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← Drugs, Wanderlust and Our Innate Desire To Explore

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  1. there's an amazing book called drugs and
    travel in 20th-century literature

  2. which makes the case that drugs and
    travel or so
  3. discursively entangle so discursively
    intimate then we used the seen of
  4. metaphors and analogies to describe the
    subjective experiences of each.
  5. I mean even the term, hallucination derives from the Latin term, allucinatic, which means to wandering our minds
  6. so when we are hallucinating we are traveling in
    our heads. Right? Why travel?
  7. Well, the heroes journey, right? This map that
    describes a departure from the ordinary
  8. leaving normal thoughts behind
  9. treading forth in the new environment dealing with
    conflicts real ones or cognitive ones
  10. slaying the dragon, solving the conundrum the
    existential itch,
  11. then making a return with new lesson learned
  12. wandering in our minds and taking the
    physical journey both incorporate this
  13. motif of transformation,
    an unfolding that happens in time
  14. we cross over an implicit in the term
    ecstatic drug experience is this notion
  15. of ecstasy, non static, right?
  16. Pushing through the crossing over the breaking
    the threshold the piercing the viel
  17. The curtain parts and had never
    been seen is devoured by the eyes
  18. we take a trip we call it tripping
  19. you see the analogous, you see the
    parrallel . These too discursively intimate
  20. universes reveal to us, the outer journey and the inner
    journey mirror each other.
  21. In fact they're one and the same
  22. and I loved that, right I loved that because I
    have the travelers itch I have the wanderlust
  23. I yearn for the holy other, I I look at the departure monitors
  24. in the airports listing all those
    destinations. As Alian De Botton sites in his book
  25. "The Art of Travel" we look upon those screens
    and we think to ourselves: London,
  26. Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Mozambique South Africa
    whatever it maybe it's anywhere else but here
  27. we long to crossover we long to
  28. to take the trip the tak the journey