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← The Greatness of Jesus Christ: His Work (Part 2) - Geoff Thomas

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  1. Well, it's a great privilege
    for me to be with you
  2. and to have these
    opportunities to speak to you,
  3. and have happy conversations
  4. with so many of you.
  5. I've enjoyed my five
    weeks now in the U.S.A.
  6. I have written faithfully
    back to my family
  7. and told them all about every day.
  8. And tonight you will be on record
  9. and read about in London and in Wales.
  10. I want to speak to you at this hour
  11. about the work of Jesus Christ,
  12. and I want to draw your attention
  13. to Hebrews 1:3.
  14. "When He had by Himself purged our sins,
  15. He sat down at the right hand
  16. of the Majesty on high."
  17. Hebrews 1:3
  18. That's the King James Version.
  19. "When He had by Himself purged our sins,
  20. He sat down at the right hand
  21. of the Majesty on high."
  22. Well, you realize who this is then.

  23. I've spoken to you about that.
  24. He's the One through
    whom God speaks to us.
  25. "God has spoken through the prophets,
  26. but now in these last days,
  27. He speaks to us by His Son."
  28. He speaks to you by creation.
  29. The heavens declare His glory.
  30. The firmament shows His handiwork.
  31. Day and night there's speech coming,
  32. and it's saying,
  33. what a great and mighty
    God made this world.
  34. It didn't come about
    by chance or accident.
  35. It isn't just by luck -
  36. atoms join together and spontaneously
  37. out of nothing, something came.
  38. Nothing comes from nothing.
  39. But God made it.
  40. And God speaks to us in it.
  41. And God speaks to us through conscience -
  42. the great monitor that God has put
  43. in our hearts and minds
  44. that rebukes us when we do what's wrong
  45. and commend us when we do what's right.
  46. That's the voice of God.
  47. It has said to you:
  48. "You know you can't go
    on in unbelief like this.
  49. You ought to go and find a place
  50. which worships Me, the living God."
  51. And God has now spoken by His Son.

  52. Wonderful words.
  53. "When He was set, His
    disciples came unto Him,
  54. and He opened His mouth and He taught them
  55. saying, 'Blessed are the poor in spirit.
  56. Theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.
  57. Blessed are they that mourn;
    they shall be comforted.
  58. Blessed are the meek;
    they shall inhabit the earth.
  59. Blessed are they that hunger
    and thirst after righteousness,
  60. they shall be filled.
  61. Blessed are the pure in heart,
  62. for they shall see God.
  63. Blessed are the peacemakers;
  64. they shall be called the children of God.
  65. Blessed are you when men revile you
  66. and persecute you and
    say all manner of evil
  67. against you for my sake.
  68. Rejoice, be exceeingly glad.
  69. They treated the prophets
    like this before you.'"
  70. William Shakespeare never said anything
  71. as wonderful as those words.
  72. But He did.
  73. He spoke and He prayed
  74. and we have a record of His prayers.
  75. And He taught us how to pray like Him.
  76. He's the God who made the universe then.

  77. We are fascinated with origins.
  78. We say that this One who was once tired
  79. and sat on the edge of a well in Sychar
  80. in Samaria,
  81. and asked a woman for a drink of water,
  82. He made the Gulf of Mexico.
  83. He made Texas.
  84. He made North and South America.
  85. He made the world.
  86. He was crucified.
  87. He made the forests whence
    there sprung the tree
  88. on which He hung.
  89. He died upon a cross of wood,
  90. yet made the hill on which it stood.
  91. The vastness of space.
  92. There's nothing in it that's contrary to
  93. the power and glory of Christ.
  94. He's relevant to the outdoors.
  95. God put the first Adam in a garden,
  96. and He put the last Adam in the indoors
  97. in a carpenter shop.
  98. He's the brightness of God's glory.
  99. The most Godlike thing that God ever did
  100. was to send His Son to the cross.
  101. And when He hung there, He prayed,
  102. "Father, forgive them.
  103. They know not what they do."
  104. There's the glory of God.
  105. This is the one, then,
    this verse is talking about.

  106. Then it tells us what He did.
  107. "He purged our sins."
  108. He came into the closest contact
  109. with these people whose forefathers
  110. God had chosen and set apart.
  111. He lived among them.
  112. He came and pitched His tent
  113. in the valley of the shadow of darkness.
  114. He came where men crucify other men.
  115. He came where they throw
    a young woman at His feet
  116. and are going to throw jagged boulders
  117. into her face and ribs.
  118. And He was there.
  119. He came where the blasphemy,
  120. where the gambling is
  121. as they gamble for
    condemned men's clothes.
  122. He came. He came there.
  123. And He saw their sins.
  124. And sins defile us.
  125. Sins make us dirty.
  126. And we need more than a little washing;
  127. more than a little sprinkling.
  128. We need purging.
  129. I'd walk to church with my mother

  130. on a Sunday night.
  131. She'd notice I had tomato soup stains
  132. around my mouth.
  133. She'd say, "Spit on this hanky."
  134. And then she'd scrub my face
  135. so that I'd look presentable -
  136. worthy to sit next to her.
  137. We need more than a little spittle
  138. to wash away our stains.
  139. They stain our hearts.
  140. Our inmost being -
  141. the dispositional complex,
  142. out of which are all
    the issues of our life.
  143. There's dirt there.
    There's defilement there.
  144. A man knocked on the door of my house,

  145. and I went to answer.
  146. I didn't recognize him.
  147. He said, "I wonder, could you baptize me?"
  148. So, he came in and I spoke to him.
  149. He'd lived with a woman in Canada,
  150. and she got pregnant.
  151. And she'd had an abortion.
  152. And he felt defiled.
  153. And he thought this defilement, this dirt,
  154. of what I've done needs to be washed away.
  155. I said to him,
  156. "baptism is an outward sign
  157. of an inward change -
  158. that God washes our hearts.
  159. And you must come and
    listen to the gospel now."
  160. And he started to attend church.
  161. Because sins have made
    us dark and defiled -
  162. spotted like the leper.
  163. And we need to be washed.
  164. And He's come. God has sent His Son

  165. into the darkness.
  166. He sent Him where sinners are in need.
  167. And He's done something for our sins.
  168. He says, you see, that's the phrase
  169. the apostle uses
  170. talking to these Jewish Christians.
  171. "Ours..." - "Mine too" he says.
  172. Mine need to be washed too.
  173. He stands in solidarity with them.
  174. In acknowledgement with them
  175. that he too is a sinner
  176. and needs to be cleansed.
  177. He's not writing this
    letter to the Sanhedrin.
  178. He's not writing this letter
    to Caiaphas and Annas
  179. or to Pilate or to Herod.
  180. He's writing to a certain constituency
  181. when he says "our sins."
  182. He's writing to Jews who have seen
  183. the Man on the cross is the Messiah.
  184. And He died there as the Lamb of God
  185. that all the types and offerings
  186. were pointing forward to the coming
  187. into this world of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  188. The God who had spoken
    through Isaiah and Elijah
  189. and was now speaking to them
  190. by His own Son.
  191. So this letter is written
    to these people -
  192. a certain constituency, a definite,
  193. a particular constituency.
  194. It's not a promiscuous letter.
  195. It's not a letter to everybody.
  196. It's a letter to these people.
  197. To a church.
  198. When he writes to the Corinthians,
  199. he says, "Christ died for our sins."
  200. When he writes to the Ephesians,
  201. he says, "Christ loved the church
  202. and gave Himself for the church."
  203. When he writes to the Galatians,
  204. he's very personal: "He loved me,
  205. and He gave Himself for me," he says.
  206. It's always so definite.
  207. Not for those who died in Noah's flood,
  208. but for our sins.
  209. Our sins have a total answer
  210. and that is found in the death
    of Jesus Christ on the cross.
  211. He purged our sins.
  212. He made an effective purgation of them.
  213. He removed every spot, every stain,
  214. every wrinkle, every such thing.
  215. It's taken away.
  216. You see the consequences of this then,

  217. that my sins as if they never were.
  218. It's magnificent.
  219. It's an incredible concept.
  220. They do not control
  221. my relationship with God this morning.
  222. They do not modify how it is
  223. between me and God.
  224. It is as if they weren't there.
  225. There is no defilement.
  226. It's all been removed.
  227. He's taken our past sin.
  228. He's taken our present sin.
  229. He's taken our future sin.
  230. And He's put it away.
  231. He's provided purification for it.
  232. And we are whiter than snow.
  233. I'm not sure that my
    conscience can believe it.
  234. I am not sure that there isn't in me
  235. and in some of you an egotism
  236. that wants to cling in some self-pity
  237. to some remnants of our sin,
  238. of our guilt,
  239. so that we can feel sorry for ourselves.
  240. If only I can let this truth
  241. be the whole truth
  242. about the way things are
  243. between me and God this morning,
  244. there's no barrier whatsoever,
  245. there is no impediment whatsoever,
  246. it is all forgiven.
  247. It is all forgotten.
  248. It's all blotted out.
  249. It may even be that sometimes

  250. you use this very belief
  251. that one day I've got to go to purgatory.
  252. And one day, I've got to pay for my sins.
  253. And that leads to a
    little less commitment,
  254. a little less resistance to sin.
  255. A little less discipleship;
    a little less purity,
  256. because, well, I've got to
    pay for them anyway.
  257. Let me enjoy them,
    because I'll pay for them.
  258. I'm prepared to pay for them.
  259. So, let me take that illicit weekend
  260. with that woman.
  261. Let me lace my speech with blasphemies
  262. and foul language.
  263. Let me take another drink,
  264. another drink, another drink.
  265. Because I've got to pay for
    my drunkenness anyway.
  266. I've got to go to purgatory.
  267. I am saying they are all forgiven.

  268. I am saying He's purged them all.
  269. He's dealt with every molecule
  270. of our guilt and shame.
  271. Not one rogue molecule remains
  272. that I have to purge myself.
  273. Every spot imputed to Him.
  274. There is absolutely nothing left.
  275. Do you believe it?
  276. The single determinant
  277. of your relationship with God this morning
  278. is what happened on that cross.
  279. Nothing else matters.
  280. Nothing else is relevant.
  281. There are only two factors
  282. in that equation:
  283. What Christ did
  284. and how God responded.
  285. And the way you feel,
  286. and the way you struggle,
  287. and what you achieve and how you fail -
  288. that is irrelevant.
  289. The one thing relevant
  290. is what the Lamb of God did on the cross.
  291. And I don't for a moment believe
  292. that the heart that knows that
  293. will take advantage of it and go from it
  294. to live a life without law,
  295. because that cross, that grace,
  296. won't let you.
  297. I believe on the contrary
  298. that a bad conscience
  299. and a feeling that, well, I've
    got to pay for it anyway,
  300. and God has something against me -
  301. that serves as an unconscious grudge
  302. against God that somehow justifies me
  303. acting badly; being less perfect.
  304. Permits a relapse here
  305. and a shortcoming there.
  306. And I want you to know in the depth
  307. of your own being
  308. that Jesus Christ made
    a good and decent job
  309. of the work that God gave Him to do.
  310. That He made a real purging for sin.
  311. He's the brightness of God's glory.
  312. He's God the Son. He's Jehovah Jesus.
  313. He's the infinite, eternal One
  314. who's taken human nature.
  315. And He focused at the climax of His life
  316. on Jerusalem and the
    task that lay before Him.
  317. He was walking with destiny to Golgotha,
  318. there to deal with sin -
  319. the way it dirties us and defiles us
  320. and corrupts us.
  321. And God hates it.
  322. The way it's created a gulf,
  323. an alienation between ourselves and God.
  324. He comes.
  325. He comes who raises the dead.
  326. He comes who speaks
  327. and the winds and the waves obey Him.
  328. He comes.
  329. Jehovah Jesus.
  330. There's one more thing He has to do
  331. before He can say, "It is finished."
  332. He must purge our sins.
  333. He must take the defilement that comes -
  334. every lapse;
  335. every sin of omission.
  336. He comes.
  337. The guilt of every failure -
  338. He must take them
  339. into the judgment of the lake of fire.
  340. He must take them
  341. into the bottomless pit.
  342. There to fall and fall and fall
  343. further and further from us.
  344. For all eternity.
  345. A vaster and vaster separation
    of us and our sin.
  346. And it leaves us de-sinned.
  347. It leaves us guiltless.
  348. As sinless as God is sinless.
  349. As holy as the angels are holy.
  350. Look, there is flowing a crimson tide.
  351. Whiter than snow you may be today.
  352. So you see the consequences
  353. of what He has done.
  354. That the dying of Jesus is purgatory.
  355. Golgotha is the only purgatory
  356. in this world or in the world to come.
  357. There's no need of another purging.
  358. There's nothing left to purge.
  359. And there is no force, there is no power
  360. except the death of Christ
  361. that can deal with our sin.
  362. And then when we see Him,
  363. we shall be like Him.
  364. He will present us faultless
    before Him in that day.
  365. No fault.
  366. Because all our sin has been dealt with.
  367. Christ didn't do half a job on Calvary.
  368. He didn't do 90% of a job on Calvary.
  369. Jesus paid it all.
  370. All to Him I owe.
  371. Sin had left a fearful stain.
  372. He washed it white as snow.
  373. He purged our sin.
  374. And then you see,

  375. He did it by Himself we're told.
  376. "When He had by
    Himself purged our sins..."
  377. What was He doing?
  378. Well, He was offering Himself
  379. without spot to God.
  380. He wasn't offering His body;
  381. He wasn't offering His obedience only;
  382. He wasn't offering His sufferings only;
  383. He wasn't offering His blood only;
  384. He wasn't offering His human nature only.
  385. He was offering Himself.
  386. The God-man was offering to God
  387. the sacrificial obedience of
    the holy Lamb of God.
  388. He was offering Himself to God.
  389. He was the ransom price paid.
  390. And we are free.
  391. He was the propitiation.
  392. The appeasement of the holy wrath of God
  393. against all that contradicts what God is.
  394. All that is cruel and tawdry
  395. and mean and nasty.
  396. And He dealt with that
  397. and God's anger towards it.
  398. He's the great satisfaction
  399. rendered to God.
  400. He's the price of our liberation.
  401. There is nothing left undone
  402. that any of you or me have to do.
  403. He made a purging for us.
  404. And He did it not by enabling you
  405. to do something.
  406. He did it not by inspiring you to choose.
  407. He did it not by encouraging
    you to repentance.
  408. He did it not by challenging you
  409. to discipleship.
  410. Not by exhorting you to faith.
  411. Not by commanding you to live a holy life;
  412. by pleading with you to have compassion
  413. on your fellow men.
  414. Because if my standing before God
  415. depends on any of those things,
  416. then I'm a lost man;
  417. if it depends on my repentance
  418. and my faith and my obedience
  419. and my holy living.
  420. I have no hope.
  421. He did something absolutely by Himself.
  422. And it was absolutely sufficient
  423. for all that the Father had given to Him.
  424. He purged away every speck
  425. of their sin and guilt.
  426. And He did it alone.
  427. After His temptations,
  428. angels came and ministered to Him.
  429. After His baptism, the voice of God came
  430. and spoke to Him.
  431. After His transfiguration,
  432. Moses and Elijah came and talked with Him.
  433. But on the cross, He was there by Himself.

  434. He was there alone.
  435. No friend there.
  436. Nobody catching His eye and saying,
  437. in a glance,
  438. "I love You and I know
    why You're doing this."
  439. No disciples.
  440. No family.
  441. They all forsook Him and fled.
  442. You were no good, were you?
  443. You weren't there.
  444. What contribution did you
    make on Golgotha to Jesus?
  445. Your guilt and shame.
  446. Nothing more than that.
  447. He by Himself purged that guilt and shame.
  448. So what could be more glorious?
  449. What could be more liberating than that?
  450. That there was a real and a total;
  451. a comprehensive,
  452. an infinite purging of sin?
  453. Which He accomplished.
  454. He did it by Himself.
  455. And then we are told that He sat down

  456. at the right hand
  457. of the Majesty on high.
  458. We know where Jesus is today.
  459. He is at the right hand of God
  460. and He is present here.
  461. He's sitting next to you.
  462. He's nudging you.
  463. He is bearing testimony
    that what I say is true.
  464. He's giving you this opportunity
  465. to start having dealings with God the Son.
  466. He is here and He's there.
  467. And there He sits at
    the right hand of God.
  468. He's a sitting Savior.
  469. It means that He's finished the work.
  470. Your husband comes home from work

  471. and you say, "Supper's almost ready."
  472. And he sits down. He picks up the paper.
  473. He's sitting after the work
    is over for the day.
  474. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God.
  475. Like God in Genesis 1 looked at creation.
  476. The firmament and the seas,
  477. and the light and the darkness,
  478. and the sun and the moon and the stars,
  479. and the birds and the animals and man
  480. and God said, "It's good."
  481. He looked at all creation.
  482. He said, "It's very good."
  483. So, today, God is looking
  484. at what Jesus Christ did -
  485. the work of redemption -
  486. "Very good," He says.
  487. "Sit at My right hand."
  488. "Very good," God says.
  489. So, I'm saying at this moment

  490. God the Father and God the Son
  491. and God the Holy Spirit look back
  492. at the whole travail of redeeming grace
  493. and the death of Christ -
    its great climax.
  494. All the pain and the blood
  495. the obedience,
  496. and they are completely satisfied.
  497. There's nothing more glorious
  498. in heaven or earth today than that.
  499. That Jesus Christ is completely pleased
  500. with His own work.
  501. He looks at it and He says,
  502. "Very good."
  503. And He sits down.
  504. And He rests.
  505. He sees the travail of His soul
  506. and He is satisfied.
  507. And God the Father looks at the obedience
  508. of His Son. He is satisfied.
  509. The Holy Spirit looks
  510. at what Christ has done
  511. and the Holy Spirit is satisfied.
  512. The angels can't believe their eyes.
  513. And all are filled with
    wonder, love, and praise.
  514. God is filled with love and praise.
  515. And the terrible thing is that everybody

  516. is satisfied with it except you.
  517. And you won't come.
  518. Just as you are to Him
  519. just as He is - seated at
    the right hand of God.
  520. You won't come.
  521. Alone.
  522. Naked.
  523. Nothing in my hands I bring.
  524. You feel, well, I've got to make
  525. a little contribution myself.
  526. A little bit of Christian experience.
  527. I've learned a few marks of grace.
  528. A little growth; a little progress;
  529. a little courage in testimony;
  530. a little persecution in the office;
  531. a little laughter from some of your mates;
  532. a little pain in providence -
  533. you won't come alone.
  534. You won't come exposed.
  535. You won't sit down
  536. and survey Christ.
  537. You won't rest in the work of Jesus.
  538. Now, that's what God the Son did.

  539. He said, "It is finished."
  540. He was buried. He rose. He ascended.
  541. And He sits at the right hand of God.
  542. The Father is thrilled.
  543. And the Spirit is delighted.
  544. And all the angels glory in it.
  545. And the spirits of just men made perfect -
  546. any achievements, they
    take the achievements
  547. and they throw them at His feet.
  548. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
  549. to receive power and riches
  550. and wisdom and strength
  551. and honor and glory
  552. and blessing, they say.
  553. That's all the say because they know
  554. that Christ has made a complete purging.
  555. There's nothing in the world
  556. more glorious than this.
  557. That's why the Bible
    is a magnificent group.
  558. That's why we all have a Bible,
  559. and that's why the climax of our worship
  560. is to open the book and find the place
  561. and preach the Word.
  562. After we've sung to God,
  563. He speaks to us in His Word.
  564. And that's what you want.

  565. I want to find a church
  566. which will tell me about Jesus
  567. and what He's done.
  568. That's what I want.
  569. I don't want men dressed
    up in religious costumes.
  570. I don't want that.
  571. I don't want a lot of entertainment
  572. and humor and laughter.
  573. I don't want that.
  574. Give me Christ or else I die!
  575. Do you live by the words that proceed
  576. from the mouth of God?
  577. If you are a Bible Christian this morning,
  578. you sit before the cross of Christ;
  579. before what Jesus
    did in purging your sins.
  580. What do I want you to do?

  581. What have I come from Wales here
  582. to ask you to do?
  583. I want you to do nothing.
  584. I want you to do absolutely nothing.
  585. I don't want you to get out of your seats.
  586. I don't want you to come to the front.
  587. Of course, if Jesus was here in the front,
  588. I'd say come and meet Jesus.
  589. But the word is nigh you.
  590. It's in your mouth. It's in your hearing.
  591. It's in your heart.
    It's in your understanding.
  592. It's in your conscience.
  593. The word of faith that we preach to you,
  594. it's there.
  595. You don't need to come
    to the front for that.
  596. I don't want you to be baptized.
  597. I don't want you to join the church.
  598. I don't want you to make any resolutions
  599. that from now one it's
    going to be different,
  600. and you're going to be religious man
  601. and you're going to be in church
  602. every Sunday.
  603. I don't want you to think
  604. of what you're going to do in your future.
  605. I want you to sit.
  606. I want you to be absolutely still.
  607. I don't want you to move.
  608. I don't want you to plan.
  609. I don't want you to decide.
  610. I want you to look away from all of that
  611. to look -
  612. the head that once was crowned with thorns
  613. is crowned with glory.
  614. See Him at the right hand of God.
  615. The Jesus of the Bible.
  616. The Jesus who's with us now alive
  617. who reigns in glory.
  618. When the children of Israel were sinners

  619. and were whinging and complaining
  620. in the wilderness,
  621. and God finally, as
    reluctantly as any father,
  622. chastens His children.
  623. He sent burning fiery serpents
  624. into that wilderness and they bit them.
  625. They were hiding in their tents
  626. and in the piles of wood
    they were gathering
  627. and they were bit.
  628. And oh, they were in anguish
  629. and they repented. They knew why.
  630. They knew why He didn't deliver them
  631. and they cried for mercy.
  632. You remember what God told Moses?
  633. To set up a great pole
  634. and on the top, cast a brass serpent
  635. that glittered in the sun.
  636. And then what did He
    tell the people to do?
  637. Did He tell them they had to
    walk on their knees up to it
  638. and walk around it seven times
  639. and kiss the pole?
  640. No.
  641. "Look," He said.
  642. Set your eyes on that serpent.
  643. Look. Look at it. Look and live.
  644. My brother, live.
  645. Look to Jesus Christ and live.
  646. As Moses lifted up the
    serpent in the wilderness,
  647. so the Son of Man was lifted up
  648. that all who look, all who believe in Him,
  649. all whose trust is focused in Him
  650. should not perish,
  651. but have everlasting life.
  652. You've heard this morning
    what Jesus has done.

  653. He's done it all by Himself.
  654. You've heard of the glorious achievements
  655. of the Son of God.
  656. That He's purged our sins.
  657. I've told you that God is
    absolutely satisfied with that.
  658. Are you satisfied with what
    Jesus Christ has done?
  659. Are you absolutely satisfied
  660. with what Jesus Christ has done?
  661. Are you completely satisfied
  662. with what Jesus Christ has done?
  663. Are you sitting and looking at Him?
  664. And when you feel your sin and your guilt,
  665. you look to Him and you say,
  666. He took it away.
  667. All my past sins are forgiven sins
  668. because of what Jesus Christ has done.
  669. And when Satan comes and reminds you
  670. of how you hurt people you love
  671. and people who love you,
  672. who were dependent on you,
  673. how terribly you treated them,
  674. you say: but Christ dealt with that sin,
  675. that guilt, that shame.
  676. When you fall for the thousandth time
  677. into sins of imagination and thought
  678. and omission,
  679. He dealt with that sin.
  680. He took it in His own body on the cross.
  681. Christ by Himself purged our sins.
  682. Now, do you believe that?

  683. Does everyone in this
    congregation believe that?
  684. Everyone who believes
    in it is a Christian.
  685. Not great Christians.
  686. I'm not interested in great Christians.
  687. I'm interested in mere believers.
  688. Mere lookers at this Jesus.
  689. It is settled once and for all.
  690. You've left it all with Jesus long ago.
  691. When a man is drowning,
  692. and the life guard swims out to him,
  693. the lift guard doesn't speak to him
  694. and say to him,
  695. "Now, there's the shore.
  696. That's the direction.
  697. That's where you've got to swim to."
  698. He doesn't tell him that, does he?
  699. He says, "Don't move now. Don't move.
  700. Don't stop me from saving you."
  701. And he puts his arm around
    him and he holds him
  702. and he powerfully swims
  703. and he saves the man.
  704. Please, don't stop the Lord Jesus Christ
  705. from saving you this morning
  706. by thinking you've got to do something;
  707. that you've got to add to what He's done.
  708. You just look at Him.
  709. Look at Him.
  710. I want you to sit.
  711. I don't want you to bat an eyelid.
  712. I don't want you to breathe.
  713. I want you to purge the
    word "do" from your mind.
  714. I never want you to think about doing.
  715. This has to be settled first.
  716. Till to Jesus' work you cling,
  717. by a simple faith,
  718. doing is a deadly thing.
  719. Doing ends in death.
  720. Sit and consider what Christ did
  721. and where He is now.
  722. Be absolutely satisfied with that.
  723. Let your conscience be satisfied with it.
  724. Let your intellect be satisfied with it.
  725. Let your mind;
  726. let your past be satisfied
  727. with what Jesus Christ has done.
  728. If God is satisfied with it,
  729. then Texas sinners can
    be satisfied with it.
  730. Don't move a muscle.
  731. Settle on this.
  732. I the chief of sinners am,
  733. but Jesus died for me.
  734. And when God gives you a chance to speak,

  735. all you can say is,
  736. "I wish it wasn't me."
  737. And when He gives me a chance to speak,
  738. I will say, "Mercy. Mercy."
  739. Mercy, mercy...
  740. The world is full of religions.
  741. And all those religions say, "Do this."
  742. "Give your money."
  743. "Say these prayers five times a day."
  744. "Meditate."
  745. "Keep a month in which you don't eat
  746. during daylight hours."
  747. "Don't eat pork."
  748. "Do, do, do, do," they say.
  749. That's their message.
  750. "Do this."
  751. Christ says, "Sit."
  752. Look at what the Lord Jesus Christ,
  753. the Son of God has done.
  754. Be satisfied with that.
  755. That is salvation.
  756. That is Christianity.
  757. That is Life.
  758. That is grace.
  759. Look and live, my brother.
  760. Neither is there salvation in any other.
  761. There is no other name under heaven
  762. given amongst men
  763. whereby we must be saved.
  764. Look unto Me and be saved
  765. all the ends of the earth.
  766. For I am God and there is none else.
  767. Let the wicked forsake his way
  768. and the unrighteous man his thoughts.
  769. Let him look to Christ
  770. who will pardon all who look to Him.
  771. Don't move.
  772. Speak like the dying thief who said:
  773. Just don't forget me
  774. when You're dealing with the Milky Way
  775. and outer space.
  776. Just remember me.
  777. And He will abundantly pardon.
  778. For He has by Himself purged our sins.
  779. And He is seated at the right hand
  780. of the Majesty on high.
  781. There He ever lives to
    make intercession for us
  782. and so He can save to the uttermost
  783. those who come to God by Him.
  784. By looking at Him.
  785. And then when that is clear,
  786. be steadfast and unmovable
  787. and always abounding
    in the work of the Lord.
  788. It's not in vain, your work in the Lord.
  789. But first, you sit
  790. and survey the wondrous cross
  791. on which the Prince of Glory died.
  792. Let's pray.
  793. Lord our God, we beseech You,
  794. help sinners to look now.
  795. If there's a veil in
    front of their eyes still,
  796. take it away.
  797. If there's glaucoma spiritually;
  798. if they can't see,
  799. Oh Lord, show them
  800. Jesus Christ the Son of God.
  801. Help them, Lord. Draw them.
  802. Draw them irresistibly.
  803. Help them to face up
    to their sin and guilt
  804. and the way it's stained
    them and marred them.
  805. Oh, may they then look;
  806. may they look to Jesus Christ.
  807. May they set their eyes on Him
  808. and look at Him
  809. and be saved, God.
  810. Oh, in Your mercy and in Your love
  811. for San Antonio sinners
  812. who repent and look to Jesus.
  813. Give them the inner
    witness of the Holy Spirit
  814. that they ever be satisfied
  815. that they have a Savior
  816. who is seated in glory;
  817. who has gone to prepare a place for them
  818. and who will take them to Himself
  819. that where He is, there they will be
  820. forever and ever.
  821. Oh, happy home awaiting us.
  822. Oh, blessed place.
  823. Enable us in these last years of our lives
  824. to live ever, only, all for Thee,
  825. our God and Savior,
  826. we ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.