
  1292. spaceship up my heart embraces the
  1293. humanity
  1294. it's not changing in the ball pops is
  1295. extended understanding of the solar man
  1296. but you had to see the physicality i put
  1297. the thing in the nanomaterial put some
  1298. water in it it goes to outline too
  1299. acidic but it's the same magnetical
  1300. gravitational so it must be afraid force
  1301. it does something now you have seen it
  1302. working
  1303. that girl's that continued that all is
  1304. your body and implement off with the
  1305. holes
  1306. mules the fields to reach the soul of
  1307. the man and through it
  1308. your resource off in the rest of this is
  1309. the secret of teacher as i always say i
  1310. have to feed you
  1311. attorney hand around your neck to feed
  1312. but that's part of the teaching process
  1313. this is the murder after teacher to
  1314. understand to the current students
  1315. across the time i'm not interested in
  1316. that are courting I'm not interested in
  1317. the gas i know the path of salt but it
  1318. had to be done
  1319. I remember when we talked to
  1320. nanomaterial and then we went to the
  1321. Gans everybody shouting how our now is
  1322. going to something as we lost half of
  1323. the people who are coming with us with
  1324. nothing but it was something that could
  1325. touch now it came this now you spoke of
  1326. the plasma and we don't see them anymore
  1327. but it does something
  1328. now we enter the two space technology
  1329. that through essence of the creation
  1330. it's you have to commit the physicality
  1331. and it's you have to live with the
  1332. physicality now you have become the
  1333. creator of your own creation
  1334. now you are God now you know if you do
  1335. wrong with the physicality you have to
  1336. pay back with the sole she created it
  1337. and I shall not steal known you live the
  1338. life across the use
  1339. now this is the next about teaching you
  1340. wanted the generator because you have to
  1341. be our one that actually go to your soul
  1342. you warm and called doesn't matter
  1343. whatever you got
  1344. a few days ago around christmas i was
  1345. working
  1346. it's so hot that even the sweat was
  1347. dripping from the tip of my time and
  1348. that's that do notice was so foolish
  1349. we have the knowledge to change the
  1350. structure here without any cooling
  1351. system at 24 weeks but we have to stay
  1352. here because that's what it is not
  1353. the plasma is not the structure that you
  1354. put it this is the principal this is the
  1355. transition releases the matter of state
  1356. what is a transition to me is my matter
  1357. what is your soul part is my trans issue
  1358. man has to understand the totality our
  1359. operation according to interaction which
  1360. is needed one to be present at the time
  1361. of interaction we've done it so many
  1362. times we never understand
  1363. have you seen the man on the phone
  1364. sitting next to her mistress and talking
  1365. to the wife on the line shouting down
  1366. the line
  1367. it's not that it cannot be done you
  1368. don't understand
  1369. holy differences ordering that you
  1370. where does it sit the love of creation
  1371. or have we decided to be position
  1372. condition trust
  1373. this is what we have to understand this
  1374. is what the new teachings about the
  1375. goalposts has moved from the galaxy so
  1376. laughter man and God help you man how
  1377. you understand understanding it will
  1378. open the key to the universal community
  1379. disgracing it shackles demand of the
  1380. world of physicality and all its
  1381. problems the time of transition is harsh
  1382. because got used to it
  1383. the problem is not a problem till the
  1384. comes a time of transition accepting and
  1385. understanding that acceptance is the
  1386. biggest as i said i read many comments
  1387. why has it gone to can start he was
  1388. teaching us namatay terani was perfect
  1389. we made all these cores with the gases
  1390. now is gone into little balls with
  1391. chances now we change the containment is
  1392. the physicality of the man with advances
  1393. in it and the soul of the man inside try
  1394. to operate
  1395. those watch you it will enter the
  1396. universal community not and one day talk
  1397. about to the other to say you're stupid
  1398. you're dreaming because it's beyond the
  1399. limit that they had not understood
  1400. themselves cannot happen as always say
  1401. when I was in technology is the guy said
  1402. to me my uncle came from most going 46
  1403. in Russia I was in Moscow they have them
  1404. something which some at all but flies
  1405. the college flying metal bird and they
  1406. laughed this as I cannot fly and a few
  1407. months later they meant the airport and
  1408. one of these metal things landed in
  1409. terror and said I told you I've seen
  1410. what you see that time I was stupid and
  1411. ridiculous now we are all stupid because
  1412. we all accepted
  1413. in Africa and the quality of metal bird
  1414. since when
  1415. medical supplies now we have come to
  1416. accept it because we put onions on it we
  1417. have to contact except transitional
  1418. transfer of our souls because now we
  1419. found the engine to it the maturity of
  1420. the man comes from understanding is also
  1421. and North weather because then if you
  1422. stand it in the later position you want
  1423. this manner to open and not you have to
  1424. go on by this batter if you understand
  1425. operation of the conversion of the
  1426. energy you have two choices you create a
  1427. spanner in your hand and open and not
  1428. only understand and not is made up
  1429. collection of the fields and he had the
  1430. essence of existence you transfer the
  1431. energy of the wanting other this
  1432. position and it satisfies your need
  1433. according to a combination you make for
  1434. it
  1435. do you need this but all you have this
  1436. brother after universe when you speak
  1437. this way at this moment is all like
  1438. talks because it's very far for you to
  1439. imagine it takes a few time till you
  1440. make the corner put the answers on it
  1441. find a module and rotated and see things
  1442. more on you achieve 129 and those who
  1443. can't understand the timing is wrong is
  1444. cheating but you understood you see run
  1445. tonight you are invited at the Falls
  1446. befalls you have reached this nation of
  1447. the creation
  1448. now how do you like to put this body of
  1449. the man on the motor and rotated at
  1450. 5010rpm that you can separate is Jewish
  1451. is gallons and find the soul in the
  1452. center anyone tears any of you can
  1453. establish a lot of guys really good boy
  1454. that was the exact rpmi going out with
  1455. my globe of water that I was rotating
  1456. and trying to get a center bubble in it
  1457. and that would be myself I answer but
  1458. yet you're saying it's it's not you
  1459. can't just do that to get the decor of a
  1460. human or or that you can you can you can
  1461. you can only do it once perhaps okay
  1462. yeah and then you can comment was once
  1463. in the courage in each entity crafts
  1464. yeah what I know what you're gonna do
  1465. with this old you're separated in the
  1466. middle right i would you like to put it
  1467. back together again and then it would be
  1468. in the it would be in a different
  1469. environment it went to missus Humpty
  1470. Dumpty wouldn't necessarily go back
  1471. together again see my oh we should buy
  1472. the right blue and you find all the
  1473. pieces both like you say once you and it
  1474. gets hard boiled egg then and you try to
  1475. smash them together and so on it's a
  1476. different situation
  1477. this is how and people like Rick who
  1478. started these teachings programs with
  1479. cores now the understand you have two
  1480. the nanomaterial and the answers and the
  1481. choices and the choices are very very
  1482. simple the secret of the communication
  1483. and interaction physicality sits with
  1484. what we call the potential difference
  1485. and the current flow it's you who
  1486. dictates what the potential difference
  1487. is going to be and it's your designs
  1488. through the soul how much emotion is
  1489. passed on to the current of the floor in
  1490. respect to the retina is as simple as
  1491. that
  1492. no more is to understand the totality is
  1493. to be the essence to become part of it
  1494. understand the position of it is to be
  1495. in essence the totality of the total to
  1496. be part of the process of the universe
  1497. stand being on your own then you can
  1498. transfer position yourself in the coming
  1499. time in time when the man understands go
  1500. back to the position of the magnets it's
  1501. you changes their strength of the
  1502. emotion and the Scott friends after
  1503. matter state of their energy that you
  1504. can move yourself across the universe
  1505. without doing anything you just change
  1506. the rate of the giving and taking and
  1507. then in positions you where you want and
  1508. they're your fit or you become the
  1509. nomads of the universe you change it and
  1510. you'll and somebody all the way you are
  1511. so cute sometimes here till we would
  1512. like to one is you have to understand
  1513. with this knowledge have and should be
  1514. able to control
  1515. the giving and taking from the soul that
  1516. not giving and taking is like the
  1517. magnets dictates the positioning
  1518. remember when you put the circle Magnus
  1519. next to each other if is a strong where
  1520. the distance is more now we have the
  1521. reactors which can do we call it
  1522. background positioning you can solve
  1523. position yourself
  1524. it takes time we set up the knowledge we
  1525. set up the course of the line to achieve
  1526. it
  1527. it's what you to understand it otherwise
  1528. it's under the sound in time and in the
  1529. past many have achieved in the real
  1530. achieve it and then you find out the
  1531. password is comes from the attachment of
  1532. the soul from the physicality then you
  1533. understand through the line of
  1534. communication of the emotional and the
  1535. soul you get any physicality you like
  1536. wherever i lay my head is by help
  1537. the head of the man is the soul of man
  1538. and the home is really makes this
  1539. technology to rest on to hold onto to
  1540. contain it and to enjoy the sharing of
  1541. the souls or the fields of developers I
  1542. guide
  1543. I don't teach I in lighter I don't force
  1544. no people like Carmen are banging their
  1545. head now his gun from the corn to the
  1546. coil and the coil now what I'm going to
  1547. find the soul is all finishes one thing
  1548. it's got their own which is the universe
  1549. try to understand the strength of your
  1550. emotion try to understand what the
  1551. emotion can interact and position trying
  1552. to understand that capability of the
  1553. soul then the physicality will be child
  1554. Lee try to position your soul and tested
  1555. started little by little
  1556. then as you get confidence if I the
  1557. pathway of the model way to it and you
  1558. can do with the speed that's what i said
  1559. the computers on the control system or
  1560. present are useless because you speed
  1561. the speed of beyond the imagination and
  1562. you want to control physicality you go
  1563. through it will not be able to contain
  1564. man in a space
  1565. wait a minimum frame that's why you make
  1566. the frame out of the plasma to a
  1567. standard condition of the soul in
  1568. control of the craft go back to my
  1569. teaching which I always said computers
  1570. are to us all
  1571. it's the man thoughts and emotions will
  1572. create condition of the motion and with
  1573. it the plants mastercraft according to
  1574. the environment
  1575. now you understand
  1576. go back to the teaching of about the
  1577. year about where we put the spaceship
  1578. starts on the ground with the pictures
  1579. and a year later we see the interaction
  1580. action of those fields by John in
  1581. Arizona with little blips now we have to
  1582. make the transition of the motion to the
  1583. matter state that you see the
  1584. physicality of the crap
  1585. there is a discussion there is a school
  1586. of thought that they say there are
  1587. nations who are in touch with those from
  1588. outside we always been in touch with
  1589. humanity from
  1590. never stopped and never stop
  1591. we know the path of this all to the land
  1592. is greed and this collection
  1593. understanding of the interaction of the
  1594. fields of the bottom of the different
  1595. strengths needs man to his salt but he
  1596. has to be to understand that in that
  1597. path need stronger field than
  1598. physicality which is free and equality
  1599. motion
  1600. and your question again i was expecting
  1601. you're also using crack i was i got on
  1602. the microphone right away but she beat
  1603. me
  1604. should be no problem go ahead happy new
  1605. year happy new year to answer and last
  1606. time like to even use your car and you
  1607. speak up a little louder
  1608. yeah I know it's a it's about what time
  1609. five or six o'clock in New York yes this
  1610. is what I hope you're awake love
  1611. i'm awake mr. get you a nice time you
  1612. spoke actually I thought it was a very
  1613. important teaching and then you trying
  1614. to transcribe it because we think it
  1615. just like the world of the holiday has a
  1616. lot of Eden world that we have to really
  1617. understand because sometimes being in
  1618. physicality makes us not to be able to
  1619. understand certain things that you
  1620. talking about and actually sometimes
  1621. after you speaking I fall asleep i
  1622. usually have dreams and then you always
  1623. in it and last time you really might
  1624. even I woke up two things done on me and
  1625. one was a language is so primitive
  1626. although we have so many were cavities
  1627. and it is so primitive because we
  1628. created the language ally and to call
  1629. yourself up with the two languages
  1630. connection of the mind once we make that
  1631. connection you talk to the emotion which
  1632. is beautiful and be totally if someone
  1633. love you a lot of emotion is beautiful
  1634. it's taken thing down on me it's
  1635. everything we created also outside
  1636. ourselves like a home plate or the car
  1637. or even a couple reading from is inside
  1638. of us when we we wanted to have a
  1639. difficulty but we no longer even have to
  1640. do that we made the s4 claddagh because
  1641. I just like it this up our body is we
  1642. can have folded up everything we want
  1643. inside I wanna have a whole I can create
  1644. one anyway I wanted just be there if I
  1645. want to fly can do that but it's very I
  1646. found it was so great and
  1647. I just want to share that and second
  1648. thing is we always talk about emotion
  1649. when from ocean to the soul but one
  1650. thing is not clear for me if you can
  1651. explain in detail how can we practice
  1652. and recognize that emotion and how can
  1653. we do it to get to the soul because it's
  1654. been for me is a puzzle and is it the
  1655. law is it feel really talking more about
  1656. the motion is both an emotion with
  1657. something like it in an emotion
  1658. something that supposed to figure i need
  1659. some kind of a detailed instruction and
  1660. trying to emotion we talked about his
  1661. line of communication from the beginning
  1662. to the point of manifestation of the
  1663. what we call delivery of expectation
  1664. you call it here you call it low if you
  1665. are
  1666. strong enough to be within it is still
  1667. needs or have a center to a stronger
  1668. that it's pro allows for you to be a
  1669. part of the transition of it the
  1670. transition doesn't come from the center
  1671. of the plasma to another point
  1672. it passes all the elements of the what
  1673. is available and their strength of it
  1674. what this means it means that is always
  1675. the higher strength that needs to be
  1676. dissipating that it reaches to the point
  1677. of your existence so there's always I
  1678. what we call interi a time of transition
  1679. there's no other way if you were at the
  1680. center is non existence is stansted so
  1681. at any stages no matter what our
  1682. comprehension is we are still in the
  1683. path from the beginning to the point of
  1684. manifestation of complication you might
  1685. be able to shortened emotion that is
  1686. instantaneous but still from the soul to
  1687. physicality has to happen so you call it
  1688. the transition time you call it the
  1689. emotion storm's
  1690. [Music]
  1691. any other question
  1692. thank you thank you
  1693. there was a question from ec on the ice
  1694. cream chap says how you souls proceed to
  1695. the next level after death of the
  1696. physical body and what is the roadmap
  1697. the road moraga road
  1698. soliis if you live in England you go up
  1699. m1 someone injunction 19 you 10 left on
  1700. m6 you drive for another while and the
  1701. junction 19 again takes you to Magister
  1702. this is the road app stores don't hammer
  1703. the map of the soul is delivered by the
  1704. soul itself according to his comfort and
  1705. presence and make your soul gps
  1706. sometimes maybe in the future and the
  1707. moment does not exist to the others
  1708. okay well ec has another question that
  1709. kind of goes along with that which goes
  1710. if nothing happens when trying to
  1711. understand any soul teaching doesn't
  1712. mean i am too disabled on the emotional
  1713. side and death is my only hope of
  1714. enlightenment or those man see death as
  1715. the end or change so when you can
  1716. connect your soul and manifest yourself
  1717. follow else you're dying mom plays and
  1718. your come alive other place where is the
  1719. same soul you look different
  1720. soul is a collection of the free
  1721. existence of the fields without that
  1722. attachment was you die after physicality
  1723. but still itself has manifestation of
  1724. existence in respect to the environment
  1725. which is existed
  1726. and the others questioned if you
  1727. understood the teaching of last week and
  1728. this weekend away we'll carry on
  1729. you'll soon understand and a lot of you
  1730. will try you try hard to reverse back
  1731. they heat and feel it and show your
  1732. emotion and then you will start getting
  1733. in touch with yourself then through with
  1734. you will create the condition of the
  1735. transfer it takes time the time it took
  1736. you to make the nanomaterial and against
  1737. on the course on everything else will
  1738. take longer very very instantaneous
  1739. depends on the quality of thistle and
  1740. understanding often knowledge and the
  1741. use of the anonymous this is the name is
  1742. your cashier talking has answered more
  1743. questions I have since going out of body
  1744. i am proper thankful and grateful for
  1745. your sharing and then axure says do the
  1746. fields of the Gans in the reactor
  1747. systems align our physicality to emotion
  1748. and soul you can use it on one has done
  1749. it once or twice and he jumped it but I
  1750. don't say anything
  1751. I one has a beautiful soul he but he's
  1752. too busy is born to two young seven
  1753. months or he jumps things he doesn't see
  1754. I've seen it once clearly done by dr.
  1755. Leah customer she was in the societal
  1756. but she wasn't aware of it but almond
  1757. has so it and try to repeat it
  1758. he repeated but in advance to it making
  1759. cup of life making the course making
  1760. things which have done with especially
  1761. the core members is just being powerful
  1762. of trying to put the essence of the
  1763. creation of the soul in the physical
  1764. matter Beckwith honest sir
  1765. because this is matt is physical
  1766. there is a connection between the
  1767. physical dimension and the soul
  1768. we call it in motion but if you find
  1769. power suffered understand that process
  1770. of it is a transportation across the
  1771. same media because matter itself is a
  1772. plasma whether the given the strength
  1773. where the solar plasma itself as a
  1774. difference really
  1775. but they're all passwords are all
  1776. transfer fields try to not to shortcut
  1777. try to understand half the method
  1778. understanding then retreat
  1779. then the other question
  1780. and we have someone alive shame that
  1781. would like you to describe consciousness
  1782. why should I describe you explain what
  1783. is consciousness to you behavior after
  1784. physicality has nothing to do with this
  1785. all are witnessing to the soul the
  1786. behavior of conduct after cavity
  1787. wait no emotion go back to some of the
  1788. teaching without before always say what
  1789. we eat is twenty percent of what we take
  1790. from our environment other eighty
  1791. percent is absorbed through the fields
  1792. and cumin thru the fields out because we
  1793. can't just always take we give that can
  1794. take the empty the copy energy of the
  1795. universe and universities what really
  1796. now by the same standard only twenty
  1797. percent of the emotion of the man
  1798. carries through their what we called
  1799. reflexes after neurosystem that age son
  1800. is free from between the point of
  1801. delivery to the extent of the motion
  1802. under son
  1803. because it's so fast matter of state can
  1804. state superconductive the note still too
  1805. slow we call it reflexes sometimes all
  1806. we take actions without knowing Caroline
  1807. watches with yours which was fantastic
  1808. some of them the child the fathers are
  1809. sleeping child is on the sofa and he
  1810. just stopped was over to fall off the
  1811. father in dispute
  1812. just grab the child
  1813. the bodies are addressed the soul
  1814. watches his responsibilities issues
  1815. soldiers given life to because at the
  1816. time of sleep story flexes we know all
  1817. the ways our soul works but up to now we
  1818. could not explain it could not
  1819. understand it they always put some other
  1820. things to it because physically house
  1821. had some meaning now it doesn't because
  1822. we understand for us we hope we start
  1823. that we can explaine it and we can use it
  1824. It needs training.
  1825. I watch my sons playing ninjitsu.
  1826. They close their eyes want him and other one tries
  1827. by just reading the fields of the other
  1828. one what it is that by 2020 as part of
  1829. their training martial arts they have to
  1830. stand at the door be in the middle with
  1831. 45 were expecting which passes with a
  1832. more next against them is not that the
  1833. feeling emotion they feel this whole
  1834. that open up but it hasn't been
  1835. developed this is why Eastern what we
  1836. call defense like martial arts goes
  1837. extend that slide in that direction to
  1838. extend this is a kallah t3 motion to the
  1839. sort of them cause the solid sentence
  1840. all of the planet and the universe
  1841. trying to assess at field
  1842. it takes years of experience years of
  1843. training first thing maybe 20 meters 202
  1844. meters and a few weeks half kilometers
  1845. and then build it up but you have to
  1846. understand to win America is too much
  1847. effort of physicality to understand the
  1848. workout it's all so simple we with all
  1849. the time we have forgotten we having for
  1850. granted but for getting it
  1851. he had made for us he does his job I do
  1852. my physical part when I need a contact
  1853. our own denial is the cause of our own
  1854. that brings up the question from Denise
  1855. it seems here in the live string am I
  1856. the director or is my soul the director
  1857. or there's a little problem of direction
  1858. who is the producer probably ever use
  1859. the artwork is all sit in one place
  1860. don't forget that end of the day is your
  1861. physicality which shows the emotion and
  1862. the delivery of their behavior of their physicality.
  1863. so was it the sole move your arm
    or issue who bore the arm because the guy was pushing you
  1864. Mr Keshe where are all the creatures
    in the universe do they speak the same language
  1865. or or understand each other's
  1866. Of course
  1867. we understand it too but is part of my
  1868. explain this to a scientist very
  1869. recently i explained to you if you
  1870. understand it in the body of the man the
  1871. information flow and respect that say to
  1872. a mule system is so much that will
  1873. occupy the whole of the brain operation
  1874. in traffic of the information from let's
  1875. say one place to another for the
  1876. production the brain has decided to
  1877. carry a separate colony or a position of
  1878. substation as a grad in our sole
  1879. transformation into understanding of
  1880. physicality our soul is aware of the
  1881. communication of universal language the
  1882. what I operate in the universal
  1883. physical part has been made the brain of
  1884. the man for it to handle this quality
  1885. condition the glad is our brain
  1886. substation for the Soul at least you
  1887. have limited to his work while is busy
  1888. with the physicality occupation of
  1889. walking changing selling cold or
  1890. whatever very interesting part
  1891. look and go and understand now with the
  1892. latest technology with scans and MRIs
  1893. how they locate which part of the brain
  1894. is responsible for the hand top right
  1895. legs on the same peril and the rest
  1896. what happens from the soul to that
  1897. position after arm
  1898. why do you have different layers of than
  1899. theirs and so this is our consciousness
  1900. this is what Rob LA because it needs to
  1901. reduce the strength of such as strength
  1902. from the soul to the point of its
  1903. characters that gets in touch when you
  1904. touch you feel bad
  1905. the soul the brain emotions feels the
  1906. neurosystem on the brain on the finger
  1907. that's how is that when you put the
  1908. needle in your finger you feel the pain
  1909. their emotion does not go so much the
  1910. location is already shelled by the
  1911. position of the brain in respect to that
  1912. self
  1913. the filtering from the soul to that
  1914. position the brain which reduces the
  1915. strength that it can feel the emotion in
  1916. the strength of that field as a matter
  1917. of state of the position of the nail
  1918. this is what the world of size never
  1919. understand about the operation of the
  1920. brain and physicality this is the
  1921. problem this is where our physicality of
  1922. finding a line recorded the never
  1923. neurosystem leads us and we say this is
  1924. it but as it go how come it goes in one
  1925. point and then suddenly disappears
  1926. inside this disk and then say this part
  1927. is responsible for the hand and arm and
  1928. this is responsible for you heard me
  1929. many times I teach this side of the ears
  1930. for the fingers just above the ear is
  1931. your hand across the top to the middle
  1932. is your lower arm inside the brain going
  1933. up to is an hour then is the shoulder
  1934. because it's closer to your brain to
  1935. your soul but in fact the neurosystem as
  1936. possible
  1937. it doesn't go a line connected it was by
  1938. the transmission of the field and the
  1939. interaction at that point with a motion
  1940. of the soul haha all their biological
  1941. book solution about the grade into the
  1942. bid now you understand the truth
  1943. you can go and when the science of man
  1944. he was her you can't touch a specific
  1945. point and you say i want the tip of the
  1946. left finger to feel pain and you just
  1947. feel the energy on the certain point on
  1948. the brain and you feel the pain is there
  1949. a wire connected to that single cell or
  1950. the energy level with that is zero time
  1951. communication and you feel it
  1952. this is how you return people from coma
  1953. up back at you operate the brain and
  1954. then the brain cortex is true not
  1955. neurosystem but the space of the field
  1956. man has got a lot to learn even by his
  1957. own account let alone the sort
  1958. today is a glorious day one day we
  1959. explain to you why
  1960. any other question this point I'm one
  1961. question
  1962. well you remember and it was their
  1963. teaching that you've been talking about
  1964. your personal life and you were in
  1965. London with Caroline and you a location
  1966. that you said that they set you up and
  1967. you call the guy who was in charge and
  1968. you were yelling at him and about what
  1969. they've done to you whatever you felt at
  1970. that moment your emotions are you the
  1971. acting is it so hard to know how the
  1972. action no way that's a physical reaction
  1973. and in a way you got to understand the
  1974. way we think the way we work I don't
  1975. look at the next step I look at the
  1976. totality what it brings up that our goal
  1977. in our meeting was to show to bring two
  1978. in a way show the missile technology was
  1979. useless
  1980. that's what our wellness its creditors
  1981. your missile technology is useless
  1982. the goal was 20 years ago to bring this
  1983. argument to show the new technologies
  1984. are useless
  1985. let's talk about something more
  1986. in 20 years since that actually was a
  1987. 2025-12 years now
  1988. does not what 13 years now
  1989. intern years if you would have achieved
  1990. understanding without saved millions of
  1991. lives being killed by the Americans
  1992. because the guy was right on the top
  1993. after heads of youth market am I
  1994. responsible for death or disorder
  1995. totality
  1996. we react according to the time and what
  1997. our physicality case but the whole lot
  1998. is the end many times i sat in toronto
  1999. airport with this guy across threatening
  2000. to kill me and show me guns the head and
  2001. I said one day you will see the return
  2002. of your action what puzzle the midterms
  2003. of offices in next rooms and next one's
  2004. asking question from him i laughed at
  2005. them let them get so screwed
  2006. you don't even know what this is Barclay
  2007. this case is whether you carry the
  2008. decision was to steal the decision want
  2009. to disgrace the moment or ordered we've
  2010. seen her she got disgrace in the last
  2011. election that estate bigger
  2012. embarrassment bigger shame
  2013. I don't look at I have to act us behave
  2014. as part of the physicality but the
  2015. ultimate goal is achieving what we want
  2016. to achieve unification of my kind as one
  2017. and walked and opening into
  2018. international community which is Sir and
  2019. product it won't happen all the time
  2020. then be hypnotized hours we said that
  2021. your honor only succeed all girls or mr.
  2022. the l and Hypnotizer know what are you
  2023. up to now we open the secret the same
  2024. related mr. stunning when we announced
  2025. we know his victims his children now we
  2026. open the hand of deal
  2027. couldn't we do this a few months ago to
  2028. save other children but the security
  2029. services how to do their work if you
  2030. live anywhere in Europe call the
  2031. interval ensure the page and shows a
  2032. hypnotist that's how they've done the
  2033. children that's why there's so much
  2034. rubbish written about us on the internet
  2035. by the same man because he informed his
  2036. children that we know how they've been
  2037. abused and by Edna tourism he thought
  2038. lower their standards and the writing
  2039. between harsher now when they know that
  2040. look at the happy cube
  2041. and you'll be completely happy
  2042. six-year-old girls children for free to
  2043. get to sing we know the consequences but
  2044. we have to allow the autologous throw
  2045. their job Peter flies Peter files find
  2046. ways to do things we cannot stop the
  2047. words we try to create the tools mr.
  2048. Cash's a question that came up and it
  2049. wasn't going to ask now that you brought
  2050. that up
  2051. I think it's important it's akshara ass
  2052. is paedophilia a gravitational
  2053. requirement for the souls who commit
  2054. atrocities against others was strange
  2055. associated not better not discuss these
  2056. people have no essence these people have
  2057. no there is no place for the soul of
  2058. people like this as you know we stood a
  2059. lot Urich 12 near a heart attack when
  2060. styling brought the live stream down the
  2061. first time and the second time and that
  2062. was a rough time you're not just trying
  2063. to like me but from the emails and
  2064. various and now we just we look at you
  2065. are liar and the rest of the team took
  2066. the hole right through it and after
  2067. today we kept quiet about dl and now is
  2068. under that because now we are working
  2069. with the security force as well as
  2070. arrest because there are others involved
  2071. in it we had to get the whole team
  2072. we start our websites came down how much
  2073. from issues within about us every day by
  2074. the same man because we do so the same
  2075. year the sterling he will rampaging
  2076. everyday any rubbish because he knew we
  2077. are we're going to get now we've got
  2078. please please go and see why are you
  2079. prepared to give a six-year-old daughter
  2080. or girl for every cinematic
  2081. it's on the internet because you can't
  2082. you two need to go to the pictures are
  2083. already taken while he's hypnotized
  2084. expertise Jacqueline height
  2085. and advertising everything is sitting so
  2086. open studying when you put everywhere i
  2087. am a Peter fire but nobody can touch you
  2088. because i have a biggest judge behind me
  2089. we saw what happened to the judge and
  2090. that was what's gonna happen please
  2091. inform the police across Europe and see
  2092. how many children's have taken a picture
  2093. of forever to get to the sinner their
  2094. continued and remember that was two key
  2095. that nobody could prove now we have hit
  2096. expert and all the tools of holistic
  2097. sexual tools state of the mind into that
  2098. and nobody could get now we've got if
  2099. all the police are Belgian with all the
  2100. references we put everything we have one
  2101. terabyte on the activities will be set
  2102. up the facts about the l and passing on
  2103. this is how we collaborated FBI with the
  2104. studying that we can do with the same
  2105. how scientists were killed the same way
  2106. we have the think we can give it to you
  2107. now but there's so many people with him
  2108. around to that international police is
  2109. working out
  2110. that's why we took so much and a lot of
  2111. people tell me why do you let this guy
  2112. right all this rubbish garage
  2113. I am I can take it
  2114. I'm big enough to take it you lot
  2115. couldn't now you understand why i
  2116. happily cubed for children under six and
  2117. we sell these things to Brandon name
  2118. across the world
  2119. the only thing nobody asked how in
  2120. children second picture economy member
  2121. because I'm the hip that is either let
  2122. cat take all the pictures i like and put
  2123. it on the internet and a good living out
  2124. of it and share it with the people of
  2125. the offices in portrait and king and the
  2126. house of the house court it's the same
  2127. with what you call it the guy in silly
  2128. on which is very close to selling the
  2129. same with the same as the l they take
  2130. picture of the sick people as a
  2131. translators of the children documents
  2132. for the hospital united state and they
  2133. sell the situation we being formed up
  2134. tomorrow that set up the facts about the
  2135. kitchen dishes facts about cash
  2136. foundation so requirement has works
  2137. where the company is sacramento by it
  2138. and accompany sacked him to cover
  2139. themselves because they're in child
  2140. trafficking they're sending signal
  2141. pictures back in the United States
  2142. transporting situation to a state to be
  2143. abused because they're we have found a
  2144. lot mr. Kumar and their facts about cash
  2145. foundation and he brought in by the now
  2146. you see how Peter files work together
  2147. and the three websites all end up with
  2148. these two guys another one that's been
  2149. already 25 years in prison
  2150. go on the facebook of stealing you'll
  2151. find both of these guys on top rack
  2152. child trafficking even the sick they
  2153. have no mercy on the company's in my
  2154. state and use silk you cop that deny
  2155. doesn't work here anymore is acting we
  2156. send an email out and kill cash because
  2157. i lost my job he told my company know
  2158. the company found out we understood what
  2159. they robbed
  2160. cursive part on this all of these beam
  2161. let's talk about better things
  2162. the process you have to think is how you
  2163. can interact with your also now you have
  2164. to understand how you can work with your
  2165. own soul how you cannot touch another
  2166. soul till you understand the working of
  2167. your own soul because when you interact
  2168. is to give and not to take and when you
  2169. give you receive more
  2170. try to you should have done a lot of we
  2171. should have achieved this point that the
  2172. connection you use you understood
  2173. through your emotion you react
  2174. physically very own emotion carries the
  2175. essence of your soul in interaction with
  2176. the other Souls now try to learn the
  2177. reverse but don't put yourself in a
  2178. centrifuge they're really hard to get us
  2179. all back together again to his
  2180. physicality this way go back to the
  2181. teaching on the potential difference on
  2182. a field difference between of
  2183. manifestation of physicality and your
  2184. emotion and the flow of the fields to
  2185. get to physicality from this one it
  2186. takes not that much it takes less than
  2187. the time it took armament build up his
  2188. scores up with the mother set
  2189. I have to tell you something I spoke
  2190. just thought about happy cute you know
  2191. what we have found out what the elders
  2192. they put children in a queue and take
  2193. the pictures from the naked that's why
  2194. it's called cubic Lee happy either know
  2195. is the same as the story of the pizza
  2196. which is going on the United States we
  2197. have unraveled the whole secret of how
  2198. is happening six-year-old children kills
  2199. it Patrick danger cube for their
  2200. misconduct of the hypnotist now you know
  2201. that was mr. diem will give you more
  2202. it's all in black and white all recorded
  2203. they cannot raise it because it's on the
  2204. internet memory is kept in the archives
  2205. this one after 72,020 70,020 list of
  2206. names which has just been released a few
  2207. months ago by into the arrowheads the
  2208. list
  2209. good morning several residents you our
  2210. court any other question I have a good
  2211. in father I have a cushion NIU tonight
  2212. right on reading Latin you reckon see
  2213. can you speak about the slower that i
  2214. can understand freeze again I you think
  2215. that nitride what freaking that in you
  2216. ever gonna see i don't know i mean if i
  2217. know i can tell you not on this program
  2218. silver Knight right as we explain in one
  2219. of the teaching has a connection with
  2220. the nitrogen of the amino acids and
  2221. silver has the behavior of the potassium
  2222. which gives energy to nitrogen depending
  2223. on the condition if you create and the
  2224. way you produce it and the way you bring
  2225. the interaction the way it feeds the way
  2226. it works the way i am silver because of
  2227. its radioactivity in this isotopes in
  2228. the cycle of is the K works because it
  2229. has both positive and negative on the
  2230. switching alternate creates it and what
  2231. we call back for if you look at the BK
  2232. cycle scientifically going to the TK
  2233. cycle of most of the isotopes off silver
  2234. and potassium you see B plus B minus b
  2235. plus B minus which means that the
  2236. switching there is a current for it has
  2237. to switch and the energy surface between
  2238. this switching is what the body uses
  2239. this is what is done in the generators
  2240. if you remember the generator which was
  2241. shown few months ago where and Douglas
  2242. was showing two motors switching back
  2243. and forth one has the current in
  2244. positive and respected the other and
  2245. what has a potential difference
  2246. instructor and that's reaching comes
  2247. just don't look that these are the
  2248. isotopes as a nuclear physicist I look
  2249. at the switching of the power and when
  2250. these are switching every time you
  2251. switch some energy is released or
  2252. absorbed that's how radioactive material
  2253. in the cycle of the body of the mount
  2254. works it's not just that they do this is
  2255. the isotope cycling the micro seconds
  2256. reaching 90 seconds reaching energy
  2257. release is just like a quartz switch
  2258. back and forth in that switching
  2259. energies our producer absorbs and then
  2260. if it is because it's connected to
  2261. nitrogen is near the structure of that I
  2262. mean asset then it depletes
  2263. the surfaces and then that's how these
  2264. things work this is how a what you call
  2265. cured we know the scientists who
  2266. actively promoting nano silver I support
  2267. such a size but the reason is that
  2268. ambiguity in the science now we have
  2269. cleared it
  2270. we had a meeting with a couple of our
  2271. people in the past few days with a
  2272. scientist who says for the first time he
  2273. tries and he can explain how against
  2274. water plasmid works and he will publish
  2275. papers in july in different articles in
  2276. what he called published magazines a
  2277. peer review that the plasma guns is
  2278. correct and they show that effect and in
  2279. reality all we do we put the plasma
  2280. against an initial paper we sit in a
  2281. banker given to the Red Cross or what
  2282. you call the civil defense of literally
  2283. they've tested physically works now
  2284. scientists have seen it
  2285. we're trying to put data to it will have
  2286. a lot of associated in the next two
  2287. years will come out of these things
  2288. because the scientists you know why they
  2289. had a pain to put water on it and it
  2290. works
  2291. so it has to have something I have two
  2292. potato to it we take the scientist they
  2293. know when our colleagues on the
  2294. foundation know what talking about we
  2295. don't release anyone names that they
  2296. don't become a top top mr. dls thing
  2297. bunch of beetles
  2298. you notice we don't show much from
  2299. people because anybody showed anything
  2300. on these teachings they went for them
  2301. threaten their lives and the children's
  2302. and people are always vulnerable but
  2303. they can do they have been times that
  2304. right now we don't have that what
  2305. please send the information contact your
  2306. waiting for a visit from others to you
  2307. and your masters understand the science
  2308. not just does it work if it works
  2309. look at the location what is the content
  2310. material what that born that muscle
  2311. carries how much of it in to what extent
  2312. of it yesterday I was in the lab with
  2313. our scientists with 2025 culture plates
  2314. on the table and the researcher service
  2315. me wish you see the first water is good
  2316. but the third water for something
  2317. changes and it was possible to us how
  2318. could it be because it's the same thing
  2319. should be different should be there
  2320. where I went back thinking walking
  2321. around that place I said I know what it
  2322. is
  2323. why is culture growing the reverse
  2324. I went back I said one of the tanks
  2325. which this has been used as a problem we
  2326. opened up there was a problem otherwise
  2327. we'll set all the technologies thing
  2328. doesn't work we found the source you
  2329. have to go and find where the
  2330. interaction comes you logically not just
  2331. because it suits you and then you
  2332. understand that
  2333. try go you the beauty of the present
  2334. time and that's why we teaching is the
  2335. access to internet and the knowledge
  2336. which is on the internet you know I was
  2337. puzzled
  2338. I asked webmasters past years how do you
  2339. solve this and our support i was
  2340. surprised within seconds they come up
  2341. with the answer or a few minutes then I
  2342. realize what they do while you're
  2343. talking to your webmasters that typing
  2344. the problem he says what is the question
  2345. what's the problem when this is this and
  2346. the company just chuckles it up
  2347. ask your question in writing to the god
  2348. of the internet and things will pop out
  2349. find the connections one of the key
  2350. warriors to understand there any
  2351. scientific paper you read is not to read
  2352. right through the scientific papers you
  2353. never understand because one is
  2354. chemistry tomorrow spiral G and then the
  2355. other thing read the abstract he says
  2356. abstract i have changed i said
  2357. understanding read what is their
  2358. intention and then you understand what
  2359. is to be and you should be read the last
  2360. to your power 4 paragraphs of the
  2361. conclusion
  2362. most of the time is set to fit that they
  2363. say we've done be proven but in fact
  2364. look beyond it and see the connection
  2365. how they have tried to cover it or they
  2366. have achieved it and then you understand
  2367. the process was their school of thoughts
  2368. abstract reality with the sites i said
  2369. many times before i start submitting my
  2370. papers too especially when it's the deal
  2371. walked into my house to your four tables
  2372. papers suitcases I used to work with
  2373. suitcases are papers from other
  2374. scientists to prove what I say is
  2375. correct but there's something here about
  2376. it in one of the papers or highlighted
  2377. with yellow I never read what was it
  2378. because the process is irrelevant the
  2379. school of thought abstracts what trying
  2380. to do user the understanding of what is
  2381. somebody else thinking and what is the
  2382. school of the beheading unless you're
  2383. trying to setup the power process with
  2384. it you have a question does the server
  2385. light work i'm showing you what's it
  2386. matter that go into the atomic structure
  2387. understanding of it now that stuff for
  2388. class you're writing the present side of
  2389. things and then see in that section what
  2390. materials exist
  2391. what is in the George what are the facts
  2392. what is what elements are there to
  2393. interact that you can introduce and
  2394. remember all the time
  2395. I mean your assets are weak
  2396. so whether you make in the matter of
  2397. state council is stronger so that two
  2398. things can happen you can use the
  2399. element as the intermediary the injury
  2400. or whatever and you put a weaker mixture
  2401. and a stronger mixture to 21 is usually
  2402. the best what it means you work without
  2403. to make mass you take a tissue paper and
  2404. you put your measure you put five mil of
  2405. the gantz plasma you made in one tissue
  2406. and you put 10 mil in the other tissue
  2407. to seal packs two patches one on in
  2408. decide
  2409. what happens the energy transfer day
  2410. according to the ratio mass the 10
  2411. trying to bring the energy mass of the
  2412. five up with the middle in there
  2413. what is on the positive gravitational
  2414. magnetical with damage in between just
  2415. depleted all we see is what they need
  2416. Allah you are physicists scientist dr.
  2417. understanding the work after plasma
  2418. where they're stronger always feed
  2419. to bring it to balance to be just this
  2420. is the story of the universe
  2421. you never give they always you never
  2422. take you always give that you bring to
  2423. others in your when you take your lost
  2424. because you want anything you wanted to
  2425. call but when you are given is this I'd
  2426. need to decide on
  2427. I like rice at the 12 to collect me at
  2428. the election
  2429. but if I go on grab only the momentum
  2430. play tools which I don't like the other
  2431. one that like stuffed over there is
  2432. always stood and this is another way to
  2433. understand the process of the creation
  2434. understand their balance of the universe
  2435. why you have 20 * one is always slightly
  2436. weakened out there but one case style a
  2437. bigger mass or the audio and they try to
  2438. balance look at the electron and the
  2439. proton one is 12 thousands of mass and
  2440. money's worth of value and then they try
  2441. to balance each other and in that
  2442. process to move and they interact
  2443. the truth about the strength of the
  2444. electron is not what is written in the
  2445. books of science
  2446. that is why the electron moves rapidly
  2447. but it keeps distance from the part
  2448. because one has the potential difference
  2449. one has the current
  2450. if i could write the book of physics and
  2451. electronics will be none of these rubber
  2452. shoes on but because you made system and
  2453. it works in matters of State
  2454. it does not work in the real true plasma
  2455. on the matter structure because if
  2456. plasma protein was always so strong that
  2457. absorb the electron but how come is just
  2458. there how come exists how can he move so
  2459. fast how coming works in the bandwidth
  2460. or how creamy gravitational-magnetic
  2461. reposition itself in 360-degree knows
  2462. but the next point is what I'm going to
  2463. catch the next one
  2464. Rick are we within our time in nearly
  2465. finished
  2466. oh yes well we've got another 10 minutes
  2467. if you go all the way to the hour i have
  2468. to attend a very important meeting for
  2469. the foundation today we have to close it
  2470. every please try to understand that we
  2471. haven't changed the teaching now we have
  2472. showed you the tools now we take you to
  2473. the understanding of the world was
  2474. actual the what we had to teach three
  2475. years ago which is their introduction of
  2476. the man into operation of his soul
  2477. through the operation of his physicality
  2478. but we had to see the powers we have to
  2479. see the more they're the movement we had
  2480. to see the existence that we build trust
  2481. in ourselves and then what we do to
  2482. ourselves is correct
  2483. they're matter time too long time but I
  2484. hope through the operation of what you
  2485. understood in Matta time you can't reach
  2486. your soul that you can open the door to
  2487. invest yourself and humanity
  2488. you have to understand your easier tries
  2489. to understand and not here to teach and
  2490. I go back to what has been achieved in
  2491. Italy because this is the opening of
  2492. acceptance of the medical application by
  2493. a government it means there are seen
  2494. effort but down the tunnel scientists
  2495. have to ride the formulas how the
  2496. patches and depends work and how the
  2497. water helps sick
  2498. it's the hard work I i think people from
  2499. specially jawani Sabrina all the italian
  2500. team dr. Crosse School when so much to
  2501. try to get these patches do it for
  2502. months ago the disaster point the French
  2503. team the Dutch and the Germans with
  2504. difficulties boxes and now you have seen
  2505. the whole of Europe Campbell everybody
  2506. you have the color red cross and
  2507. supporting without actually doing what
  2508. was not needed but doing the right thing
  2509. which was needed and that was to show
  2510. the technology works in a calming time
  2511. will teach more now that we have calling
  2512. to the real teaching of the
  2513. understanding up the operation I tried
  2514. to teach you how to manifest things
  2515. through operation of your soul in a
  2516. common type but this needs understanding
  2517. business conversion as I said when we
  2518. change from the gas core reactors to
  2519. against there was a lot of alleble we
  2520. spent so much time building these chords
  2521. for gas the mortals big blocks now it
  2522. was a pink wall and does the same thing
  2523. better
  2524. what is wrong with it that's the only
  2525. way I could take you now I take you
  2526. there of the creation and i hope you
  2527. enjoyed the trip
  2528. thank you very much for today see you
  2529. next week
  2530. very good thank you mr. cash
  2531. ok let me just put the intro and spoon
  2532. sheer
  2533. and thank you everybody for attending
  2534. the hundred and fifty third knowledge
  2535. seekers workshop for thursday january
  2536. fifth 2017 and will end the live stream
  2537. now and the zune median very good thank
  2538. you mr. cash
  2539. ok let me just put the in trouble on
  2540. speech