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  1. (sirens)
  2. (screeching tires)
  3. 007, What the hell are we doing?
  4. Are you kidnapping me?
  5. That would be one way of looking at it.
  6. Too many people are dying because
    of me.
  7. If he wants you, he'll have to
    come and get you.
  8. We've been one step behind Silva
    from the start.
  9. It's time to get out front and
    change the game.
  10. And I'm to be the bait?
  11. Alright. But just us, no one else.
  12. Q? I need help.
  13. I'm tracking the car.
    Where are you going?
  14. I've got M. We're about to disappear.
  15. What?
  16. I need you to lay a trail of bread crumbs
    impossible to follow
  17. for anyone except Silva.
  18. Think you can do it?
  19. I'm guessing this isn't strictly official.
  20. Not even remotely.
  21. So much for my promising career in espionage.
  22. Well, I'm not hiding in there,
    if that's your brilliant plan.
  23. We're changing vehicles.
  24. The trouble with company cars is they
    have trackers.
  25. Oh, and I suppose that's completely
  26. Get in.
  27. It's not very comfortable,
    is it?
  28. Are you going to complain the whole way?
  29. Oh, go on then, eject me.
    See if I care.
  30. Where are we going?
  31. Back in time.
  32. Somewhere we'll have the advantage.
  33. It's a fine line.
  34. Make the bread crumb too small, and he
    might miss it.
  35. Too big, and Silva will smell
    a rat.
  36. But do you think even Silva
    will be able to spot that?
  37. He's the only one who could.
  38. Sir.
  39. Oh.
  40. What are you doing?
  41. We're just...monitoring.
  42. Creating a false tracking signal for
    Silva to follow.
  43. Well, sir, um...
    Well, no.
  44. Excellent thinking.
    Get him isolated.
  45. Send him on the A9, it's the
    direct route.
  46. You can monitor his progress more
  47. And confirm it with the
    traffic cameras.
  48. What if the PM finds out?
  49. Then we're all buggered.
  50. Carry on.
  51. (suspenseful music)