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  1. [Keshe Foundation presents
    "One Planet, One Race, One Nation."]
  2. "You are people listening
    from every corner of this planet...
  3. No knowledge has been
    dispersed so beautifully,
  4. so balanced across the planet
    on this planet ever.
  5. Maybe in the Universe.
  6. You have the full potential
    of achieving everything in the Universe.
  7. There is no need, and there is
    no reason for Man not to achieve it.
  8. So, wherever you are,
  9. the way I taught you to make
    the coils, double coil inside,
  10. you have continuous
    equal gravitational-magnetic fields,
  11. and if you put CO2 on it,
  12. and you put Zinc on it,
  13. you have connected the emotion
    of the Man through it in a stable condition
  14. and you will find out
    you become a very peaceful Man.
  15. Here, instead of having
    galaxies and universes,
  16. and creating connection magnetically,
  17. we have used the matter-state
    gravitational-magnetic field strength
  18. to dominate and dictate
    the shape of the Plasma.
  19. The nano-technology, the nano-materials
  20. which you have collectively
    developed in different ways,
  21. by caustic, by electric currents,
    by whatever, fire or whatever.
  22. has that advantage
  23. that the Matter,
  24. the Nano,
  25. and the Plasma is all the same,
  26. so connection is very solid,
  27. is very strong.
  28. The power of the Plasma technology,
  29. the way we have thought,
  30. is beyond imagination of the man.
  31. Now, you can create
    and control the Plasma,
  32. which is the Mother
    of the Creation of the Universe.
  33. You are given the seed
    of the Essence of the Creation.
  34. The Foundation does not belong to no one,
  35. and is not made of one anymore.
  36. You are developing it,
  37. you are structuring it,
  38. and from today,
  39. we'll be still the same.
  40. We'll still develop the technology,
  41. in different names,
  42. in different colours,
  43. in different nationalities,
    which they do not exist.
  44. It is beautiful when we see
  45. the Christian, the Muslims,
    the Jews and every other belief
  46. are working together to build up systems.
  47. We have already become one faith.
  48. We already have become one nation,
  49. and we already have become one planet.
  50. You've got to remember one thing...
  51. "Dates" is irrelevant.
  52. Today is the last day
    of the Christian calendar
  53. or tomorrow is the beginning of another...
  54. One date is connected to another.
  55. We don't stop.
  56. We are working around the clock.
  57. The Keshe Foundation team is working
  58. irrespective of time,
    position, religion, country.
  59. And now, we achieve what we set out for."
  60. - Mehran Tavakoli Keshe -