Ep.5 Ropes - Choosing a correct Rope, How many falls can it Hold? & Why Ropes Twist?

Ep.5 Ropes - Choosing a correct Rope, How many falls can it Hold? & Why Ropes Twist?

Detailed Class on Climbing Ropes. You will learn differences between Climbing Ropes. How to safely use and maintain a Climbing rope? How many falls it can hold? Also why Ropes twist & how to avoid that.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Rope Structure - What's inside a Climbing Rope?
01:48 Rope Types - Dynamic vs Static
04:07 Rope Types - Single Ropes
04:30 Rope Types - Half / Double Ropes
06:02 Rope Types - Twin Ropes
07:26 Rope Diameter - What's the Best?
09:30 Rope Length - Yes Ropes Shrink!
10:44 Middle Marker
11:30 Dry Treatment
13:28 UIAA Rating - How many falls can you do on a Climbing Rope?
16:30 Inspecting the Rope for Damage
18:33 How to Cut the ends of a Rope?
21:32 Recycle Old Ropes!
22:26 Bluesign - For everyone's well being
23:29 How to Prolong the Life of your Rope?
23:57 Rope bags - Forget about Rope Coiling
26:16 Cleaning the Rope - Why your New Rope is Dirty?
27:33 Lowering over the Sharp Edges
28:14 Rope vs Soft materials big NO!
28:47 Why do Ropes Twist? And how to Untwist them?

♻️ Mammut Rope Recycle Project
At this moment only in Switzerland.
Will update once I get more info.

� Bluesign https://www.bluesign.com
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�Recommended ropes:
For outdoors 80m 9.4mm - 9.8mm

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� Additional resources:

Sterling: What Does Fall Rating Really Mean?:

UIAA falls:

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