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  1. Not Synced
    Ok I guess it's time to start
  2. Not Synced
    Good morning
  3. Not Synced
    Welcome to the [???] of the mini debconf
  4. Not Synced
    I'm not going to say much about the city
    except that the public ferries are awesome
  5. Not Synced
    They are just [???] if you take the bus
    ticket or something you can use the ferry
  6. Not Synced
    It's a nice way to see the harbor
  7. Not Synced
    Feel free to ask me about Hamburg
  8. Not Synced
    This is a bit complicated place
    I will briefly explain the different
  9. Not Synced
    things we have here
  10. Not Synced
    So Fux is a cooperative of artists,
    freelancers, hairdressers, the CCCHH,
  11. Not Synced
    sauna, whatever, many different projects
  12. Not Synced
    The building has been abandoned for 20
    years until it was put into use again
  13. Not Synced
    8 years ago and since 4 years this
    cooperative is here and since 1 or 2
  14. Not Synced
    years this [???] have started so it's a
    miss messy all
  15. Not Synced
    And there also some [???] vandalism in the
    house specially in the night when there is
  16. Not Synced
    parties, so don't leave values around, lock
    your things, this room is locked in the night
  17. Not Synced
    Be careful !
  18. Not Synced
    This is the whole building from above
  19. Not Synced
    I will use this in a moment
    to show where we are
  20. Not Synced
    We are here now in Dock Europe
  21. Not Synced
    which is a place to have workshops and
    other events
  22. Not Synced
    this room is the main hacklab or the main
  23. Not Synced
    There a small hacklab on the other side of
    the corridor and another hacklab if you go
  24. Not Synced
    down the corridor all the way to the end
    over the staircase there's another hacklab
  25. Not Synced
    And there's also beds for some people who
    can sleep here
  26. Not Synced
    If you look at this , I'm not sure if it's
    visible, this is the entrance to the
  27. Not Synced
    Dock Europe which you all found cause
    you are here
  28. Not Synced
    Then we have the cantina downstairs
    in the ground floor
  29. Not Synced
    [???] normally then only have lunch and
    brunch on sunday and the bar maybe
  30. Not Synced
    you've seen yesterday takes place once
    a month
  31. Not Synced
    Cantina has two entrances downstairs
    and is groundfloor as I said
  32. Not Synced
    For us there are always coffee and tea
    all day, there's lunch and dinner times
  33. Not Synced
    which we agreed on, which are meant
    not to cause [???] other users of the
  34. Not Synced
    cantina and our times are