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  1. Hi, I am Ritik and I am going to talk about 3dprinting and digital creation.
  2. The presentation is about us, you and me.
  3. First I will introduce myself.
  4. Then I will tell you something about me and 3dprinting
  5. Then I will talk
  6. about 3dprinting and digital creation
  7. and finally I will tell you what you can do with digital creation
  8. Before we start: anyone know what 3dprinting is?
  9. So you make something on the computer
  10. and the
  11. printer prints it layer by layer
  12. then you get
  13. the model you have created on the computer
  14. Who am I?
  15. I was born in 2000 and
  16. computers and digital things existed from before I was born, so I'm
  17. a digital native: someone who is naturally familiar with digital stuff.
  18. at TEDxKids@Brussels I joined ....
  19. I participated at the first TEDxKids@Brussels and the theme was there
  20. Makers
  21. and that
  22. Joris Peels came to do a workshop on 3d printers:
  23. very interesting machines that materialise something on your computer is a real thing
  24. the most important thing I learned was that you should not be afraid to fail
  25. and that you had to learn from your mistakes and move on.
  26. After TEDxKids@Brussels I actively started helping with
  27. TEDxYouth@Flanders
  28. not just me but also my sister and my father
  29. now I will tell you about me and 3dprinting
  30. at TEDxKids@Brussels
  31. Joris Peels gave a workshop on 3dprinting.
  32. As homework, we had to make something in 3dtin: a very simple website
  33. to build something block by block.
  34. I had the idea: there is nothing to do with my name on it so why not make
  35. Glasses with my name
  36. The glasses became so famous that they were exhibited at the local Modern Art Museum in Antwerp.
  37. After I had designed the glasses,
  38. it was pretty simple to make other things
  39. And over time there were also better apps and websites that allowed you
  40. to design stuff like the old guys did: in CAD.
  41. bitten by the virus, my father quickly bought me a 3dprinter.
  42. it made a lot of noise and printed only ten centimeters by ten centimeters
  43. by ten centimeters
  44. but 10 by 10 by 10 was enough space to go lots of fun stuff.
  45. Once 10 by 10 by 10 was no longer enough,
  46. We bought a larger printer: 25 by 25 by 30 would be big enough
  47. and two printheads to do more complex things
  48. 3dprinting and digital creation
  49. Before 3dprinting existed,
  50. the world was very different. If you designed something on the computer,
  51. Then it stayed on the computer. If you wanted to bring to the real world
  52. the machines were very costly.
  53. a 3dprinter was only for a small group of people.
  54. with 3dprinting, you can design something on the computer and print it in any size
  55. 3dprinting compared with music
  56. There are 3 kinds of people in this world
  57. ninety percent of the people are consumers who want to only listen
  58. to a song on iTunes.
  59. Then there are mash-ups
  60. people who will take two existing songs and mix them
  61. into a new song.
  62. then there are creators:
  63. Who do the effort to make their own music.
  64. 3dprinting compared to erm ...
  65. digital creation compared with 3dprinting:
  66. there are people who will go and print something from thingiverse
  67. when they need it.
  68. then there are mash-ups
  69. You take existing models from thingiverse and stick them together.
  70. A good example is myrobotnation
  71. by 3dsystems that allows you to create your own robot.
  72. Then there are creators who make their own stuff.
  73. but if you look closely
  74. if you look at the size of these boxes, the creators
  75. and mash-ups much larger. Why?
  76. because 3Dprinting is very cheap and easy
  77. you can make something.
  78. Take the example of the man on the last slide: he was playing music
  79. in San Fransisco on his iPad
  80. no guitar, no drums, no musiclessons
  81. Just an app of 15 euros and creativity
  82. digital creation and you:
  83. 3Dprinting is easy and cheap. There are a lot of
  84. 3d models online
  85. you can share your work with others
  86. and they can put their ideas on your model
  87. There are very easy mash-up tools
  88. and also very easy
  89. creator tools.
  90. and you don't need a printer. the only thing you need is an idea
  91. So my conclusion is
  92. beginning with 3d printing now. Now that your teacher does not tell you how to.
  93. Now that there are no rules.
  94. Break with conventions, there are no impossible ideas.
  95. You can share your work with others and they can put their ideas on it.
  96. They can make your work even better.
  97. use mash-up not only for 3dprinting but for everything
  98. for photos, music
  99. Special thanks to Joris Peels and TED for opening doors to a new
  100. world.
  101. To iMaterialise for bringing my glasses from digital to reality.
  102. Jason Lopes to show me that 3Dprinting and digital creation is used in the
  103. movies a lot already.
  104. Scott Summit to show that 3dprinting can even give people
  105. a better life and that 3Ddesign is going to be very important.
  106. Autodesk Gallery for a very broad view on 3dprinting, which can be used
  107. from
  108. luxury watches to electric race cars.
  109. And Assa ashuach to show me that you should keep your creations digital
  110. as long as possible.
  111. Because that's where the cool things happen.
  112. Thank you for your attention and start creating digitally now.