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  1. At this moment, we're going to have
  2. our sermon that's kind of based
  3. a bit around the catechism
  4. off of the 1689 London Confession.
  5. It is for our children and
    for our young people,
  6. but we have heard a lot from our adults
  7. saying I think I
    understand a lot of things
  8. through these sermons that
    I've never understood before.
  9. Before we get there,
  10. again, I want to teach you.
  11. You're probably right now,
  12. if you were singing with all your heart
  13. right now - this song -
  14. you're reeling.
  15. Your head is so full
  16. and I hope your heart is
  17. that you're literally almost,
  18. wow, I don't know if I can take anymore.
  19. What is that?
  20. You could sing choruses,
  21. and there are some wonderful choruses -
  22. we're not against choruses -
  23. but you could sing some choruses
  24. that are out there
  25. for an hour and a half
  26. and they would not wear out your mind.
  27. Why? They're really not saying anything.
  28. My mother used to call it 7/11 music.
  29. You sing 7 words 11 times.
  30. And here, what were you doing?
  31. It was almost like when you're
    reading Scripture, isn't it?
  32. I mean, it's like drinking
    out of a fire hydrant.
  33. There's so much truth.
  34. Now, here's something
    that I want you to see.
  35. We do live in a certain culture.
  36. And it's important to recognize that.
  37. At the same time, we must not succumb
  38. to our culture.
  39. At the risk of offending you,
  40. I want you to know we are
  41. something of a superficial
    and frivolous people.
  42. And we like superficial
  43. and sometimes trivial things.
  44. But I think it's the
    responsibility of the church
  45. to help us turn from that.
  46. It's not that we should always sing a song
  47. with this much in it.
  48. My mind can't handle it.
  49. And again, I do love many
  50. of the beautiful choruses
    that are written today.
  51. We need to learn to sing them.
  52. But what I want you to see
  53. is that worship should be substantial.
  54. It is didactic.
  55. That means it is a means of teaching.
  56. The purpose of worship
    according to Ephesians
  57. and Colossians - one of the purposes -
  58. is to teach or communicate truth.
  59. Do you see that?
  60. Well, there was a lot of truth here.
  61. And one last thing about worship.
  62. Isn't it amazing -
  63. and there's nothing wrong with instruments
  64. and beautiful music;
  65. I can really rejoice in that -
  66. but isn't it amazing
  67. that if we had come in here today
  68. with a lot of beautiful instruments,
  69. with a beautiful rhythm and sound
  70. and all sorts of things,
  71. maybe some of you would have been filled
  72. with a lot of emotion and passion.
  73. Now, there's not necessarily
    anything wrong with that,
  74. but here's what I want you to recognize.
  75. We want emotion and we want passion,
  76. and it can come through instruments.
  77. That's fine.
  78. But first of all, I want
    you to learn something.
  79. If the emotion and the passion
  80. does not come through
    the magnificent truth
  81. that you're hearing,
  82. something's wrong.
  83. Now, I don't want to throw the baby out
  84. with the bathwater,
  85. and I don't want to reject
    one in favor of the other,
  86. but I think we need to
    mature in this, don't we.
  87. We truly do need to mature.
  88. Now, if any of you need something

  89. of what we call the family catechism,
  90. just raise your hand. Anybody?
  91. Okay, there's one back there.
  92. Could you take that over there for us?
  93. Here's a young man here
    who also needs one.
  94. We've been studying a very
    important question,
  95. and it is this:
  96. What is the chief end of man?
  97. Okay, listen to me all you
    youngsters out there.
  98. What is the reason why you were made?
  99. That's very important.
  100. Why did God make you?
  101. Remember the story I told you?
  102. If you walk up and you see a man
  103. standing out on the sidewalk in the rain
  104. and you ask him,
  105. "Sir, why are you standing
    here in the rain?"
  106. And he looks at you and says,
  107. "Well, it's because...
    well, I work out here.
  108. I watch the traffic.
  109. I do things for the government."
  110. You'd go, "Okay, well, I
    can understand then
  111. why you are standing
    out here in the rain."
  112. But if you walk up to
    that person and say,
  113. "Sir, why are you
    standing in the rain?"
  114. And he says, "I don't know."
  115. You walk away thinking
    that man's not very smart.
  116. Well, do you know if you
    walk up to most people,
  117. even people who are very driven,
  118. they go to the university,
  119. they work at jobs very hard,
  120. but if you ask them, "why are you alive?"
  121. do you realize that most people would say,
  122. "I really don't know."
  123. Well, why are we alive?
  124. We are alive for the glory of God.
  125. Now, I want to explain just really quickly
  126. what we're talking about.
  127. It's this.
  128. We live for His purposes and for His joy;
  129. for His good pleasure.
  130. We live in a sense -
  131. now this sounds kind
    of childish, but that's okay,
  132. we live to make Him happy.
  133. And you know what?
  134. When we do that, we're happy.
  135. Do you know why?
  136. Because He teaches us how to live
  137. in a way that glorifies Him,
  138. but it's also a way that brings
  139. the most pleasure to us.
  140. Now another thing that I want you to see
  141. is how can we develop this attitude
  142. of wanting to live for God?
  143. There's only one way.
  144. That is to know more about Him.
  145. Have you ever seen maybe
  146. a little boy or a little girl
  147. and you thought to yourself,
  148. man, I want to be their friend?
  149. But then you got to know them,
  150. and you thought to yourself,
  151. I don't want to be their friend.
  152. I mean, they're not very nice.
  153. They're very selfish. They're ugly.
  154. They're mean.
  155. And so you walk away from them.
  156. But then there's other little children,
  157. maybe a boy or a girl,
  158. and you walk up to them
  159. and you think I would
    really like to know them.
  160. And then you get to know them
  161. and they're wonderful!
  162. And so you say to yourself,
  163. I would like to get to know them more.
  164. I would like to be with them more.
  165. And the more you know about them,
  166. the more you like them,
  167. the more you want to be with them,
  168. the more you want to do things with them.
  169. I know you've experienced this before.
  170. That's the same way.
  171. I know we use all these big words,
  172. but that's the same
    thing we're talking about
  173. when we talk about God.
  174. You see, the more you know Him
  175. through His Word;
  176. the more you know Him
  177. through just walking with Him
  178. and seeing what He does,
  179. the more you'll want to be with Him
  180. if He's changed your heart.
  181. If He's changed your heart
  182. and you truly are a Christian,
  183. then the more you hear about Him,
  184. the more you want to be with Him
  185. and the more you want to serve Him.
  186. Now what are the proper ways;

  187. how should we live before God?
  188. Well, first of all, we've already studied
  189. that God deserves our love.
  190. We should love Him.
  191. And love has to do with emotions.
  192. Don't let anybody kid you.
  193. It has to do with just, oh, I love Him!
  194. You get up in the morning and you say,
  195. I love Him.
  196. But you need to understand
  197. that the emotions are not always there.
  198. Sometimes you get up in the morning
    and your heart's kind of dull.
  199. But still, you can show your love for Him
  200. by doing what? By keeping
    His commandments.
  201. By doing what He says.
  202. Some of you young guys out there,
  203. you boys, you're fighters.
  204. You like to fight.
  205. I know my two boys -
    they just love to fight.
  206. Well, why don't you fight?
  207. Fight to love God.
  208. You get up in the morning and you say
  209. you know I really don't
    feel like I love God,
  210. but I'm going to fight.
  211. I'm going to get into His Word.
  212. I'm going to study.
  213. I'm going to obey His commandments.
  214. I'm going to fight.
  215. Now, another thing is that
    God deserves our respect.

  216. Listen, young children,
  217. you do not treat adults
  218. like you treat each other.
  219. You should respect each other,
  220. but when adults walk into the room,
  221. you do not talk to an adult
  222. like you would talk to
    one of your little friends.
  223. You show them respect.
  224. One of the good things that you can do
  225. is when an adult walks in the room
  226. and you're playing with a friend of yours,
  227. you should stop playing
    and look at that adult.
  228. And ask them maybe,
  229. how can I help you?
  230. It might even be good to stand up
  231. and say, "Sir, can I help you?"
  232. You want to treat adults
  233. and especially your parents with respect.
  234. But if that's the case,
  235. then how much more should you respect God
  236. and honor God.
  237. Do you see that?
  238. We don't tell jokes here about God.
  239. We don't giggle and laugh about God
  240. in an irreverent way.
  241. When we talk about God,
  242. we have a seriousness - a joy -
  243. but a seriousness, why?
  244. We're talking about the One
    Who sent His Son to die for us!
  245. We must show Him respect. We must.
  246. So, we also reverence Him,

  247. but also we worship Him.
  248. You realize what I've
    been telling your parents?
  249. He deserves our worship.
  250. We ought to worship Him.
  251. We ought to be worshiping all the time.
  252. And one of the reasons
    why you have trouble
  253. worshiping on Sunday morning
  254. is because you don't worship
    throughout the week.
  255. You don't need to be with
    someone else to worship God.
  256. You just worship Him!
  257. Just worship Him.
  258. Okay, and then also He deserves

  259. our gratitude and our thanksgiving.
  260. Brother Shannon was moved in his heart
  261. because he was thinking about,
  262. my, look at what I deserve!
  263. I don't deserve anything good.
  264. I deserve to go to hell.
  265. I fail all the time.
  266. But look at what God's done for me!
  267. He's died for me.
  268. He sent His Son for me.
  269. Oh my, I must have gratitude.
  270. I must have thanksgiving.
  271. If God didn't give you any other blessing
  272. the rest of your life,
    you should still worship Him
  273. because He's given us His Son.
  274. His Son!
  275. Now, it goes on, He deserves our trust.

  276. Our trust.
  277. (incomplete thought)
  278. Elijah, let's say I walk up to you
  279. and I say, "Elijah, if you mow my yard,
  280. I'm going to pay you ten dollars."
  281. And then you go, "Okay."
  282. But then you don't mow my yard.
  283. And I say, "Elijah, why
    didn't you mow my yard?
  284. I promised to give you ten dollars."
  285. And you said, "Well, I really
    didn't think I could trust you.
  286. I was thinking, well, I'll mow his yard,
  287. but he won't pay me ten dollars."
  288. Do you realize how
    offensive that is to me?
  289. He's saying I'm a liar.
  290. He's saying that I'm not trustworthy.
  291. He's saying I won't do what I say.
  292. Do you see? That's offensive.
  293. That hurt me when he said that about me.
  294. He doesn't trust me.
  295. Alright, I want you to
    look at faith that way.
  296. God says He will do these things.
  297. He says if you believe in His Son,
  298. He will give you eternal life.
  299. Do you see that? He will!
  300. He said you call upon
    the name of the Lord,
  301. He will save you.
  302. The ones who trust in Him
    will not be disappointed.
  303. You see, He's got all these promises,
  304. but when you don't believe it,
  305. what you're saying is: God's a liar.
  306. God doesn't tell the truth.
  307. I want to tell you something.
  308. I can stand here as an
    older man with Joshua
  309. and so many other people
    down through history
  310. and many of the adults here,
  311. and I can testify to you,
  312. not one word God has ever
    spoken has ever failed.
  313. He's fulfilled every promise.
  314. How many parents here today
  315. can raise their hand and say
  316. God's Word has never failed me one time?
  317. Keep your hands up.
  318. Just the parents.
  319. Now children, you too, all the adults,
  320. I want you to raise your hands.
  321. Now children, look around.
  322. Look at all these people
  323. who have lived a long,
    long, long, long time.
  324. And they say God has
    never failed them one time.
  325. Now put your hands down.
  326. Do you see that?
  327. He's never failed, so
    we ought to trust Him.
  328. And then, finally, to close this out.

  329. He deserves our obedience.
  330. Jesus talked one time about one son.
  331. His father came up to him and said,
  332. "son, do this."
  333. And he said, "I will do it."
  334. And then he walked away and didn't do it.
  335. But another son, he walked up to him
  336. and said, "son, do this,"
  337. and the son said,
    "no, I'm not going to do it."
  338. But then the son was
    convicted in his heart.
  339. He realized in his heart he was wrong
  340. and he went ahead and did it.
  341. You can talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.
  342. Listen to me, kids.
  343. You can talk, talk, talk, talk...
  344. The world is full of talkers.
  345. Even in Pilgrim's Progress
  346. which I hope you all will
    read with your parents,
  347. there's Talkative.
  348. He just talks and talks and talks
  349. about how obedient he ought to be
  350. and this and that,
  351. but he never obeys.
  352. Don't be that way.
  353. Remember what we read in James?
  354. Don't talk too much.
  355. Just obey His commandments.
  356. Alright. I hope this has
    been a blessing to you.
  357. And I pray - I pray
  358. that you will come to believe in Jesus.
  359. And I beg you, children, I beg you,
  360. listen to me.
  361. If you're sitting there
    and you're thinking
  362. I don't know if I'm saved,
  363. go to your parents.
  364. And parents if they come to you
    and they don't have questions,
  365. come to me.
  366. Come to somebody here.
  367. Alright? Little children, listen to me.
  368. If you want to be saved, you can be saved.
  369. You can.
  370. Believe on the Lord Jesus
    Christ and you'll be saved.
  371. And little children, realize this,
  372. this is the most important thing.
  373. There's nothing more important.
  374. There's nothing more important
  375. than believing in Jesus.
  376. There's not.
  377. Alright, let me pray.
  378. Father, I pray for everyone
    who's heard this,

  379. oh God, that by the Spirit of God,
  380. they would be converted;
  381. that their sins would be made known
  382. and they would see everything clearly
  383. as it truly is
  384. and that they would trust in Christ;
  385. that they would seek the Lord
  386. until You let them find You, Lord.
  387. Lord, I praise You that no one
    comes to You and is cast out;
  388. that no one truly seeks
    You that will not find You.
  389. Oh Father, bless this service.
  390. Bless Your people.
  391. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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