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  1. Honestly I feel like I'm living the life
  2. I was meant to be living,
  3. I just wish it was the life I wanted to be living.
  4. [sigh of frustration]
  5. I had my entire future scripted,
  6. and now it feels like someone else is doing a rewrite
  7. I just find orgys so boring
  8. [sobbing]
  9. Today an old man on the subway told me to shutup
  10. I mean, omfmg, I don't think I talk too much
  11. I mean, you guys would tell me if I talk too much
  12. I mean I don't think I do, right?
  13. I have roof over head
  14. for this, I thank God.
  15. If you're going to live with me,
  16. you should know I have OCD
  17. I also have OCD.
  18. [surprised] Cool! You're obsessive-compulsive too?
  19. No, I have old cow disease.
  20. It's when old cow bites you and disease
  21. infects the's why I have rubber hand.
  22. Honestly, your life is like so much
  23. more interesting than mine.
  24. It's just not fair!
  25. I mean, so what, I have sex with a cab driver, right?
  26. It's called being free.
  27. You are prostitute?
  28. No it's not prostitution if you don't get paid.
  29. You are unpaid prostitute. You are lower than dog.
  30. Thank you.
  31. I love your outfit by the way, where did you get that?
  32. A fire.
  33. Ooh.
  34. Sheik.
  35. I mean, don't get me wrong, Ray is great, but there
  36. are times that I wish that he were someone else, you know?
  37. or, not that he was someone else but that
  38. I was someone else, and that
  39. Don't speak!
  40. If you speak they will know you are simple.
  41. If they know you are simple, they will
  42. drown you in river.
  43. I am very hungry.
  44. Please, may I eat doughnut from your head?
  45. My ex-boyfriend is an internet millionaire.
  46. My ex-boyfriend is buried in shallow grave.
  47. On windy days the dirt covering
  48. him blows away and you can see skull
  49. Oh Milat, why did you stare at the mayor?
  50. Well I don't know what you want from me kid. We belong together.
  51. Why can't you see, that I deserve better than you?
  52. Because I can see it. And Blerta can see it.
  53. You will never do better than this man.
  54. He is strong like ox, you are weak and soft and dressed like baby.
  55. I just don't know how anything is gonna turn out!
  56. It's ok, you are only 15.
  57. No I'm not, I'm 24
  58. 24, what the [bleep] is wrong with you?