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← Are You Satisfied With What Jesus Christ Has Done? - Geoff Thomas

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  1. You've heard of the glorious achievements
  2. of the Son of God
  3. that He's purged our sins.
  4. I've told you that God
  5. is absolutely satisfied with that.
  6. Are you satisfied with what
    Jesus Christ has done?
  7. Are you absolutely satisfied
  8. with what Jesus Christ has done?
  9. Are you completely satisfied
  10. with what Jesus Christ has done?
  11. Are you sitting?
  12. And looking at Him?
  13. And when you feel your sin and your guilt
  14. you look to Him and you say:
  15. He took it away.
  16. All my past sins are forgiven sins
  17. because of what Jesus Christ has done.
  18. And when Satan comes and reminds you
  19. of how you hurt people you love,
  20. people who love you,
  21. who were dependent on you,
  22. and how terrible you treated them,
  23. you say, "but Christ dealt with that sin,
  24. that guilt, that shame."
  25. When you fall for the thousandth time
  26. into sins of imagination and thought
  27. and omission,
  28. He dealt with that sin.
  29. He took it in His own body on the cross.
  30. Christ by Himself purged our sins.
  31. Do you believe that?
  32. Does everyone in this
    congregation believe that?
  33. Everyone who believes
    in it is a Christian.
  34. Not great Christians.
  35. I'm not interested in great Christians.
  36. I'm interested in mere believers.
  37. Mere lookers at this Jesus.
  38. It is settled once and for all.
  39. You've left it all with Jesus long ago.
  40. When a man is drowning,
  41. and the life guard swims out to him,
  42. the life guard doesn't speak to him
  43. and say to him,
  44. "Now there's the shore.
  45. That's the direction.
  46. That's where you've got to swim to."
  47. He doesn't tell him that, does he?
  48. He says, "Don't move now.
  49. Don't move.
  50. Don't stop me from saving you."
  51. And he puts his arm around him
  52. and he holds him
  53. and he powerfully swims
  54. and he saves the man.
  55. Please don't stop the Lord Jesus Christ
  56. from saving you this morning
  57. by thinking you've got to do something;
  58. you've got to add to what He's done.
  59. You just look at Him. Look at Him.
  60. I want you to sit.
  61. I don't want you to bat an eyelid.
  62. I don't want you to breathe.
  63. I want you to purge the word "do"
  64. from your mind.
  65. I never want you to think about doing.
  66. This has to be settled first.
  67. Till to Jesus' work you cling,
  68. by a simple faith,
  69. doing is a deadly thing,
  70. doing ends in death.
  71. Sit.
  72. And consider what Christ did
  73. and where He is now.
  74. Be absolutely satisfied with that.
  75. Let your conscience be satisfied with it.
  76. Let your intellect be satisfied with it.
  77. Let your mind, let your past be satisfied
  78. with what Jesus Christ has done.
  79. If God is satisfied with it,
  80. then Texas sinners can
    be satisfied with it.
  81. Don't move a muscle.
  82. Settle on this.
  83. I the chief of sinners am,
  84. but Jesus died for me.
  85. This except was taken
    from the full sermon:
  86. "The Greatness of Jesus Christ:
    His Work (Part 2)"