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← Maintain Unity for the Sake of the Gospel - Tim Conway

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  1. What is it that causes us to
  2. fall out of ranks?
  3. Brethren, it's petty indifferences
  4. that we make into huge deals.
  5. It's our own pride
  6. seeking to set ourselves up over others.
  7. Brethren, I'll tell you what
  8. keeps the ranks in order
  9. is humility.
  10. What keeps those ranks tight
  11. is when we're willing to be stepped on
  12. that Christ might be glorified.
  13. We're willing to be passed over
  14. in honor, attention, recognition
  15. that Christ might be exalted.
  16. We can't build churches.
  17. It's God that builds churches.
  18. It's Jesus Christ that
    establishes churches.
  19. But as the weeks and
    the months went by,
  20. because I was here so often,
  21. I developed a sense
    that God was here.
  22. No matter how small it was.
  23. No matter how many
    discouragements came,
  24. there was a sense that
    God was here,
  25. and really, isn't that all we need?
  26. To know that God is with us
    and among us?
  27. Brethren, I'll tell you what,
  28. you start trying to start
    a local church
  29. full of nine members
  30. here in the middle
    of Satan's battleground.
  31. He is going to seek to come in
  32. and cause division in the church.
  33. It's going to happen.
  34. Brethren, you need to be committed
  35. to something bigger than yourself.
  36. You need to be committed to something
  37. bigger than your own honor
  38. and your own recognition.
  39. There's absolutely no reason
  40. that a new little church
  41. on the edge of the ocean
  42. down in Corpus Christi
  43. cannot have an incredible impact
  44. on the world.
  45. Because Jesus Christ is
    the Lord of the harvest.
  46. And if we pray to Him
  47. and He promises to give what we need
  48. there should be no reason
  49. that He cannot do very great things
  50. for this church.
  51. Lift up your eyes on Christ.
  52. Love Him supremely.
  53. Treasure Him.
  54. Above all else.
  55. Abandon yourself to Christ.
  56. Strive to maintain unity
  57. for the sake of the Gospel.
  58. Shoulder to shoulder, brethren.
  59. When your shoulders are together,
  60. one is not way above the other.
  61. You're side by side.
  62. You've been chosen by the
    God of heaven
  63. to be His representatives at
    this time and this hour,
  64. this day, this age,
    in this city.
  65. I guarantee you, that there are
  66. not massive numbers of people
  67. in this city faithful to the
    faith of the Gospel.
  68. You are some of them.