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  1. The best part
    of Mumbai is the people.

  2. I've been here all my life,
    so I know a lot of people,
  3. all over the city.
  4. Anytime I go anywhere,
    I meet people
  5. whom I've known for years.
  6. I do love my cup of tea,
    and I like my newspaper.
  7. When I open a newspaper,
    it will always be the sports page.
  8. It's my time
    to relax.
  9. Once I finish my newspapers,
    I start for my office
  10. and just be prepared
    for a great day ahead.
  11. My name is Mahesh,
    and I am Chief Financial Officer
  12. for J.P.Morgan Chase
    in India.
  13. We are a cross border bank.
  14. We specialize in taking
    Indians to the world,
  15. and the world
    to India.
  16. Anything specific within Ujjain
    you want us to cover?
  17. I am not just a Chief Financial
    Officer managing finance,
  18. but I have other areas
    of responsibilities,
  19. which is Technology Operations
    and Human Resources as well.
  20. I think that someone like you can
    make an impactful presentation.
  21. The trickiest
    part of my job
  22. is that the world
    around is changing.
  23. All clients expect things to be
    better, faster, and cheaper.
  24. I have a team that
    consistently delivers.
  25. Always exceeding client
  26. We've got to scale it up
    even further because
  27. we're going to take it
    to other cities across the state.
  28. Sometimes people
    misunderstand banking
  29. as something very generic
    that any accountant
  30. would be able
    to understand.
  31. In banking, what you need
    to first understand is the products.
  32. And then you need to
    understand the client needs.
  33. We're pretty intensive engagement
    for the next couple of years.
  34. That might be good
    for us as well.
  35. And that is not
    built overnight.
  36. I joined the company
    27 years ago.
  37. When I look back, we were a handful
    of employees, like a startup.
  38. And we had ambitions
    to grow.
  39. At that time, I knew
    nothing about banking.
  40. As the client franchise
    grew, we were a rep office,
  41. and we expanded
    into full scale branch license.
  42. So at that time,
    I had to really understand
  43. the banking
  44. Then we acquired
    a securities company,
  45. Leaders Investment Bank.
  46. They also had an asset
    management firm.
  47. I had to learn
    those businesses.
  48. From purely being an accountant
    into a banking professional,
  49. that is what is exciting
    as a journey for me.
  50. Sometimes you feel that you are
    working with the same company,
  51. but everything around
    you has changed.
  52. The tools
    have changed.
  53. The technology
    has changed.
  54. The clients
    have changed.
  55. The demands
    have changed.
  56. And you, too,
    have changed, for better.
  57. And that's been
    a great satisfaction for me.