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  1. I want us to experience Christ
    more than anything.
  2. I want us to know His presence.
  3. I want us to know His power.
  4. I want us to be familiar with
    the workings of His Spirit.
  5. I want us to fall more deeply in love.
  6. I want us to know more of the cross.
  7. I want to be able to enter in
    more with His heart.
  8. That's why I wanted to set Christ
    before you yesterday.
  9. That pattern.
  10. I want you to see Him.
  11. I want there to be something of
  12. the Spirit of God working
    through what we see,
  13. burning in Him and have
    that etched upon us.
  14. I desire that.
  15. And one of the texts
    in the Scriptures
  16. that I keep coming back to in my mind
  17. over and over and over,
  18. Lord, no matter what
    You give us;
  19. no matter if we see conversions;
  20. no matter if we're
    allowed to have
  21. the privilege to be able
    to plant churches
  22. or go to the mission field
  23. or send guys out.
  24. If we see these young people,
    and they're coming to us
  25. and they're burning
    with a passion;
  26. I love those things!
  27. I don't want those things to go away,
  28. but I realize in the end of it,
  29. Lord, if You don't give us more than that,
  30. if You don't give us
    a sense of Yourself...
  31. and I come to the Scriptures and
    over and over and over again
  32. I find in John 14:21
  33. I find this promise:
  34. Christ saying,
  35. "I will manifest Myself to you."
  36. "I will manifest Myself."
  37. What does that speak of?
  38. It speaks of an experiential
    interaction with Christ.
  39. Manifestation.
  40. There's an appeal to the senses.
  41. Christ comes near in a way
  42. that we feel, we sense,
  43. there's something that we're
    able to lay hold of.
  44. And I guarantee you this,
  45. when Christ comes near
  46. in a manifest expression
    of glory and presence,
  47. it can't do anything but
    cause us to burn.
  48. It can't do anything but cause passion.
  49. You cannot have Christ come near
  50. except it does something in you.
  51. It stirs you.
  52. It creates heat.
  53. It creates fire.
  54. But I'll tell you this,
  55. Christian, I'm speaking to you
  56. that have a profession.
  57. It's conditional.
  58. He says if you have My commandments
  59. and you keep them.
  60. It's amazing how the church is today.
  61. Oh, we can see this shift.
  62. Are you guys going to be given up
    to the providence we heard about?
  63. Well, providentially, you know
    what's happening today.
  64. Everything's moving
    away from the U.S.
  65. It's going to China.
    It's going to Korea.
  66. Ok, are you just going to settle down
  67. and settle for a nice, slow death?
  68. And accept that providence?
  69. Man, I can tell you, when we
    were taking off on that work,
  70. some brethren from the
    Sovereign Grace circles
  71. that I love, I love to
    hear them preach;
  72. they'd say things to me like,
  73. "The Lord's done."
  74. The Lord's done.
  75. The second coming
    has to be at hand.
  76. There's no more.
  77. We don't see anymore of the
    workings of God.
  78. We might as well throw in the towel.
  79. I mean, there's providence folks.
  80. They're all moving to Korea.
  81. Underground church in China.
  82. Ok, do that.
  83. Just settle in.
  84. Allow that.
  85. Take that as providence.
  86. Or you can rise up and say,
  87. no, I'm going to bust
    through that ceiling.
  88. Because I'll tell you this,
  89. you say you have any desire
  90. for Christ to come near?
  91. You say you have any desire
    to experience more of Him
  92. than you've ever
    experienced in your life?
  93. You say that?
  94. Who was it? I think
    it was Lloyd-Jones
  95. that said,
  96. Your desire for Christ;
    your desire to know Him;
  97. your desire for Him to draw near,
  98. it's tested by your obedience.
  99. Based on texts just like that.
  100. In John 14:21 - just like that.
  101. We say, oh, we want
    Him to draw near.
  102. We say we want revival.
  103. We say we want these things.
  104. We're like these pathetic
  105. Well, these were pretty
    stirring meetings,
  106. and what we're going to do,
  107. we're going to sit back,
  108. and we're going to
    hope God does something.
  109. You know what the basis
    of hyper-Calvinism is?
  110. It's basically saying this,
  111. whether you're lost or
    whether you're saved,
  112. it's saying this,
  113. I can't do something.
  114. There's something that spiritually,
  115. in and of myself,
  116. I don't have the ability to carry out.
  117. And so, I'm going to sit back
  118. and I'm going to wait for God to do it.
  119. And then I'm going to
    jump on the bandwagon.
  120. Those weren't hyper-Calvinists
  121. that busted through that ceiling that day.
  122. They said be done with that.
  123. We want to get to Christ.
  124. We want to be in His presence.
  125. We're going to press
    in to the inner place.
  126. We don't care if we
    knock some dirt
  127. on the Pharisee's foreheads.
  128. Let it fall on them.
  129. We're getting in there.
  130. Folks, I'm going to start and
    I'm going to end this
  131. by hitting on some men
    that stayed at home
  132. and they were faithful.
  133. But I'll tell you what,
  134. there was fire that burned there,
  135. and they wanted this.
  136. They wanted it.
  137. I want the missionary endeavor
    for a number of reasons.
  138. But one of the things, folks,
    that we have to come to grips with.
  139. Matthew 28:18-20
  140. We have a divine imperative.
  141. And if we sit here in our nice
    little safe comfortable places
  142. and we wonder why; we sit
    back, we don't do anything,
  143. we wonder why?
  144. Why are people going to sleep?
  145. Why is this happening?
  146. This is a point of obedience, folks.
  147. We want to amass the resources.
  148. We don't love to send people away.
  149. We don't like to separate.
  150. Folks, if we really have a good
  151. estimation of the coming
    eternality of things,
  152. so be it.
  153. So what?
  154. Send them away.
  155. You know what?
  156. I don't expect that all these young guys
  157. coming in to our church right now
  158. are going to stay there.
  159. And so be it.
  160. You say you don't love them?
  161. No, I do.
  162. There are some of these guys
  163. I would hate to see go away,
  164. but you know what, if they
    go off to the mission field;
  165. if they go off somewhere
  166. even if they ended
    up like the Stam's.
  167. Just in a few short months
    after arriving out there,
  168. they lost their heads.
  169. Glory be to God.
  170. You know what happened when
    those two got their heads cut off?
  171. It moved among the young
    people in this country.
  172. I think they had like
    700 people after that
  173. apply to the China Inland Mission.
  174. I'll tell you what,
  175. if Jonathan Diaz or one
    of these other guys
  176. put their head on the block
  177. and it costs them their head
  178. to have 700 more like him to
    come along behind,
  179. I'll take it.
  180. Where is Jonathan?
  181. That's not to say you're the
    expendable one, brother.
  182. Matthew 28:18
  183. "Jesus came and spake unto them, saying,
  184. 'All power is given unto Me in heaven
  185. and in earth.
  186. Go ye, therefore, and teach all nations,
  187. baptizing them in the name of the Father,
  188. and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost;
  189. teaching them to observe all things
  190. whatsoever I have commanded you,
  191. and lo, I am with you alway.'"
  192. Let that sink in.
  193. Lo, I am with you alway,
    even to the end of the world.
  194. One of the greatest indications
  195. this is not for the first century
    apostles only
  196. is right there.
  197. I am with you to the end of the world.
  198. I am with you to the end of the ages.
  199. Amen.
  200. Now yesterday, I attempted to show you
  201. and convince you that
    the Lord Jesus Christ
  202. was sent from heaven by the Father
  203. to this earth.
  204. Not as some disinterested stoic.
  205. He is that great missionary.
  206. The apostle. The sent one.
  207. Sent of His Father.
  208. Sent from heaven.
  209. Sent here full of passion
    for the Father's honor.
  210. Full of passion for
    the souls of men.
  211. He came from heaven.
  212. He didn't leave His passions there
  213. when He came.
  214. He came with them.
  215. He came with His tears.
  216. He came with His
    bowels of compassion.
  217. He came full of a zeal
  218. for His Father's honor and glory.
  219. He didn't leave those things behind.
  220. He didn't walk around like some
  221. monotone robot on this world.
  222. He brought those tears.
    He brought that zeal.
  223. He brought those bowels of love.
  224. And He went right to where sinners were.
  225. And the case I'm trying to make
  226. is that if we don't likewise
    possess something of
  227. the heart and the soul of Jesus Christ
  228. burning in our own souls,
  229. we can ever forget about missions.
  230. It's not going to happen.
  231. But the thing is
    we can't forget about it.
  232. Because we have what we have
  233. right there in Matthew 28.
  234. Folks,
  235. He said this:
  236. "As the Father hath sent Me,
  237. even so I am sending you."
  238. Here's the thing.
  239. Lo, I am with you always.
  240. And this is the thing I want you to see.
  241. He's promised to be with us
  242. even to the end of the world.
  243. He walks at our side.
  244. Though I can't see Him.
  245. Though I can't physically lay
    my fingers right now
  246. where Thomas laid his.
  247. He's promised.
  248. Think about it.
  249. He hasn't changed.
  250. Does Christ change?
  251. The very passions He came
    to this earth with
  252. burn in His heart now.
  253. And He's promised,
    "I'm with you."
  254. He's promised to walk at our side
  255. still with Him burning;
  256. all this intensity, all this fervor,
  257. bidding us onward in the
    missionary endeavor.
  258. Our Lord says go.
  259. Go to the nations.
  260. Go teach them.
    Go disciple them.
  261. Go baptize them.
  262. Give the nations My commandments.
  263. And I'm convinced, it's only those
  264. gripped by this heart,
  265. by this heat of Christ,
  266. who are going to pull this off.
  267. Here's Spurgeon.
  268. He stayed at home.
  269. But listen to the heart of
    this man that stayed at home.
  270. I don't even know what number,
  271. what percentage of men,
  272. would have been sent out of
    the Metropolitan Tabernacle.
  273. I didn't look into that.
  274. I'll tell you another man
  275. who sits at home.
  276. Not doing nothing sitting;
  277. Maybe I should say
    he stands at home.
  278. He runs at home.
  279. Look at a guy like John Piper.
  280. I can remember sitting in a meeting
  281. over in Owensboro,
  282. and having a man bring up this fact.
  283. That Bethlehem sent out
  284. 80 missionaries in one summer.
  285. More than the collective group of churches
  286. being represented in that place
    at that time
  287. in their 35 year history.
  288. What is it that burns in
    a man like Piper?
  289. What is it that burns in a
    man like Spurgeon?
  290. I'm wondering that, because
  291. I'm seeking to pastor a church
  292. and keep that fire alive at home.
  293. Here's what he says,
  294. Spurgeon meditating on
    Matthew 28:18, 19
  295. He says, "While I
    was meditating in private
  296. upon this text, I felt myself
  297. carried away by its power.
  298. I was quite unable calmly to
    consider its terms,
  299. or to investigate its argument.
  300. The command with which
    the text concludes
  301. repeated itself again
    and again and again
  302. in my ears, till I found it
    impossible to study,
  303. for my thoughts were running
    hither and thither
  304. asking a thousand questions,
  305. all of them intended to help me
  306. in answering for myself the
    solemn inquiry.
  307. How am I to go and teach
    all nations,
  308. baptizing them in the name of the
    Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost?
  309. My ears seemed to hear it as if
  310. Christ were then speaking it to me.
  311. I could realize His presence by my side.
  312. I thought I could see Him
    lifted His peirced hand,
  313. and hear Him speak as
    He was wont to speak
  314. with authority blended with meekness.
  315. Go ye, and teach all nations,
  316. baptizing them in the name of
    the all glorious God.
  317. Oh, I would that the church
    could hear the Savior
  318. addressing these words to her now.
  319. For the words of Christ
    are living words.
  320. Not having power in them
    yesterday alone,
  321. but today also.
  322. The injunctions of the Savior
  323. are perpetual in their obligation.
  324. They were not binding
    on apostles merely,
  325. but upon us also.
  326. And upon every Christian does
    this yoke fall.
  327. We're not exempt today from the
  328. service of the first followers
    of the Lamb.
  329. Our marching orders are the
    same as theirs.
  330. And our Captain requires from
    us obedience,
  331. as prompt and perfect
  332. as from them.
  333. Oh, that His message may not
    fall upon..."
  334. now listen to this!
  335. "Oh, that His message
  336. may not fall upon deaf ears,
  337. or be heard by stolid souls."
  338. Do you know what that word is?
  339. Indifferent, stupid, dense,
    dry, dull.
  340. Spurgeon continuing,
  341. "Brethren, the heathen are perishing.
  342. Shall we let them perish?
  343. His name is blasphemed.
  344. Shall we be quiet and still?
  345. The honor of Christ is cast into the dust.
  346. His foes revile His person
    and resist His throne.
  347. Shall we, His soldiers, suffer this
  348. and not find our hands feeling
    for the hilt of our sword?
  349. The Sword of the Spirit,
  350. which is the Word of God.
  351. Our Lord delayeth His coming.
  352. Shall we begin to sleep?
  353. To eat?
  354. To be drunken?
  355. Shall we not rather gird up
    the loins of our mind
  356. and cry unto Him,
  357. 'Come, Lord Jesus,
    come quickly!'
  358. The scoffing skeptics of these last days
  359. have said that the anticipated conquest
  360. of the world for Christ is but a dream.
  361. It is asserted by some
  362. that the superstitions of the heathens
  363. are too strong to be battered down
  364. by our teachings.
  365. And that the strongholds of Satan
  366. are utterly impregnable
    against our attacks.
  367. Shall it be so?
  368. Shall we be content
    foolishly to sit still?"
  369. And he continues,
  370. "Oh, that there were might
  371. in some human lip
  372. to move the thousands of our Isreal
  373. to advance at once,
  374. unanimously and irresistably
  375. to the world's conquest.
  376. Like one tremendous tide rising
  377. from the depths of the ocean
  378. to sweep over the sands,
    the barren sands,
  379. which are now given up to
    desolation and death.
  380. Oh that once again the voice
    of thunder could be heard."
  381. And right here - this is
    the point I'm driving at.
  382. "And that the lightning spirit
    could penetrate each heart.
  383. And as one man the entire church
  384. might take the marching orders
  385. of her Lord and go teach all nations,
  386. baptizing them in the
    name of Israel's God.
  387. Oh, Lord, if we fail to speak,
  388. fail not Thou to speak.
  389. And if we know not how to
    bear Thy burden,
  390. or express Thine awful thoughts,
  391. yet speak that with Thou
    all-constraining silent voice
  392. which well trained ears can hear.
  393. And make Thy servants obedient
  394. to Thee now for Christ's sake.
  395. Folks, that's it.
  396. It's the lightning spirit
    penetrating each heart.
  397. And my point is this,
  398. you can try to evade this if you want.
  399. But you show me an individual,
  400. you show me a church,
    a collective group of churches
  401. that is raising up men and women
  402. for far away places,
  403. sending them forth, planting churches,
  404. experiencing the saving power of God,
  405. and I'll tell you what,
  406. somebody there has lightning spirit.
  407. Someone's excited.
    Someone's impassioned.
  408. You show me your great resources.
  409. Show me all your money.
  410. Show me your brilliant scholars
    with their high IQ's.
  411. And you know what?
  412. I'll in turn show you the guy
  413. who has the gut level,
    unstoppable lightning and desire.
  414. I remember some years ago,
  415. I think it was right after I
    was first saved.
  416. I listened to a lot of John
    MacArthur in those days.
  417. I can remember a message that
    he did in 2 Thessalonians.
  418. And I looked that up because
  419. I thought it had something particularly
  420. applicable to what I wanted to say today.
  421. Here's MacArthur speaking,
    and I quote to you,
  422. "I remember standing with Russ Hodge
  423. on the infield at the
    University of Oregon
  424. watching the triangular decathlon meet
  425. between the USSR, Poland, and
    The United States.
  426. Russ was the coach of the
    American team.
  427. He was the former world record holder
  428. in the decathlon.
  429. And I was standing
    there with him
  430. watching the greatest
    athletes in the world
  431. preparing to begin the meet."
  432. MacArthur says, "there were
    some great Russian athletes.
  433. There was one who was
    a massive giant of a man.
  434. Just an awesome human specimen.
  435. There was a great Polish athlete.
  436. There were some tremendous Americans.
  437. I said to Russ,
  438. 'Who is the greatest athlete here?'
  439. He pointed to a rather
    slender live young man.
  440. He said, 'he's the greatest athlete here.'
  441. He, by the way, is an
    outstanding Christian.
  442. I said, 'that's wonderful
    to know. Will he win?'
  443. He said, 'No, he won't win.'
  444. I said, 'What do you mean
    he won't win?
  445. If he's the greatest athlete here,
  446. who will win?'
  447. He said, 'See that guy running
    around the track?
  448. That rather short guy over there
    with the blonde wife?
  449. You've never heard of him.
  450. His name is Bruce Jenner.
  451. He'll win.'
  452. I said, 'Well, why will he win it
    if he's not the greatest athlete?'
  453. He says, 'Because though he doesn't
    have the greatest sheer talent,
  454. he's the most mentally tough competitor
  455. I've ever seen in my life.'
  456. Sure enough, the second day
    in the twilight
  457. as he finished the distance event,
  458. number 10 event in the decathlon,
  459. he came through the winner.
  460. And two years later, the whole world
  461. knew who he was as he
    circled the track in Montreal
  462. with a flag in his hand.
  463. He had won the gold
    medal in the Olympics.
  464. He was named the greatest
    athlete in the world."
  465. I'll tell you what - here's the thing.
  466. It wasn't the greatest sheer talent
    that took the day.
  467. It was the greatest passion.
  468. The greatest gut-level intensity.
  469. That's where the drive;
    that's where the determination;
  470. that's where the obsession
    grabs hold of a man.
  471. That's what takes the day.
  472. That's how it is in the
    Christian missionary endeavor.
  473. It's the raw passion that tends
    to take the day.
  474. It's not always the greatest gifts,
    the greatest talents,
  475. the greatest wealth,
    the greatest intellect
  476. that comes through in the end.
  477. You know what?
  478. I thought as I was preparing this
  479. about Peter.
  480. I can imagine this.
  481. The Lord sends away the disciples.
  482. They jump in the boat.
  483. You know, we find them on
    various occasions in the Gospels.
  484. They're out there on the waters;
  485. Sea of Galilee.
  486. And was wont to happen,
  487. the wind whips up,
    the waves get big.
  488. They get out there in the middle.
  489. Sometimes they had
    the Lord with them;
  490. sometimes they didn't.
  491. On this one occasion, they're out there.
  492. The Lord had stayed behind.
  493. And you know they're out
    there on the water.
  494. And they saw something you
    typically don't see.
  495. There's a guy walking
    across the water.
  496. And they were terrified.
  497. They thought they saw a ghost.
  498. But here's the thing.
  499. Think with me about Peter.
  500. Because I think what happened right there,
  501. it's the perfect picture
  502. of the missionary endeavor.
  503. It's the perfect picture
    of what I want to see
  504. in our church.
  505. And I think would probably want to be seen
  506. here as well.
  507. And in the other churches.
  508. You know, the thing about
    people with passion,
  509. all you've got to do is give it
    an opportunity to run loose,
  510. and it goes.
  511. And the one thing you
    can't say about Peter
  512. is that he lacked passion.
  513. He's in the boat.
  514. They're out there,
    terrified at first.
  515. The Lord identifies Himself.
  516. The King James says it was a ship.
  517. It was probably not so much
    what we think of as a ship.
  518. You've probably seen
    some of the pictures
  519. of some of the fishing crafts
  520. that they had over there
    in the Sea of Galilee.
  521. I don't know what it would take
  522. to have gotten out of that.
  523. I don't know if a
    hand on the side
  524. and a jump over the side?
  525. But here's the Lord.
  526. "Come."
  527. I'll tell you what,
    Peter's out of there!
  528. That's what passion does.
  529. It's looking for opportunity.
  530. And somebody's going
    to come along and say,
  531. yeah, but Peter sunk.
  532. Hey, Peter also walked
    on the water.
  533. The people who jump out of the boat,
  534. typically do sink at times.
  535. But they're the ones that jump
    out of the boat.
  536. And that's what passion does.
  537. His affection.
  538. Why do you think he
    was out of the boat?
  539. Not because it was such a
    neat thing to walk on the water.
  540. He had his eyes
    set on Christ - at first.
  541. Yeah, he got sidetracked a
    little bit there,
  542. but there's passion.
  543. There's passion for Christ.
  544. "Come!"
  545. He's out of there!
  546. Isn't that "come" a
    whole lot like "go?"
  547. He's out of there!
  548. Give him a chance - he's out of there.
  549. What've you got the other
    guys doing?
  550. They're sitting tight where it's safe.
  551. You know, we've got to
    analyze this thing.
  552. We might step out of that boat,
  553. and we may not
    have the resources.
  554. We may go to the bottom.
  555. That's what the overanalyzers are doing.
  556. They're over there.
  557. They're trying to
    figure this out.
  558. Hm... we're not really certain
    if this is going to work out.
  559. People with passion,
    they're out there.
  560. They at times will definitely sink.
  561. But it's people with the passion,
  562. it's people with the daring,
  563. it's people with the believing.
  564. Yes, they do tend to fail at times.
  565. But they're the ones doing something.
  566. We need that.
  567. The ones with passion;
    the ones that run;
  568. The ones that step out on faith;
  569. they're the ones typically
    that see the miracles.
  570. We have come to the point in this country
  571. especially among the Calvinistic brethren,
  572. where even the sound of miracles
  573. just grates in the ears of people.
  574. But I guarantee you people like
  575. Lloyd-Jones saw them;
  576. people like Tozer saw them;
  577. people like Duncan Campbell saw them.
  578. Why?
  579. It may have a lot more to do with faith
  580. than the fact that they were wild-eyed
    charismatics who didn't know their Bibles.
  581. And I'll tell you what,
  582. it's typically the people with passion;
  583. it's people that are willing
    to jump out of the boat;
  584. it's people willing to trust the Lord;
  585. it's people that are willing to
    go when they're beckoned.
  586. You know what?
  587. Every one of them could have jumped
  588. out of that boat in faith,
  589. and they would have walked on that water.
  590. It takes just a little faith.
  591. Folks, you can cast a whole
    mountain into the ocean.
  592. That goes for everybody.
  593. We have this problem today.
  594. Everybody's so worried about
    being presumptuous.
  595. Everybody wants to be cautious.
  596. Overanalyzing.
  597. But I'll tell you what,
  598. the overly cautious,
    the overly analyzing;
  599. they're back in the boat.
  600. In fact, a whole lot of those folks
  601. are back on the shore.
  602. They're not even in the boat.
  603. They didn't even come that far.
  604. There's old William Carey.
  605. We've heard about him;
    talked about him.
  606. Some of his contemporaries
    told him, sit down!
  607. They told him he was an enthusiast.
  608. Those nice high Calvinists;
  609. they told him he was certain to fail.
  610. Those are the guys
    sitting back in the boat.
  611. And you don't even know
    most of their names.
  612. And you won't find them unless you
  613. go read about Carey
  614. and find about the guys who resisted him.
  615. They're forgotten.
  616. The boat sitters are forgotten.
  617. I'm not saying this to make
    yourself popular.
  618. I'm saying it because it's reality.
  619. History forgets those guys.
  620. They don't have anything to offer us.
  621. Carey does.
  622. There was some faith there.
  623. There was some fire there.
  624. There's something to learn.
  625. Carey jumped out of that boat.
  626. Or rather, down into the well,
  627. as we would say.
  628. Did he make mistakes?
  629. Certainly he did.
  630. Did he receive criticism from others?
  631. You better believe it.
  632. Even Calvinistic Baptists, absolutely.
  633. But who is it that turned the
    world upside down?
  634. It was the enthusiast!
  635. That's exactly who it was.
  636. And his enthusiastic
    friends who stayed at home.
  637. The critics are forgotten.
  638. Peter's such an excellent
    example of all this.
  639. It's passion, brethren.
  640. It really is that.
  641. It's just that raw power of God
  642. let loose in people's lives.
  643. And you can read about it.
  644. It burned in the men like
  645. the Hudson Taylors and the
    Adoniram Judson's,
  646. the William Carey's.
  647. We need that, brethren,
    we need that.
  648. As I thought about this,
  649. I thought about, ok,
    let's come around at this
  650. from the other end.
  651. Let's supposed you're out there,
  652. and you don't like passion.
  653. In fact, my message has just
    been grating on you.
  654. Ok, what I'm going to do
    is I'm going to help you now.
  655. I'd like to show you how to
  656. kill passion in your people,
    in your churches,
  657. and in yourself.
  658. If you don't like it;
  659. if you see it to be dangerous,
  660. upsetting, unhealthy.
  661. I'm going to give you a
    four-step remedy
  662. to the infectious disease of
  663. passionate radicals in your church.
  664. And this will take care of
    all the enthusiasts.
  665. Here it is.
  666. First,
  667. just hate passion.
  668. In other words,
  669. whenever anybody in
    the church gets excited;
  670. any unusual fervor,
    any extraordinary weeping,
  671. and indication of some
    Spirit-blown, God-endued intensity,
  672. make certain that you always
  673. and forever question the sincerity of it.
  674. Always.
  675. I mean they've got
    to be hypocrites, right?
  676. Nobody can be like that.
  677. If somebody raises a hand,
  678. somebody shouts a hallelujah,
  679. be sure to stare at them
  680. with that dooming
    glare of disapproval.
  681. A pastor friend of mine,
  682. Bob Jennings.
  683. The guy gets worked up.
  684. He was at a Banner of Truth conference.
  685. Halfway through it, he shouted
    out a hallelujah.
  686. They called him down on that!
  687. They told him, enough.
  688. You close your mouth.
  689. You're going to be here,
    we don't want any of that.
  690. Yeah, make sure you do that.
  691. Anytime that kind of thing breaks out,
    you better shut it down.
  692. Anytime some uncontrolled weeping
    breaks out,
  693. you better have somebody stand up
    in the church and say enough!
  694. We don't want anymore of that.
  695. We need to shut this thing down.
  696. Second,
  697. you want to get the passion out?
  698. Just regulate the worship so tightly,
  699. be so ordered, so mechanical
  700. in the church that any spontaneous
  701. outworking of the Spirit of God
  702. can never be entertained.
  703. Avoid at all costs any opportunity
  704. for something supernatural or unusual.
  705. Try every imaginable way to
    quench the Spirit.
  706. You certainly don't want the living,
  707. fiery influences of the Spirit of God
    blowing through the place.
  708. He and passion live together.
  709. If you want the zealots
    and fanatics gone,
  710. you better really grieve the Spirit.
  711. Third,
  712. overanalyze everything.
  713. Make certain that whenever some
  714. opportunity for outreach or missions
  715. or radical, sacrificial
    giving comes along.
  716. Make certain you examine it,
  717. re-examine it,
  718. and when you've done,
  719. you've got to start
    that all over again.
  720. Make certain to delay, draw out,
  721. pray for things indefinitely.
  722. Just disregard the command
    that says, "Go."
  723. That's not enough.
  724. You've got to look for at least
  725. 30 or 40 other reasons first.
  726. Make sure you do that.
  727. That's where the guys are left
    back in the boat.
  728. Where Peter walked on the water.
  729. Christ said, "Come!"
  730. He was out of there.
  731. But you've got to do that.
  732. You've got to
    overanalyze everything.
  733. You've got to look at it;
    you've got to question it.
  734. Till everybody in the church
  735. that had any passion are asleep.
  736. See, if we do that, we're
    likely to make some mistakes.
  737. Some bad mistakes.
  738. You know what?
    You're going to.
  739. Get over that.
  740. People with passion do
    make mistakes.
  741. So what?
  742. They also walk on water.
  743. Fourth,
  744. You want to kill it?
  745. Just keep on laying a good soil
  746. for hyper-Calvinism.
  747. Oh, we would never admit to it.
  748. But, I'll tell you what,
  749. all you've got to do
    is look at Matthew 25.
  750. What is it?
  751. Faith working through love.
  752. I expressed to you out of Galatians 5.
  753. And you see it worked out in
    Matthew 25.
  754. You know what?
  755. There you have people who are
  756. giving themselves to the needs of others.
  757. Just be content in your church
  758. to have people be on time on Sundays,
  759. be on time on Wednesdays;
  760. get to where the prayer meetings
  761. are about Aunt Tilda's toe,
  762. and everything is about all of our
  763. physical needs and breakdowns
    and sicknesses and illness.
  764. Nobody ever prays for souls anymore.
  765. Just be content.
  766. Yeah, they're at church twice a week.
  767. They're faithful to do that.
  768. They're on time.
  769. They have their little
    daily devotional deal.
  770. Just be content with that.
  771. They never reach out.
  772. They never really touch sinners.
  773. They never do any of that.
  774. Be content with that.
  775. You may call it what you want.
  776. But there's practical
    hyper-Calvinism there.
  777. Just let that breed;
    let that live;
  778. be content with that.
  779. Never get in somebody's face and
  780. really expect them, encourage them,
  781. stir them up to faith, to good works,
  782. to zeal, to love.
  783. Just leave them alone.
  784. Tell them it's ok.
  785. I'm happy you're on time.
  786. That's good.
  787. I'm happy your life is all
  788. and you don't run around in
    the brothels anymore.
  789. Just be content with that.
  790. You've missed the heart.
  791. Get out there.
  792. Visit the widow.
    Visit the orphan.
  793. Do some things.
  794. Radically give.
  795. What is this?
  796. We've got too many
    today in the churches
  797. that are all about this
    legalistic tithing.
  798. You guys, we're one of the richest nations
  799. ever lived in the history of mankind.
  800. And you know what makes me sick?
  801. And I don't know if
    I've ever even seen this,
  802. but the thought of it is sick to me.
  803. That someone would even write out
  804. a check in an off dollar amount
  805. just to get the percentage right.
  806. What are you doing?
  807. Is your heart really for people?
  808. It is for zeal for God?
  809. What are you living your life for?
  810. To give the minimal amount?
  811. You guys have more than you
    know what to do with.
  812. You say, well, it's an
    economic hard time.
  813. Oh yeah, how many
    cars do you have?
  814. Look at your house.
  815. Look at what you're doing
    with your money.
  816. Look at your savings accounts.
  817. Look at the things
    you're saving up for.
  818. When Christ said not to lay up
  819. treasure on this earth.
  820. Just plant that good seed for
  821. Be content with it.
  822. We need to get in people's faces
  823. and say live the real thing!
  824. Live the heart of the matter.
  825. Go out and visit the widow.
  826. Live your life this way.
  827. Visit the stranger.
  828. Give yourself radically.
  829. If it's to stay
    here in this country,
  830. then work your life away,
  831. to give the most that you possibly can.
  832. Live not equal with your means,
  833. above your means,
  834. if you've got neck-deep
    in credit card debt,
  835. what are you doing?
  836. What are you living for?
  837. You're living for this world.
  838. Just allow that to go on
    unstopped, unchecked in the church.
  839. We'll all be dead.
  840. Hyper-Calvinism
  841. Let me tell you this.
  842. I'm aware,
  843. most of us are going to be at home.
  844. I think, ok, what is it to really
  845. pull through at home?
  846. Keep that missionary cause
    before our churches.
  847. Not just our own
    church, but others.
  848. Keep our people with
    some intensity.
  849. We want our people
    praying for the right things.
  850. Broken over souls.
  851. You know how it is.
  852. Brother Joe's got the sniffles.
  853. Wasn't able to be here tonight.
  854. Got to pray for him.
  855. I'm not out there in left field.
  856. Aunt Tilda's sore toe folks.
  857. Are we praying for the things
    that really matter?
  858. And praying with some intensity
  859. like they really matter to us?
  860. If we had any aliveness to us,
  861. it would just make us shout and scream.
  862. Are we fasting?
  863. You guys find it even
    within your lifestyle,
  864. even within your willingness
  865. to set aside times to fast?
  866. And give yourself to particular prayer
  867. towards the needs of
    those in other places?
  868. What is it that's going to fuel
  869. an atmosphere like this at home?
  870. I ask myself that.
  871. I look at who has sent missionaries forth
  872. and done it well.
  873. Who's been faithful on the home front
  874. all the way to the end?
  875. What men, what churches,
    stand out as having
  876. that sort of reputation?
  877. Because whoever they are,
    wherever they are,
  878. I want to see what it is that makes
    people like that tick.
  879. As I thought about this,
  880. it occurred to me that
  881. I don't know that there
    are any more famous -
  882. there may have been some
    that have done it better,
  883. but I don't know that there are
  884. any more famous rope holders.
  885. Men who stayed at home,
  886. serving the missionary cause,
  887. than those men who did support Carey.
  888. Now, let me tell you about these guys.
  889. You may know the names of some of these.
  890. Andrew Fuller.
  891. John Sutcliffe.
  892. Samuel Pierce.
  893. John Ryland, Jr.
  894. These are some of the guys.
  895. Let me tell you about these guys.
  896. They were a whole lot like us.
  897. They pastored little Baptist churches.
  898. It doesn't take a big
    church to be faithful.
  899. It doesn't take enormous
    resources to be faithful.
  900. I started thinking about these guys.
  901. They were faithful.
  902. Listen to Fuller's quote,
  903. "Our undertaking to India
  904. really appeared to me on its commencement,
  905. to be somewhat like a few men
  906. who were deliberating about the importance
  907. of penetrating into a deep mine,
  908. which had never before been explored.
  909. We had no one to guide us,
  910. and while we were thus deliberating,
  911. Carey, as it were, said,
  912. 'Well, I will go down,
    if you will hold the rope.'
  913. But before we went down,
  914. continued Fuller,
  915. he as it seemed to me
  916. took an oath from each of us
  917. at the mouth of the pit to this effect,
  918. that we, while we lived,
  919. should never let go of the rope.
  920. You understand me?
  921. There was great responsibility
  922. attached to us who began the business."
  923. And as one has said,
  924. whether we stay at home or
    whether we go,
  925. we should all have our hands burned
  926. by that rope.
  927. And folks, these men had the burn marks
  928. and the scars.
  929. I'm talking the guys
    that stayed at home.
  930. Not the Marshman's, not
    the Carey's, not the Ward's.
  931. I'm talking these guys: the Pierce,
  932. the Ryland, the Sutcliffe, the Fuller;
  933. the men that stayed at home.
  934. They had the burn marks on their hand.
  935. And I'm thinking, ok,
    what is it about these guys?
  936. I began to dig.
  937. I began to look through
    some of my books,
  938. and look on the
    Internet for some things.
  939. I discovered something very interesting.
  940. Before Carey went to India,
  941. listen to this,
  942. on Wednesday, April 27, 1791
  943. a special meeting was held
  944. by the ministers of the
    Northamptonshire Baptist Association.
  945. Hear this,
  946. in which both Sutcliffe and Fuller
  947. preached back-to-back.
  948. Now listen.
  949. 25 years later, the pastor of the church,
  950. there in Clipston, where
    the special meeting was held,
  951. he recalled the deep
    solemnity that covered the place
  952. and how the entire
    congregation was overwhelmed
  953. by what it had heard.
  954. Now listen to this.
  955. John Ryland - he wasn't one of the
    guys that preached,
  956. but he was one of the
    rope holders as well.
  957. Being there that day
  958. having listened to these
    two moving sermons,
  959. said that he and all with
    whom he talked afterwards
  960. felt a profound conviction
    of their great need for zeal.
  961. That's what they were impacted by.
  962. They realized that's what they needed.
  963. Zeal.
  964. And they were persuaded of the evil
  965. of negligence and procrastination.
  966. I read that. I began thinking to myself,
  967. ok, wait, I've got to
    find these two sermons.
  968. They met together
    back-to-back that day.
  969. I began to look.
    Is it even possible
  970. to find that message by Sutcliffe;
    that message by Fuller?
  971. I found out that that indeed is the only
  972. full surviving sermon
    of Sutcliffe available.
  973. I had it in the appendix
    of one of my books.
  974. I was able to find Fuller's sermon online.
  975. Let me tell you a little bit about these.
  976. Fuller's sermon is called,
  977. "The Pernicious Influence of Delay
    in Religious Concerns."
  978. Fuller took his text that day from
    Haggai 1:2.
  979. The Jews, you remember this,
  980. had returned from Babylonian exile
  981. and they refused to get to work
  982. on the rebuilding of the temple.
  983. The Lord accused His people of saying
  984. the time is not come.
  985. The time that the Lord's
    house should be built.
  986. And here's the thing.
  987. Fuller, seeing the
    procrastination of the Jews
  988. in delaying to rebuild the temple,
  989. thinking the time has not come,
  990. makes this point.
  991. Now hear this well.
  992. "To put off things to another time,
  993. like the task of missions,
  994. implies a lurking dislike
    to the things themselves.
  995. We do not ordinarily do so,
  996. except in things wherein
    we have no delight.
  997. Whatever our hearts are set upon,
  998. we're for losing no time
    till it is accomplished."
  999. Do you guys hear what he's saying?
  1000. You don't procrastinate
    about what you love.
  1001. You only put off and
    are slow to accomplish
  1002. the things you have no passion for.
  1003. You know why the guys didn't put off
  1004. getting to Christ?
  1005. When they had the palsied man?
  1006. Because there was a passion there.
  1007. We've got to get to Christ!
  1008. Then, there's Sutcliffe's sermon.
  1009. His was actually first.
  1010. I hold it to last here
  1011. because boy, he hit this thing
    on the mark.
  1012. Now remember, folks,
  1013. these are the guys who stayed faithful.
  1014. And they're aware of their need of zeal.
  1015. And they're aware that you don't
  1016. procrastinate about what you
  1017. have a zeal for.
  1018. Sutcliffe
  1019. His message was called,
  1020. "Jealousy for the Lord of Hosts."
  1021. As Sutcliffe closed out his sermon,
  1022. he sees each Christian as a light
  1023. in this world.
  1024. He sees each of these
    individual lights,
  1025. though somewhat small in themselves,
  1026. all put together collectively
  1027. and scattered in the missionary cause
  1028. around the world
  1029. so that like the sun,
  1030. they might endeavor to enlighten
  1031. the whole earth.
  1032. Let them be disbursed
  1033. so that the whole globe
    might be illuminated.
  1034. And then he says this
  1035. "Nothing. Nothing will prompt you
  1036. on in this way, so to act,
  1037. like the divine passion;
    the celestial fire
  1038. that burned in the bosom and
    blazed in the life of Elijah.
  1039. What love! What zeal!
  1040. What activity become you when
  1041. thus employed.
  1042. Animated with jealousy for the
    Lord God of Hosts,
  1043. you will be like the Son when
    He goeth forth in His strength,
  1044. or like an army terrible with banners.
  1045. Under the divine smile,
    Satan will fall before you
  1046. like lightning from heaven.
  1047. His power be broken.
  1048. His policy confounded.
  1049. While the empire of
    Jesus shall advance.
  1050. His Kingdom arise and
    the crown flourish upon His head."
  1051. Brethren, I'm telling you,
  1052. these men rose up out of the
  1053. dead hyper-Calvinism of their day
  1054. They sent men into the mine.
  1055. They held the rope
    and they knew,
  1056. nothing short of God-given desire,
  1057. heart, divine passion, celestial fire,
  1058. love, zeal, jealousy for
    the Lord God of Hosts.
  1059. That's it, brethren.
  1060. That's what I've been trying
    to say, to prove, to show.
  1061. May God help us.
  1062. Our time is short.
  1063. As I wanted to stress.
  1064. Look, where do you get this?
  1065. You've got to go up on the holy mountain.
  1066. That's where the fire comes from.
  1067. You've got to go there.
  1068. If you're going to be content
    to spend the rest of your life
  1069. in front of the television,
    and waste it away,
  1070. and chasing money,
  1071. it's not happening.
  1072. Look.
  1073. You want to get away from
    the hyper-Calvinism?
  1074. You don't say, well, what we
    really need here
  1075. is for God to move.
  1076. You know what we find
    through the Scriptures?
  1077. Through history?
  1078. It's like Tozer said.
  1079. God moved when and where
    His people moved.
  1080. Move!
  1081. That's what faith does.
  1082. Faith moves.
  1083. And it trusts, as I move,
  1084. the resources are coming.
  1085. I'm going to step out.
  1086. Brethren, I can tell you
    in these seven years,
  1087. the folks in our church can tell you,
  1088. how many times we
    haven't been able to see.
  1089. It's been black out there.
  1090. And we've felt like certainly
  1091. this is in line with the Great Commission.
  1092. Let's step.
  1093. We don't see where we're stepping.
  1094. We can't see anything.
  1095. And sometimes I've wondered.
  1096. And I've always thought,
  1097. Lord, if You let us fall on our face,
  1098. it's going to come back to You.
  1099. But every time, you know what?
  1100. Not once.
    Not once!
  1101. We have stepped out there.
  1102. He's held us up.
  1103. We've got to have these
    passions of Christ
  1104. etched upon us.
  1105. We've got to have faith.
  1106. We've got to take this step.
  1107. Don't wait.
  1108. If you folks here at Community realized,
  1109. yes, it's true.
  1110. There's been a slide off in a direction
  1111. we don't like.
  1112. We want to see something.
  1113. You can not live on the past.
  1114. You've got to live today.
  1115. You've got a responsibility today.
  1116. What are you going to do?
  1117. I'm going to sit here an wait
    until God does something.
  1118. Then you're going to wait a long time.
  1119. No, what you've got to do is
  1120. you've got to step out.
  1121. You say, ok, if you
    come to the place,
  1122. you say something's wrong.
  1123. Something's wrong in my own life.
  1124. Yes, there's a coldness.
  1125. Then go get on the holy mount.
  1126. And go there and keep going there.
  1127. And stay there.
  1128. And give yourself some time.
  1129. I heard Paul Washer say before
  1130. that you know he has churches
  1131. that come to him and they've got problems
  1132. or there's weaknesses or
    something's lacking,
  1133. and he tells them,
  1134. what you need to
    do is you need to
  1135. gather the whole
    church together
  1136. and you guys need
    to go to fasting
  1137. until God breaks through.
  1138. And he says they
    don't listen to him.
  1139. And then they wonder
    why it doesn't work out.
  1140. What's our lives taken up with?
  1141. We have a battle to fight here.
  1142. And the power we need.
  1143. This passion isn't something
    derived in ourselves.
  1144. It comes from the Spirit of God.
  1145. Till you have that image
  1146. etched upon us, we need that fire
    from the altar.
  1147. We need this coming together.
  1148. We've got a mission.
  1149. But we've got to have passion
  1150. to bring together with this thing.
  1151. They knew it.
  1152. 25 years later, they knew it.
  1153. After they heard these sermons.
  1154. We've got to have zeal.
  1155. And I'll tell you what,
  1156. they were faithful.
  1157. Sutcliffe was faithful to the end.
  1158. Fuller. He was faithful to the end.
  1159. These guys went the whole distance.
  1160. What are we doing?
  1161. Are we falling out of the ranks?
  1162. It's not time to fall out yet.
  1163. Our journey's not done.
  1164. For some of us, we're just
    at the beginning.
  1165. We don't know how much time we've left.
  1166. Eternity hastens.
  1167. Look, it's not how I say this.
  1168. It's not how our
    brother earlier says this.
  1169. You've got to have something
  1170. that only comes from God.
  1171. And unless you're
    determined to have it
  1172. at all costs,
  1173. or die trying to get it,
  1174. I'll tell you what,
  1175. there's got to be a resignation.
  1176. If you want to experience the
    manifest presence of Christ,
  1177. you want to experience that power,
  1178. you want to ungrieve
    the Spirit of God,
  1179. if that's what's happened;
  1180. there's got to be obedience,
  1181. there's got to be
    resignation in your life.
  1182. You've got to lay it all down.
  1183. You've got to lay it out
    there on the altar.
  1184. We heard Matt say last week,
  1185. what things did you give up early on
  1186. in your Christian life that now
  1187. you're kind of drifting back to.
  1188. What idols did you put away,
  1189. that now, you're just
    kind of comfortably
  1190. crawling in there with?
  1191. What are the things in your life
    that are eating up your time?
  1192. What are your excuses for not
  1193. spending the time that you
    ought to be spending?
  1194. You cannot just pray these little,
  1195. flippant prayers and read Psalm 117
  1196. and think, yeah, we're going to find
  1197. the fire that way.
  1198. We're going to do our little thing.
  1199. And then we're just going to
    get on with our life.
  1200. We're going to tag it on there.
  1201. It's going to be this nice little thing.
  1202. Somehow, it's all going
    to work out in the end.
  1203. Look.
  1204. I'm not satisfied with that.
  1205. I don't want to be in a
    church that's dead like that.
  1206. If our church dies,
    if that happens sometime,
  1207. I want to go.
  1208. Or have God kill me.
  1209. I don't want to be there.
  1210. I don't want to walk through this life
  1211. useless and burned out.
  1212. We want to be the bright and shining
  1213. and burning lights like John the Baptist.
  1214. I realize problems come.
  1215. Some of you may have
    fallen out of ranks
  1216. because life got too hard.
  1217. Let me tell you about Fuller.
  1218. He lost 8 of his 11 children,
  1219. and then his wife.
  1220. You think that's harder than
    what you've gone through?
  1221. And he stayed true to the end.
  1222. In fact, maybe that's what we need.
  1223. I don't want to call down suffering on us,
  1224. but maybe that is what we need.
  1225. Our lives have just been too soft,
  1226. too cushy.
  1227. We've had too much.
  1228. May God bring us whatever we need,
  1229. whether it's poverty,
    whether it's persecution.
  1230. Just to light us on fire.
  1231. Don't. Don't be content
  1232. to let the missionary fires move away.
  1233. Yes, let them go to China.
  1234. But don't let them depart here.
  1235. And even if good
    brethren come along
  1236. and say to you, I think it's all over.
  1237. I think we're done in this country.
  1238. Don't buy it.
  1239. Don't accept it.
  1240. If you're ok with that,
  1241. well then go into your monastery,
  1242. lay down in your nice, sterile
  1243. reformed environment,
  1244. and just let the world
    go on its way to hell.
  1245. But you're not going to be the
  1246. people that will be used.
  1247. It's going to be the ones that burn
  1248. with Christlikeness;
  1249. that take it off the altar of God
  1250. and go forth in obedience
  1251. to what we've been told to do.
  1252. We've got a responsibility.
  1253. If you're not going in the mine,
  1254. you've got a responsibility to hold it.
  1255. That commission is to the church.
  1256. It's to us.
  1257. And it's to the end of this age.
  1258. We cannot go to sleep.
  1259. We cannot slumber.
  1260. Brethren, God forbid
  1261. that we drop the baton.
  1262. Spurgeon's dead.
  1263. Carey's dead.
  1264. Sutcliffe, Fuller, Pierce, Ryland.
  1265. Folks, they're gone.
  1266. This is our day.
  1267. This is our generation.
  1268. May God help us to be faithful.
  1269. Amen.