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Metadata: Geo subtitles

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Metadata:Geo subtitles are used to propose editing this video to make it more accurately reflect what Amara is now.

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Showing Revision 2 created 02/03/2014 by Claude Almansi.

  1. Cut: We started Universal Subtitles because
    or rerecord as: "We started Universal Subtitles (now Amara) because
  2. We believe every video on the Web should be subtitle-able.
  3. Millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers
  4. require subtitles to access video.
  5. Videomakers and websites should really care about this stuff too.
  6. Subtitles give them access to a wider audience
  7. and they also get better search rankings.
  8. Cut from here or rerecord as: Amara makes it incredibly easy
  9. to add subtitles to almost any video.
  10. Then cut the rest of the video.