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الايرانيين المأسوريين لدى الجيش لحر كتبية لفاروق 26 1 2012

  • 0:49 - 0:57
    My name is Sajjad (Haider Ali) Aminan and I am a member of the revolutionary armed forces of Iran. I am leader of a five-member
  • 0:57 - 1:04
    special team. I entered Syria on October 16, 2011. The others entered Syria on different dates.
  • 1:04 - 1:13
    (What are your names?) Ahmad Gertabadi. Hasan Hasani. Majid Qanbari. Kyumars Qobadi.
  • 1:13 - 1:26
    My team and I entered Syria and supported the security intelligence forces of Syria in suppressing and shooting civilians.
  • 1:26 - 1:39
    After we were done with our daily activities, we would return from our 'jobs' to where we used to live.
  • 1:39 - 1:48
    We have killed many civilians in the city of Homs, including many women and children. We received our
  • 1:48 - 1:59
    orders directly from the airforce intelligence forces of the city of Homs. We have a request from
  • 1:59 - 2:05
    Sayyed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to take action in bringing back all
  • 2:05 - 2:15
    the Islamic republic forces who are in Syria and supporting the suppression of the Syrian people so we
  • 2:15 -
    could also come back to our homes.
الايرانيين المأسوريين لدى الجيش لحر كتبية لفاروق 26 1 2012

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