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  1. So here's the last one.
  2. Last question.
  3. Now this question could easily involve
  4. a young man,
  5. but it does happen to involve a young lady
  6. and I actually think you'll see
  7. by the nature of this question,
  8. I really believe that this situation
  9. probably impacts young ladies
  10. in a tougher sense,
  11. in a harder sense,
  12. in a more difficult sense
  13. than it does young men.
  14. And you'll probably see why as I give it.
  15. She doesn't even give her name.
  16. She just comes across with this:
  17. "God's girl."
  18. She says, "Dear Pastor Tim,

  19. I'm a 21 year old girl
  20. who used to be a Muslim.
  21. God had mercy on me
  22. and opened my heart to His truth.
  23. I currently live with my parents
  24. who are strict Muslims.
  25. I have no way to fellowship
    with other believers
  26. since I have to practice
    my faith in secret.
  27. I know that the Lord had geared me
  28. towards biblical teaching
  29. during the past few years..."
  30. And I'm imagining that
    came over the Internet.
  31. "...My heart's desire is
    to be able to move out
  32. and not hold back as a Christian.
  33. I hold back due to the strict
    environment I live in.
  34. It is an extreme taboo
  35. and I'm looked at as an evil person
  36. by my parents for even questioning Islam.
  37. I've tried to tell them,
  38. but I was threatened with being disowned.
  39. I just don't know what to do.
  40. I get aggravated, because when they
  41. talk about Islam,
  42. they debase Christians and Christianity.
  43. I feel angry a lot
  44. because of their religion
  45. and that they pressure me to practice it.
  46. I resent their authority
  47. because they pressure
    me to practice Islam.
  48. Is my resentment unbiblical?
  49. Should I act differently?
  50. Thanks."
  51. Tim: Look, you know one thing I realize,

  52. when James puts stuff on I'll Be Honest,
  53. I don't know - this girl
    doesn't say where she is,
  54. but I know this,
  55. I suspect that people in Muslim countries
  56. that understand English are coming across
  57. some of these.
  58. And so I'll speak to those
    Muslim young people
  59. that may be in Saudi Arabia.
  60. They may be in places like Pakistan
  61. or Indonesia or Turkey.
  62. Many places.
  63. Many Muslim countries.
  64. Iran.
  65. What do we say?
  66. This girl's 21.
  67. If she was in this country,
  68. obviously, that scenario
    might look different
  69. than if she was in Saudi Arabia, right?
  70. I mean, I think this question
  71. that she's asking -
  72. I think just the scenario -
  73. it's different if you're a boy
  74. than if you're a girl.
  75. I can tell you this,
  76. boys are typically more high esteemed
  77. in those countries than girls.
  78. They'll tolerate more in boys
  79. than they'll tolerate in girls.
  80. Age has a lot to do with it.
  81. Obviously, she's 21, but
    if you're 10 years old,
  82. that's a different scenario, right?
  83. The country you're in -
  84. so the gender, the age,
  85. the country,
  86. obviously, the strictness of the parents,
  87. if somebody is genuinely converted
  88. in these families, all those factors
  89. are going to come into play.
  90. To simply give a blanket answer
  91. is very difficult, but I would say this:
  92. If there is any Muslim young person
  93. that is likely to be disowned
  94. and thrown out of a Muslim family
  95. in the United States of America,
  96. contact us.
  97. We will see to it that
    you are given housing;
  98. that you are taken care of entirely.
  99. We will take care of you.
  100. If you'll contact us,
    we will send somebody
  101. to get you if that's the case.
  102. If you're in Maine,
  103. if you're in Washington,
  104. if you're in Hawaii -
  105. or if you're in another country,
  106. and it's possible somehow for us
  107. to even get you here,
  108. but obviously there's visa issues
  109. when that kind of thing takes place.
  110. If somebody already had a visa,
  111. somebody already had a passport,
  112. they were able to get here,
  113. we would harbor somebody like that.
  114. We would do whatever is in our power
  115. to help people.
  116. To a young lady like this,
  117. even if she's in Saudi Arabia,
  118. the truth is this young lady
  119. has access to the Internet.
  120. In this day, if a young
    Muslim has that access
  121. and they understand English
  122. like this young lady obviously does,
  123. then the sky is almost the limit
  124. as far as the teaching you can get.
  125. Obviously, that's restrictive as far as
  126. meeting with other believers.
  127. Brethren, I guess we just have to say this

  128. to people like this:
  129. There's several principles
  130. that young folks in Muslim families
  131. need to consider.
  132. One is that as a follower of Jesus Christ
  133. your commitment needs to be to Him
  134. above all else.
  135. Matthew 10:21, "Brother will
    deliver brother over to death,
  136. a father his child,
  137. and children will rise against parents
  138. and have them put to death."
  139. The truth is -
  140. the truth is this:
  141. we cannot tell Muslim young people
  142. that they will not suffer
  143. if they come public to their families
  144. as being Christians.
  145. We cannot offer you words
  146. from our Lord Jesus Christ
  147. or anywhere from the Bible
  148. that would be words that would lead us
  149. to believe that there
    won't be any suffering.
  150. In fact, what Jesus said
  151. is there is very likely going to be,
  152. and in fact, they may
    even put you to death.
  153. But I would say on that note
  154. exactly what Jesus said.
  155. "Blessed are you when others revile you."
  156. He said this in Matthew 5:11.
  157. "...And persecute you,
  158. and utter all kinds of evil against you
  159. falsely on My account,"
  160. He says, "Rejoice and be glad
  161. for your reward is great in Heaven,
  162. for so persecuted they the prophets
  163. who were before you."
  164. And so I would say this,
  165. to suffer even at the hands of your family
  166. for the namesake of Jesus Christ,
  167. He would tell you rejoice
  168. and be exceedingly glad,
  169. for your name is written in Heaven.
  170. And I would say what Paul said.
  171. Even though they might martyr you,
  172. even though they persecute you
  173. for the next ten years,
  174. Paul called it momentary light affliction
  175. in light of an eternal weight of glory.
  176. But I would say this,

  177. I would say this as well.
  178. If you are a child of God,
  179. He knows you.
  180. He has promised never
    to leave or forsake you.
  181. He promises that He will provide for you.
  182. He promises to be with you.
  183. He promises to take care of you.
  184. He promises that.
  185. If your family throws you out,
  186. go to Him.
  187. He will not abandon you.
  188. Even if you were ten years old
  189. and your family put you on the streets.
  190. I just read last night, I think,

  191. in devotions to my children
  192. about a young Sicilian man
  193. who was Roman Catholic.
  194. And in the courtyard of
    his Roman Catholic school,
  195. he found a Gospel of John.
  196. The teachers were outraged.
  197. And they took it.
  198. And the priest there in his school
  199. burned it in front of all the kids.
  200. Well, you know what that did to him.
  201. That made him all the more
    wondering what was in it.
  202. Well, he came to faith,
  203. and his family put him out.
  204. And God provided him a cave to live in,
  205. and then gave him a job
  206. so that he was able to support himself.
  207. Listen, isn't that what Hebrews says?
  208. Some of them wandered
    about in this world.
  209. Some of them lived in caves.
  210. There's the true cave man, right?
  211. We find it in Hebrews 11.
  212. But you know what it says?
  213. People of whom the world is not worthy.
  214. And you know what Samuel Rutherford said?
  215. He said that when they threw him
  216. in the Anwoth Prison,
  217. they meant to make
    it a living hell to him,
  218. and God made it heaven.
  219. If God can make a dungeon heaven,
  220. if your parents throw
    you out on the street
  221. and you have to live in a shack
  222. or in a cave,
  223. God can make it paradise.
  224. And so, trust the Lord.

  225. Listen, Jesus said very plainly
  226. that we should not deny Him.
  227. In Matthew 10, He says,
  228. "Whoever denies Me before men,
  229. I also will deny before My Father
  230. who is in Heaven."
  231. I call upon every young person,
  232. if you're in a Muslim family,
  233. do not deny Christ.
  234. Stand for Christ though
    it cost you your life.
  235. Do not deny Him.
  236. Now, just like the women
  237. that we just talked about
  238. in the last question who sometimes live
  239. before lost husbands,
  240. who can win those husbands without a word
  241. by their godly conduct,
  242. that may be the way you testify to Christ
  243. in the midst of a Muslim family.
  244. You seek to honor and reverence
  245. your father and your mother
  246. every way possible
  247. without dishonoring Christ.
  248. Don't dishonor Christ.
  249. Jesus Himself said you need to love Him
  250. more than your parents
  251. or you're not worthy of Him.
  252. But I would seek to honor them
  253. and reverence them every way possible
  254. that by your holy conduct,
  255. show them that Christianity
  256. is radically different than Islam.
  257. Show them that there is truly
  258. a God who transforms sinners.
  259. Show them by the joy in your life;
  260. the joy in what Christ accomplished
  261. for you on the cross.
  262. Show by that that Christianity
    has so much more,
  263. infinitely more to offer
  264. than what Islam has to offer.
  265. But don't be ashamed of Him.
  266. I guess the other thing

  267. that came to my mind
  268. is pray.
  269. Pray.
  270. If you're a child of God,
  271. you have His ear.
  272. You may seem all alone
  273. in the situation you're in,
  274. but you're not alone.
  275. And I would say pray.
  276. Listen, if God did not hold
    back His Son for you,
  277. but gave Him up for you,
  278. pray.
  279. Though you be in Iran;
  280. though you be in Saudi Arabia,
  281. there are other Christians there.
  282. I doubt anybody could possibly,
  283. even in a situation like North Korea,
  284. very unlikely anybody
    would ever hear these,
  285. but you never know with the Internet today
  286. and with God all things are possible.
  287. But whether it's Vietnam,
  288. whether it's North Korea,
  289. whatever country we
    might be talking about,
  290. there are underground churches there.
  291. Pray.
  292. Pray.
  293. I mean, it is not impossible for God
  294. to lead you though you be ten years old
  295. in a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia,
  296. that God leads you to cross the path
  297. of other Christians that are right there
  298. in the same city where you live.
  299. Even in the same block where you live.
  300. So pray.
  301. You guys have anything else you'd say
  302. to a person like that?
  303. Those are the things that came to mind
  304. that I would tell somebody
  305. if I could get through that camera
  306. through the Internet
  307. and be able to put words of encouragement
  308. in their ears.