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  1. six months ago here in New York City, I
  2. made the case that Donald Trump was dangerously incompetent and
  3. incapable of world leadership in the past few days in
  4. the wake of the killing of the Iranian general solo
  5. money, I think Donald Trump has proven beyond that
  6. comment beyond dispute, haphazard decision making process that led
  7. up to it the failure to consult with our allies
  8. or Congress and the reckless disregard for the consequences that
  9. would surely follow. I was, in my view
  10. , dangerously incompetent. VOCs in wake of such an
  11. enormous escalation that has exploded geopolitics in the region and
  12. put the United States and Iran on a collision course
  13. that what we expect from an American president Well,
  14. what we've heard from what have we heard from President
  15. Trump? We have not heard a sober minded explanation
  16. to assure the American reassure the American people that this
  17. decision and his consequences were thought through no level headed
  18. words meant to dial down the tensions and thio take
  19. us off the path of conflict. No press conference
  20. or consultation with our Congress. No, what we
  21. heard so far from this president tweets, threads and
  22. tantrums all we've heard from this administration or shifting explanations
  23. , evasive answers, repeated assertions of an imminent threat
  24. without the necessary evidence to support that conclusion. And
  25. since this is a president with the history of lying
  26. about virtually everything who has destroyed his own credibility in
  27. that of the United States on a global stage,
  28. knew the American people nor our allies. And indeed
  29. no one around the world seems to be taking his
  30. word for it. If there was an imminent threat
  31. that required this extraordinary action that that we are,
  32. we're owed an explanation and the facts to back it
  33. up. But the, uh, these matters are
  34. deadly import, and to me, they are unmistakably
  35. clear. Donald Trump does not have me make it
  36. clear. Does not have the authority to go toward
  37. Iran without congressional congressional authorization. Hi, everyone.
  38. George Stephanopoulos here. Thanks for checking on ABC News
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