Loving Without Need — Mooji Answers #6 During Coronavirus

Loving Without Need — Mooji Answers #6 During Coronavirus

Mooji Answers

Mooji addresses the topic of attachment in relationships in this letter reading. In our unique time of quarantine and social distancing, where we can’t naturally meet and interact with people, a feeling of neediness can arise. A fear to not be able to survive without your relationships.

“This is a great misconception and one that you will transcend: this neediness.

You have so much potential, you have the God power in you. The potential and the power
to discern, to look
to introspect, to contemplate
to marinate in your seeing
to grow, to expand
to discover a love in you that encompasses the whole world.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
3 April 2020


The rest of this letter reading session is available on Sahaja Express. Sahaja Express is the subscription service where Moojibaba's more intimate spontaneous talks are shared for those who are following Satsang and Mooji's pointings at a deeper level in their daily lives. For more information about Sahaja Express, please visit https://mooji.tv/subscription.

Full letter reading session: https://mooji.tv/sahaja-express/mooji-answers-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic-as-diverse-as-people-are-each-one-can-find-the-truth-within/?r=home

The other videos in this series can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJMhwXfIQ9qT3APWRc1yGbR7a34GhsEUK

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