Prevent the Flu! Eating Disorder Recovery Video with Kati Morton - Influenza

Prevent the Flu! Eating Disorder Recovery Video with Kati Morton - Influenza

You need to know about the flu illness and eating disorders with Kati Morton, MFTI

Eating disorders and self-harm when it comes to symptoms, treatment, prevention and self-care of the flu... Let's talk about it! :)

Influenza, commonly called "the flu," is caused by viruses that infect the respiratory tract.
Influenza viruses are divided into three types, designated A, B, and C, with influenza A types usually causing the most problems in humans.

Most people who get the conventional or seasonal flu recover completely in one to two weeks, but some people develop serious and potentially life-threatening medical complications, such as pneumonia.

Much of the illness and death caused by conventional or seasonal influenza can be prevented by annual influenza vaccination.

Influenza A undergoes frequent antigenic changes that require new vaccines to be developed and people to obtain a new vaccination every year. New vaccine technology is being developed.

In April 2009, a new flu virus termed novel H1N1 swine flu developed in Mexico, rapidly spread worldwide, and caused the WHO to declare a flu pandemic. Eventually, the WHO declared the pandemic over in 2010. In 2012, a new type of flu strain developed, H3N2v, but has not developed into any epidemic situations currently.

Like the influenza virus, drug treatments are constantly changing and improving, but currently, timely vaccination is still considered to be the best defense against the flu. However, the CDC considers antivirals an important adjunct to flu vaccine in the control of the disease process.

People should be aware that flu pandemics can cause severe flu symptoms and sometimes death in many individuals who may be more susceptible to the pandemic flu than the conventional flu; however the previous pandemic flu virus (H1N1) has been available in vaccines and is considered part of the conventional circulating flu viruses.
Individuals should check with their doctors to determine if they are considered to be at higher risk of getting severe flu symptoms than the normally healthy population.


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