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  1. I could start my story
    in several different places.
  2. I could start when I was 8 years old
  3. and thought I had become a Christian.
  4. I could start when I was
    in high school or college
  5. and had to continuously persuade myself
  6. that I was a Christian,
  7. but I think the best way to start my story
  8. is in a small hospital room
    in Lexington, Kentucky
  9. where we didn't know
  10. if my dad was going to make it or not.
  11. Things didn't look good.
  12. He had been sick so much
  13. prior to that moment.
  14. There were days where we
    thought that was the end.
  15. There were days that we thought
  16. he was going to be better
  17. and everything would be fine...
  18. until he finally passed away.
  19. When you stay for a long
    time in a hospital room
  20. and you're not the one that's sick,
  21. there's a lot of waiting.
  22. There's a lot of wondering
  23. what's going to happen next.
  24. There's a lot of conversation that happens
  25. between you and the people
    that are with you.
  26. One of the topics that came up
  27. when I was talking with my mom
  28. was about dad's last sermon.
  29. At the time, we didn't know
  30. it was going to be his last sermon,
  31. but mom talked about how powerful it was.
  32. And she actually even said it was one
    of the best sermons she's ever heard.
  33. Dad had been sick a lot before that day
  34. and I think at the time,
  35. he was even having to sit
    when he was preaching.
  36. And he just didn't have
    much strength left in him.
  37. But the way my mom put it,
  38. it was like... it was a miracle
  39. just how much power he had
  40. when he began to preach.
  41. In his voice you can hear strength.
  42. You can hear the passion
  43. flowing through him.
  44. And this was a man who
    was just weak from sickness
  45. and was hours I think
    from going to the hospital
  46. because he was so sick.
  47. Dad always uploaded his sermons
  48. onto Sermon Audio
  49. where people around the world
  50. could listen to his sermons
    and learn from them.
  51. And we learned that obviously
  52. the last sermon hadn't been uploaded
  53. to Sermon Audio.
  54. I was going to do that.
  55. I was in the hospital room.
  56. I had an Internet
    connection and everything.
  57. I got the file for it.
  58. I listened to a couple of seconds of it
  59. and realized that the recording was off.
  60. There was some kind
    of setting on the recording
  61. that just made it sound kind of strange
  62. like there were no breaths in between.
  63. And so, I kind of got frustrated with it.
  64. Thought about uploading it,
  65. then decided no,
  66. I'm just going to save it
  67. and not worry about it.
  68. So, I just put it on my desktop somewhere
  69. and didn't even think about it
  70. for several weeks after that.
  71. Something that will stick with me forever
  72. is seeing how my father
  73. handled himself in the hospital
  74. in the worst of times.
  75. My brother put it best
  76. when he was speaking at his funeral.
  77. I think he said that dad
    finished his race sprinting.
  78. And there's no better
    way to describe that.
  79. I remember the nurses
    were putting in IV's,
  80. central lines, things like that,
  81. and dad would barely wince.
  82. But one time, he looked
    up at one of the nurses
  83. who was trying to do a procedure
  84. that he couldn't be asleep for,
  85. and he just looked at him and said,
  86. "You know, I was about your
    age when God saved me."
  87. And he's going through this painful,
  88. traumatic situation,
  89. and one person after another,
  90. after another, after another,
  91. he's telling them how God saved him.
  92. I had seen my dad witness
    to people all the time,
  93. but not to this ferocity;
  94. not to this degree.
  95. He knew I needed to hear that too.
  96. And he was witnessing to me
  97. as much as he was witnessing
  98. to those people in the hospital.
  99. On April 29th, 2016, my dad passed away.
  100. Over the next few days
  101. just pounded with grief
  102. mixed with conviction,
  103. mixed with desperate feeling
  104. and need to be saved,
  105. a need for redemption,
  106. all mixed in together,
  107. I was in prayer more then than I think
  108. I ever had been previously.
  109. Just asking God to show me a way.
  110. Show me something.
  111. Show me how.
  112. I understood what it meant to be saved.
  113. I understood what it
    meant to be a Christian.
  114. I understood the "process," if you will,
  115. but I didn't understand how to get there.
  116. I didn't understand what did it mean
  117. to truly have faith.
  118. Yeah, I believe in Jesus.
  119. I believe in all the
    things that He's done.
  120. I get it.
  121. I don't understand at
    what point do I have faith
  122. and I'm saved?
  123. At what point does that happen to me?
  124. When does that transformation happen?
  125. I have the belief, right?
  126. I'm saved.
  127. But I knew I wasn't,
    so what was I missing?
  128. So what I prayed for,
    I prayed for an answer.
  129. I prayed: God, I need an answer.
  130. I need You to show me
  131. what am I missing?
  132. What am I not seeing that my father saw?
  133. That other people I know have seen?
  134. They believed.
  135. They have faith.
  136. They're confident in their salvation.
  137. Where is my confidence?
  138. Where is my salvation?
  139. My father for his funeral
  140. wanted the Gospel to be preached.
  141. That's what he had always said
  142. I think to my mom.
  143. My brother spoke.
  144. Michael Durham spoke.
  145. Rob Pelkey spoke.
  146. And then Paul Washer spoke.
  147. I kind of thought in my head,
  148. well, okay, there is this group of men
  149. who know God, who are about to preach.
  150. As the lineup went, it would be
  151. Paul Washer who would simply
  152. preach the Gospel to the crowd
  153. that was there for dad's funeral.
  154. Many people have been
    saved under his teaching.
  155. This whole funeral - I need to listen up.
  156. I need to really pay attention
  157. because God, I'm asking You
  158. to show me how to have faith.
  159. If I don't get it from this,
  160. then I'm not going to get it.
  161. The preachers spoke.
  162. They sat down, spoke, sat down.
  163. Spoke.
  164. We dismissed.
  165. And the Gospel was preached
  166. and it was preached well.
  167. What was said needed to be said,
  168. but I still didn't get it.
  169. I still didn't understand what I needed.
  170. For the next week, my wife and I
  171. stayed at my mom's house.
  172. One afternoon, I was
    alone in my dad's office.
  173. And I was just going
    through some of his stuff,
  174. some of his pictures
    from mission trips,
  175. his journals.
  176. Then I remembered I had
    the file of that sermon
  177. and I thought, well, you know,
  178. the recording was kind of messed up.
  179. I don't know what setting it was on.
  180. I don't know why it was messed up.
  181. But I never really did
    listen to the sermon.
  182. And mom said it was his greatest.
  183. It was his last one.
  184. I should just give it a listen
  185. and see if it's worth putting up
  186. on Sermon Audio.
  187. So I played it.
  188. She was right.
  189. There were several things in the sermon
  190. that jumped out at me immediately.
  191. Things I had heard before,
  192. but never heard.
  193. I heard.
  194. My ears heard it,
  195. but I didn't truly hear it
  196. until that moment.
  197. Michael Morrow:
  198. There's a lot of people that believe
  199. Jesus was the Son of God.
  200. There are a lot of people who believe
  201. that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.
  202. There's a lot of people
  203. who believe that Jesus came into the world
  204. to save sinners
  205. who have never personally trusted Him
  206. as their Savior.
  207. Jason: And then, the one thing he said
  208. that really just tipped me over the edge
  209. that was exactly what I needed to hear
  210. to finally realize
  211. what I needed for my salvation.
  212. Michael Morrow: There is a time
  213. when your heart quits trying to get to God
  214. and rests on the finished
    work of Jesus Christ.
  215. Jason: I had never rested.
  216. I had never just given myself to Him,
  217. never given my full trust.
  218. That's what trust is. It's resting
  219. in His finished work.
  220. And I prayed. I said,
    "Jesus, I rest in You.
  221. I rest in Your finished work
  222. in dying on the cross for my sins,
  223. in raising from the dead.
  224. I rest in that.
  225. You have given me life."
  226. What's crazy is I've
    heard this a million times.
  227. Dad has preached this a million times.
  228. I've heard people's
    testimonies a million times
  229. that it's not anything that I do.
  230. I know it's not a prayer that I pray.
  231. I know that it's not
    anything that I can do.
  232. That Christ does it for me.
  233. Resting is letting Christ take over,
  234. letting Him take control.
  235. Because if you're trying to control it,
  236. you're not resting.
  237. And that is the moment
    when my heart changed.
  238. I'm thankful that God used my dad
  239. to preach to me.
  240. Not only did he preach to me
  241. in the hospital room;
  242. not only did he preach to me
  243. throughout my whole life,
  244. but he preached to me
  245. in his final sermon
  246. maybe before he even
    knew I would ever hear it.
  247. And God used that to help open my eyes
  248. to what I needed.
  249. Michael Morrow:
  250. I'll tell you what the blessing of God is:
  251. being in the will of God walking with Him,
  252. hearing His voice,
  253. staying in fellowship with Him,
  254. knowing His Word,
  255. loving Him,
  256. seeing miracles wrought
  257. because He's doing it through your life
  258. and in your life
  259. for His own glory,
  260. where only He can get glory
  261. out of your life.
  262. That is the life of faith.
  263. And it might mean that
    you don't have anything.
  264. Guys, this world is not what it's about.
  265. This is not where your fulfillment is.
  266. Here we live by faith,
  267. not by sight.
  268. Then, we'll see Him as He is
  269. and we'll be like Him.
  270. And then it will be by sight.