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  1. We’re happy to announce the new features available now in WOW Scan
  2. Easily identify your new and deleted  products
  3. Simply search while filtered to product on the performance and product group tabs
  4. And filter to your new products only
  5. You can now search for EANs or barcodes on the performance and product group tabs
  6. By copying a list in Excel and pasting it in the search bar
  7. Quickly add or take away products from your product groups
  8. By searching for multiple EANs at a time
  9. You can also share these groups with other users in your company
  10. Saving you time and ensuring  better collaboration across the business
  11. We are always looking for ways to improve our products to better suit your needs
  12. Let us know what you would like for us to implement next
  13. Or, explore the new features with our interactive tours