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  1. Preston: I'm not trying to brag, but I'm pretty
    good at parkour.

  2. Lizzy: Let's sleep so it's day when Stacy
    comes back.
  3. Stacy: Ok guys, I am back from the Minecraft
    offices, and I think I know how to solve the
  4. problem I'm having in my game.
  5. I think I can use a function.
  6. Let me just open this.
  7. So a function is a specific set of instructions
    to accomplish a certain task, kind of like
  8. a recipe.
  9. In the next few levels, you'll have access
    to functions that you can use to solve the
  10. puzzles.
  11. Look at the code in the function when it's
    in the workspace to see what it does.
  12. Then, find the block with that name in the
    toolbox and drag it from the toolbox to the
  13. "when run" block.
  14. Remember, you can use the same function every
    time you need to run the same set of instructions
  15. to do something, like build a bridge.
  16. Good luck, I know you can do it!