Preview: Nick Cave in Season 8 of ART21 "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2016)

Preview: Nick Cave in Season 8 of ART21 "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2016)

In this preview from the "Chicago" episode of Season 8 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century," artist Nick Cave contemplates the space from which he creates his work. "This place of dreaming within my work really is the place that I find that I exist in most of the time," says the artist, "What do I need to put in place to allow you to dream?"

Nick Cave creates "Soundsuits"—surreally majestic objects blending fashion and sculpture—that originated as metaphorical suits of armor in response to the Rodney King beatings and have evolved into vehicles for empowerment. Fully concealing the body, the “Soundsuits” serve as an alien second skin that obscures race, gender, and class, allowing viewers to look without bias towards the wearer’s identity. Cave regularly performs in the sculptures himself, dancing either before the public or for the camera, activating their full potential as costume, musical instrument, and living icon. The artist also works with choreographers, dancers, and amateur performers to produce lavish community celebrations in untraditional venues for art. Cave’s sculptures also include non-figurative assemblages, intricate accumulations of found objects that project out from the wall, and installations enveloping entire rooms.

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Season 8 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" premiered with the "Chicago" episode on Friday, September 16, 2016 at 9:00 p.m. on PBS.

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