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  1. (children) Kids react to viral videos!

  2. This episode: Slap Her!
  3. (director speaking Italian)
  4. Pedro.
  5. Furio.
  6. Domingo.
  7. (director speaking Italian)
  8. "This is Martina."
  9. Boy meets girl.
  10. (director speaking Italian)
  11. - (boy speaking Italian)
    - Oh, that's so sweet!
  12. (chuckling)
  13. Wait, they're totally crushing on her.
  14. (speaking Italian)
  15. Wow, he's not nervous.
  16. Wow, oh, neither is he.
  17. "Now, "care-ess" her."
  18. Ooooh my god!
  19. Touch!
  20. (chuckling) On the cheeks.
  21. That was so awkward.
    They're like, "Okay."
  22. Oh, that funny face.
  23. (giggling)
  24. I don't get this.
  25. This is cute.
  26. (director speaking Italian)
  27. "And now."
  28. - (director speaking Italian)
    - Slap her.
  29. - (director speaking Italian)
    - What?!
  30. Oh! Ooh.
  31. - What?! Why?
    - (director speaking Italian)
  32. I would slap her.
  33. - (director) No?
    - Yes!
  34. (in video) No.
  35. Good kids.
  36. - (director speaking Italian)
    - What do you mean, "Why not?"
  37. You're not supposed to hit anybody.
  38. (speaking Italian)
  39. Can't hit a girl.
  40. (speaking Italian)
  41. Aww.
  42. Never, ever slap a girl.
  43. I would not do it.
  44. (speaking Italian)
  45. Ooh!
  46. It's perfect.
  47. (director speaks Italian)
  48. - (speaking Italian)
    - (giggling)
  49. Aww, I wanted to see them kiss.
  50. No fair.
  51. I loved that video so much.
  52. That was...I am Marlhy
    and I approve this message.
  53. (kids) Question time!
  54. (Finebros) Okay, so in that video
    they asked this group of boys
  55. to slap a girl, but they wouldn't do it.
  56. What do you think of their decision?
  57. That was a good decision.
  58. That was a very manly decision.
  59. That's a good decision
    because you can't hit a girl.
  60. It's against the law.
  61. I would say "no" too.
  62. I mean, really, who would slap a girl?
  63. The rules of life:
  64. Number one: never hit a girl.
  65. Number two: don't do violence.
  66. They're seven and ten
    and they know better than that.
  67. But then now some people right now,
    maybe your age, is doing that.
  68. So it shows the difference.
  69. I like that and I'm not just saying
    that because I'm a girl.
  70. I don't think that people
    are allowed to just hit others.
  71. I mean, I don't think
    that's fair to any gender.
  72. (Finebros) If you were asked
    to slap a girl, would you do it?
  73. No.
  74. No!
  75. It's wrong to hurt people.
  76. If I was a person in that video,
    I'd definitely wouldn't
  77. considering I would be saying
    all these nice things about her
  78. and then I'm hurting them in the end.
  79. (Finebros) Why do you think
    this video has gone so viral?
  80. Because it's a good message?
  81. It's just a good lesson for kids.
  82. It definitely raises
    awareness to female abuse.
  83. And it's showing that we can fix it.
  84. We just need motivation
    or something like that.
  85. - (Finebros) Is it ever okay to hit a girl?
    - NO!
  86. No.
  87. I would never hit a girl.
  88. No!
  89. You guys can't hit me or any other girl.
  90. (Finebros) When someone tells
    a boy "be a man"
  91. what does that usually mean?
  92. To step up.
  93. Don't cry.
  94. Be tough.
  95. Man up, be stronger.
  96. Usually means stop acting
    like a chicken or a girl.
  97. Magazines and then movies
    have made it built up
  98. that being a man is to be strong.
  99. To be hardcore! Be manly!
    Be awesome!
  100. (Finebros) One of the boys, in the video,
    when the interviewer asked him
  101. why he wouldn't hit the girl
    he says, "Because I'm a man."
  102. - What do you think he meant by that?
    - He's a gentleman?
  103. He doesn't want violence
    to be the answer to something.
  104. That men aren't supposed to do that.
  105. He's a man. He's proper.
  106. He doesn't act like
    a little five or six year old
  107. and be like, "Punch! Punch!
    Punch! Punch! Punch!"
  108. (Finebros) Should the ideal
    of what being a man is change?
  109. Should it be this type of thing?
  110. I think it could.
    I mean, it's 2015.
  111. There is room for some change.
  112. Being a man isn't just being manly
    and strong and awesome!
  113. I mean, it's not just that,
  114. but it's being kind to others.
  115. (Finebros) Are you aware that sometimes
    men will hit women?
  116. Mmm, no.
  117. No.
  118. Yeah.
  119. Yes, I am aware of that.
  120. I am aware of that
    and I really, really don't like that.
  121. Oh, so the point of this video
    is to stop adults from hitting the girl?
  122. I know that a lot.
    And they're dumb.
  123. They're really dumb.
  124. Those people that do it are really dumb.
  125. ♪ (mean guitar solo) ♪
  126. (Finebros) Why do you think that happens?
  127. Maybe because they get mad at them?
  128. They think dumb's popular, but it's not!
  129. They wanna show who's the boss?
  130. They're just mad and stressed.
  131. They don't know what to do
    so they just-- baaah!
  132. Abusive parents!
  133. Especially if the father's abusive
    to the mother or to the kid.
  134. And if it's a boy, then the boy would then,
  135. "Well, if my dad's like this, then
    I'm supposed to be like this too, right?"
  136. I don't know why anybody would do that.
  137. It's not right and I don't think
    they should ever do it.
  138. (Finebros) So back to the video:
    If this was reversed
  139. and it was a bunch of girls,
    and there was a boy there
  140. and they said, "Slap the boy"
    do you think the girls would have done it?
  141. (chuckles) Yes, they would.
  142. Well, I mean, I wouldn't.
    But some people would.
  143. I think girls would possibly do it,
    probably because girls
  144. get mad easily and they're more catty.
  145. The rule is usually
    not for boys to hit girls,
  146. but I'm not sure there's a rule
    for the other way around.
  147. I think they would say no...
    if they're nice girls.
  148. I don't think so, unless they had
    a really good reason to.
  149. If a boy wouldn't slap a girl,
    I don't think a girl should slap a boy.
  150. (Finebros) So some people think that
    this video has a very good message,
  151. but they also think it's wrong
    because it's only pointing out
  152. that boys shouldn't hit girls
    when they think it should also be
  153. girls shouldn't hit boys--
    that no one should hit each other at all.
  154. What do you think about that?
  155. I think they should include it
    the other way around too,
  156. just in case girls have
    a history of violence too.
  157. I mean, it's still a good video,
    but if they showed both sides
  158. it would be an even better video.
  159. The girls are the same thing
    that go with the boys.
  160. Sometimes they do it, sometimes they don't.
  161. The people that do do it,
    and they are girls, are dumb.
  162. Sorry, girls out there, but that's true.
  163. Statistically, women do get hit
    more than women hit men.
  164. After we fix that, we should fix
    the women hitting men.
  165. The video would have more of an impact
    if it also showed it the other way around.
  166. It's definitely important to show both sides
  167. so that way no one will feel that
    one is more encouraged than the other.
  168. But the video's message
    is still really good.
  169. (Finebros) So last question:
  170. If anyone is watching
    this that hits people,
  171. or gets so angry they think
    about hitting someone,
  172. what would you tell them?
  173. Well, it's the wrong thing to do
    and just get your anger out a different way.
  174. Hit a pillow.
  175. Pillows don't have feelings.
  176. You guys are dumb and I
    wouldn't even be your friend.
  177. Don't hit anybody!
  178. You're hurting a human being!
  179. If you have hit somebody,
    say sorry and don't ever do it again.
  180. That's stupid and it doesn't--
    it's just not right.
  181. It doesn't have any right morals to it.
    It's just not right at all.
  182. If you hit someone, that could
    actually make the other person
  183. believe that that is okay
    to do it to someone else as well.
  184. Think it through.
    Use your brain.
  185. Don't use your fists.
    Use your brain.
  186. Thanks for watching
    another episode of Kids React!
  187. Let us know what other videos
    we should watch in the comments below.
  188. Goodbye!
  189. Don't slap anybody! Bye!
  190. ♪ (end music) ♪