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  1. ♪ theme music ♪
  2. (Derek) Welcome to Hope Sabbath School,
  3. an in-depth, interactive study
  4. of the Word of God.
  5. We are in the middle
  6. of an amazing, life-changing series
    of studies
  7. on the book of Daniel.
  8. Today we're studying Daniel, chapter 9,
  9. and the topic, From Confession
    to Consolation.
  10. I'm excited because Stephanie
  11. is going to be leading our study.
  12. I know it's going to be a great blessing.
  13. So, welcome to you
  14. and welcome to our team.
  15. We're always happy to hear from you.
  16. What's been the greatest blessing
    in this series?
  17. (Nicole) Victories in Jesus.
  18. (Derek) Yes, just realizing
  19. that Jesus is at the center,
  20. the Messiah, the One who is to come,
  21. the Prince of the host,
  22. and we've discovered that Jesus wins.
  23. That's good news, isn't it?
  24. We're always happy to hear from you,
  25. our Hope Sabbath School viewers.
  26. Leila writes to us
  27. from British Columbia in Canada;
  28. thanks for writing to us.
  29. "Hello, Hope Sabbath School members."
  30. (Team) Hello.
  31. (Derek) "Just wanted to say
  32. that every week I'm watching
  33. Hope Sabbath School;
  34. sometimes I watch it twice.
  35. God bless you all.
  36. I'd also like to share with you
  37. that I accepted Jesus about one year ago."
  38. (Team) Amen.
  39. (Derek) Isn't that awesome?!
  40. And I just want to affirm you, Leila,
  41. for studying the Word of God
  42. to help you grow strong in the Lord.
  43. I love what it says next,
  44. "Since that day, I have
    found peace in my life."
  45. (Team) Amen.
  46. (Derek) "Peace in God is an experience
  47. that no one and nothing
  48. can take away from me.
  49. This is an amazing experience
  50. I never had before.
  51. I thank God for His unconditional love
  52. and saving me, no matter
  53. how far I was from Him."
  54. This is powerful, isn't it?
  55. "The first thing that made me curious
  56. about the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  57. was hearing the word 'Sabbath'
    from a friend,
  58. and the conversation
  59. led me to search for God.
  60. At that time, I was being accused,
  61. insulted and rejected by my loved one,
  62. was feeling hopeless and desperate,
  63. but God who created me and loved me
    has saved me."
  64. (Team) Amen!
  65. (Derek) I think that's a preacher
    right there.
  66. "I am a precious child of God."
  67. (Team) Amen.
  68. (Derek) Well, thank you so much
  69. for writing to us Leila;
  70. that is so powerful.
  71. I am praying someone heard your testimony
  72. and said, "Oh, Lord, do You
  73. feel that way about me, too?"
  74. and what's the answer?
  75. (Team) Yes.
  76. (Derek) Absolutely. Absolutely.
  77. Here's a short note from Franck
  78. in Massachusetts in the United States
    of America,
  79. "Good job, brothers and sisters in Christ.
  80. Keep up the good work until Jesus returns,
  81. and you will all be rewarded.
  82. I would love to join you one day.
  83. May the Lord bless you all."
  84. What is our reward when Jesus comes?
  85. (Travis) Jesus.
  86. (Derek) Just being with Jesus. Absolutely.
  87. Thanks for writing to us.
  88. Here is another note
  89. from Trinidad and Tobago.
  90. We had one of those just recently.
  91. Garnet writes to us, "Hi,
  92. Hope Sabbath School members."
  93. (Team) Hi.
  94. (Derek) "Just letting you know
  95. that the lessons have been
    a blessing to me
  96. and to my Sabbath School class
    in Trinidad.
  97. We also have a link to the weekly study
  98. on our church website,
  99. so anyone visiting our church website
  100. can click on Hope Sabbath School."
  101. What a great idea.
  102. "Thanks for making a difference
  103. in our study of the Bible," praise God.
  104. Here's a note from a donor in Georgia.
  105. I want to just say thank you
  106. to all of our donors;
  107. it's a donor-supported ministry.
  108. Here's a note that says, "We have been
  109. contributing 25 dollars a month
  110. to Hope Channel; we love Hope
  111. and particularly like Hope Sabbath School.
  112. God bless you all."
  113. (Team) Amen.
  114. (Derek) You know, we are all part
  115. of a great miracle, aren't we?
  116. And I'm just thankful
  117. to each of our donors.
  118. To this couple in Georgia,
  119. thank you for being part
  120. of this great miracle of God.
  121. And one from the other side of the world,
  122. from Patrick in Vanuatu,
  123. way over in the South Pacific,
  124. "Hi, Hope Sabbath School team."
  125. (Team) Hi!
  126. (Derek) I think they say that
  127. just so that we'll smile
  128. and wave at them, right?
  129. "I've learned about your program
  130. for the past two years;
  131. I started downloading the series to watch.
  132. I never get tired of repeating
  133. the same series for the week.
  134. I watch it over and over again."
  135. That's a great way to learn, isn't it?
  136. "I wish we would follow the same outline
  137. in our Sabbath School class at church."
  138. Well, I've got good news for you, Patrick.
  139. You can go to our website,
  140. hopetv.org/hopess;
  141. you can download the outline.
  142. We do that at the small church
  143. that I attend each week,
  144. and we give a copy
  145. to everyone who is participating.
  146. So, think about that.
  147. "Lives are transformed,
  148. and I personally understand
    the Bible better
  149. than studying by myself.
  150. I praise God for the lovely members,
  151. and most of all for our great teacher,
    the Holy Spirit."
  152. (Team) Amen!
  153. (Derek) We were hoping
  154. he'd say that, right? Absolutely.
  155. We're part of the team,
  156. but He's the Great Teacher.
  157. "Keep witnessing for the Lord
    until He comes."
  158. Well, Patrick, thanks for writing
  159. to us from Vanuatu.
  160. We've got Hope Sabbath School members
  161. in over 200 countries
  162. around the world now,
  163. and we are glad that you're part
  164. of our Hope Sabbath School family,
  165. and we're going to ask you
  166. to sing a song with us now.
  167. You can download it from our website,
  168. but you probably have already learned it.
  169. Written by the prophet Daniel,
  170. a little tune by my wife
  171. to help us to memorize it.
  172. Let's sing it together.
  173. ♪ music ♪
  174. (Derek) That song just makes us
  175. want to praise God, doesn't it?
  176. Stephanie, why don't you lead us in prayer
  177. as we begin our study today.
  178. (Stephanie) It does make us
  179. want to praise God; let's pray.
  180. Dear Heavenly Father,
  181. Lord, thank You so much
  182. that You are the source
  183. of wisdom and knowledge.
  184. We ask that You would be with us today;
  185. teach us from Your Word, that we would
  186. not only have a head knowledge,
  187. but our hearts would be energized
  188. for who You are and what You've done
  189. and what You will be doing.
  190. In Jesus' name. Amen.
  191. (Derek, Team) Amen.
  192. (Stephanie) Our study today
  193. is in Daniel, chapter 9,
  194. and I'd like us to start out in verse 1.
  195. John, if you would be prepared
  196. to read that for us,
  197. Daniel, chapter 9, verse 1.
  198. And as we're listening to this verse,
  199. keep in mind, or think about,
  200. what the setting is for Daniel, chapter 9.
  201. (John) All right, reading
  202. from the King James Version,
  203. Daniel 9, verse 1, says:
  204. (Stephanie) All right.
    What have you learned
  205. in just that first verse?
  206. (Gladys) It was not Babylon anymore;
  207. it had just moved to the Medes
    and the Persians.
  208. (Stephanie) So it's not Babylon.
  209. (Travis) We've passed chapter 5
  210. in the chronological order
  211. in the book of Daniel.
  212. (Stephanie) That's right, so let's
  213. kind of do a quick review of chapter 5.
  214. What happened in chapter 5?
  215. Babylon was still in reign, right?
    Who was the king?
  216. (Gladys) Belshazzar.
  217. (Stephanie) Belshazzar, and he has a feast
  218. in Daniel, chapter 5.
  219. Then there's, what, writing on the wall?
  220. Okay, and who came
  221. to give the interpretation?
  222. (Team) Daniel.
  223. (Stephanie) Daniel, okay.
  224. And then, that interpretation,
    was it fulfilled?
  225. (Team) Yes.
  226. (Stephanie) It was, so what happened
    that night?
  227. (Derek, Stephanie, Team) Babylon fell.
  228. (Stephanie) The beginning
  229. of Daniel, chapter 6, what do we see?
  230. (Team Member) Darius as king.
  231. (Stephanie) We see Darius, right?
  232. And he comes to the throne,
  233. and he is setting up his kingdom.
  234. And who does he set on top?
  235. (Stephanie, Team) Daniel.
  236. (Stephanie) What does that do
    to the others?
  237. (Team) Jealousy.
  238. (Stephanie) Some jealousy.
  239. What happens as a result of that?
  240. (Team) A plot.
  241. (Stephanie) There's a plot,
  242. but there's a decree, right?
  243. (Team) Yes.
  244. (Stephanie) What is
    the decree, specifically?
  245. (Gladys) Worship, whoever worships
  246. anybody besides the king.
  247. (Stephanie) Worship, but what aspect
    of worship?
  248. (Team) Prayer.
  249. (Stephanie) Prayer and supplication.
  250. "Do not make any other supplication
  251. to anyone other than King Darius."
  252. This is about the same time frame
  253. as we look at Daniel, chapter 9, okay?
  254. Daniel, chapter 9, let's go back
  255. and look at verses 2 and 3.
  256. And, Nicole, would you read that for us?
  257. Daniel, chapter 9, verses 2 and 3,
  258. what does the Bible say?
  259. (Nicole) The New King James Version says:
  260. (Stephanie) All right, what is
    Daniel doing here?
  261. (Gladys) He's humbling himself.
  262. (Stephanie) He's humbling himself.
  263. He's studying the Word of God with prayer.
  264. What was it that he was
    studying in Jeremiah?
  265. Let's turn over to Jeremiah, chapter 25,
  266. and look at verses 11 and 12. Derek.
  267. (Derek) While they are about to read that,
  268. I think a crucial lesson,
  269. and it relates to Hope Sabbath School,
  270. even though he's receiving
  271. special revelations from God,
  272. he's still wanting to study,
  273. both the Hebrew Scriptures
    that are existing
  274. and even a contemporary prophet.
  275. Jeremiah is receiving messages
  276. from the Lord, too.
  277. So it tells me, we all
  278. have more to learn, right?
  279. And he's got a teachable spirit.
  280. (Stephanie) Amen. Thank you.
  281. Jeremiah 25, looking at verses 11 and 12,
  282. and, Gladys, would you read that for us?
  283. (Gladys) Sure.
  284. (Stephanie) As Gladys is reading,
  285. let's ask ourselves the question,
  286. what is that revelation
  287. that is being revealed to Daniel?
  288. (Gladys) I'll be reading
  289. from the book of Jeremiah,
  290. in the New International Version,
  291. chapter 25, verses 11 and 12:
  292. (Stephanie) All right, and let's
  293. move over to Jeremiah 29, verse 10,
  294. and, Evelyn, would you read that for us?
  295. Jeremiah 29, verse 10.
  296. (Evelyn) I'll be reading
  297. from the New King James Version:
  298. (Stephanie) That was
    a beautiful promise, wasn't it?
  299. So, what is it that was revealed
    to Jeremiah
  300. that Daniel was studying,
  301. that it was becoming clear to him?
  302. (John) The number of years that Jerusalem
  303. would be captives in Babylon.
  304. (Stephanie) All right, what value
  305. was that to him at that time?
  306. Can you tell me the time frame?
  307. (Derek) Well, it's about the end
    of that 70 years.
  308. I'm sure Daniel is thinking,
  309. "I get to go home," because he was
  310. a teenager when he was taken
  311. as a prisoner of war.
  312. As it is, God has another special work
  313. for him to do in the next kingdom.
  314. But I can imagine on a personal level
  315. that he was thinking, "We get to go home,"
  316. after all of this time.
  317. (Stephanie) So he knew
  318. that the time was coming
  319. for them to be able to go back
  320. or go out of captivity.
  321. Why is it that prayer is important
  322. when we are seeking to understand
  323. God's Word and His will?
  324. Because that's what Daniel was doing.
  325. He was praying, in addition
    to studying. Alex.
  326. (Alex) I think a lot of times,
  327. when we think of stuff without praying,
  328. our personal desires come into play.
  329. I could even think
  330. that I'm acting on my own
  331. or acting on what is right,
  332. but without taking it to prayer,
  333. I really may not be in line
  334. with what God wants for me.
  335. (Stephanie) So, putting us
  336. in alignment with God's will
  337. and understanding it? Gladys?
  338. (Gladys) Well, this is God's Word,
  339. and He's the better Translator.
  340. There are a lot of things that we are
  341. not going to be able to understand,
  342. but this is His Word.
  343. So it's best to go back to Him and say,
  344. "What is the message
  345. that I need to understand right now?"
  346. (Stephanie) Yes, Shaina?
  347. (Shaina) So, praying is communicating
  348. with the One who knows all things,
  349. the Omniscient One,
  350. so it's like fact-checking
  351. to make sure that my steps are ordered,
  352. I am going in the right way.
  353. (Stephanie) So it sounds like Daniel
  354. was on the right track, right?
  355. (Derek) Absolutely.
  356. (Stephanie) Travis.
  357. (Travis) We just read in Jeremiah,
  358. Jeremiah had wrote that God had said,
  359. "You'll find Me if you search for Me
  360. with all your heart.
  361. I will be found by you,"
  362. So Daniel in his innocence
  363. is just claiming the promises
  364. that Jeremiah had written.
  365. So he's claiming Scripture, the promise,
  366. "Lord, You said You would restore us."
  367. (Stephanie) So, Daniel...
  368. This is not the first time
  369. Daniel is about to pray, right,
  370. but this is the longest prayer
  371. that's recorded for Daniel.
  372. Where else have you seen Daniel praying
  373. and making supplication? Rodney.
  374. (Rodney) In Daniel 2.
  375. (Stephanie) Daniel, chapter 2,
  376. what was happening then?
  377. (Rodney) His life was about to be ended
  378. among many other...
  379. (Team Member) Wise men.
  380. (Rodney) ....wise men.
  381. And when the news came to him
  382. that, "Okay, it's time for you to die,"
  383. he asked for more time.
  384. And he went to his friends, and said,
  385. "Friends, please pray with me
  386. so that the Lord will reveal the vision
  387. so that I can report back to the king."
  388. (Stephanie) And after he receives that
    in the night,
  389. what does he do?
  390. He praises the Lord, exactly.
  391. John, did you have a comment?
  392. (John) No, that was it.
  393. (Stephanie) All right. Very good.
  394. So, where else do we see? Yes, Kim.
  395. (Kim) In Daniel, chapter 6,
  396. as we just spoke about earlier.
  397. When the king sets out the decree
  398. for nobody to petition to any god
  399. or any person but him,
  400. Daniel still goes to his window and prays.
  401. (Stephanie) That is faith
  402. and trust in God, isn't it?
  403. (Derek) And it happens
  404. all the way back in chapter 1
  405. when he purposes in his heart
  406. that he will not defile himself.
  407. And you know that before he asks
    the steward,
  408. because he gets turned down
  409. by the chief of the eunuchs, right?
  410. When he asks the steward,
  411. you know he's praying,
  412. because, "God, I want to honor You
  413. but I need divine help."
  414. So I see him even as a teenager,
  415. and like Kim said,
  416. all the way up to now, he's older,
  417. but he's developed this life practice
  418. of staying in communication with God.
  419. (Stephanie) This is a way of life.
  420. What can we learn from that?
  421. (Gladys) More prayer, more power.
  422. (Stephanie) More prayer,
    more power. Evelyn?
  423. (Evelyn) I think also something admirable
    about Daniel
  424. is that he's praising God
    even when he's facing
  425. a really scary or devastating situation.
  426. I mean, I know that's not easy to do,
  427. to say, "Thank You, God.
  428. Even though something bad
  429. is going to happen,
  430. or this bad situation is going on,
  431. I praise You for what You have done
  432. and what You're going to do for me."
  433. (Derek) Amen.
  434. (Stephanie) Notice in verse 3,
    he prayed with...
  435. How does it describe his prayer?
  436. (Gladys) Fasting, sackcloth...
  437. (Stephanie) With fasting,
    sackcloth, ashes.
  438. What is the significance
    of that? Kenneth.
  439. (Kenneth) Humbling himself before God
  440. and not thinking that somehow
  441. he has a righteousness of his own
  442. to stand before God and to boast.
  443. But going down, humbling himself,
  444. and allowing God to do what He does best.
  445. (Stephanie) Yes, thank you, Kenneth.
  446. (Gladys) In the past,
  447. whenever they used a sackcloth
    and the ashes,
  448. that was a sign of pain and suffering,
  449. and kind of like stripping yourself
  450. from anything that would be self.
  451. More like, relying completely on God.
  452. (Derek) I think it's important
  453. to realize, Stephanie, that it's
  454. not like some kind of self-punishment
  455. or flagellation or something,
  456. where, you think with Jonah and Nineveh,
  457. it's a sign of true repentance.
  458. When you repent with sackcloth and ashes,
  459. it's not like, "Dear God,
  460. help me to have a nice day. Amen."
  461. It's a heartfelt, genuine repentance.
  462. And what's interesting is there's
  463. no record of Daniel committing sins.
  464. Now, I'm sure he made mistakes,
  465. but he's actually repenting
  466. for his whole nation,
  467. not just for himself.
  468. (Stephanie) Yes, and we are
  469. going to look at that for sure. Travis.
  470. (Travis) I'm just going to say, too,
  471. there's a mourning, you know,
  472. it's a time of mourning, too,
  473. the way he's praying.
  474. And I've always thought of ashes to be...
  475. it's always mentioned with dust,
  476. and by putting that on their head,
  477. it's like, "Lord, I know
  478. that I'm made of dust."
  479. And so it's just this really incredible
    sign of humility,
  480. like, "I know that You're my Creator,"
  481. that, "I only exist because of You."
  482. (Stephanie) And fasting also,
  483. another aspect is, fasting is helpful
  484. to clear our minds so that we're
  485. in tune and focused with God.
  486. Let's go into this prayer,
  487. and we'll look at Daniel, chapter 9,
  488. verse 4 and then verses 5 through 14.
  489. Evelyn, if you would read verse 4,
  490. and then, Nicole, if you would read
  491. verses 5 through 14,
  492. and, Abigail, if you would be prepared
  493. to read 15 through 19.
  494. Let's take a look at this prayer
    in segments.
  495. (Evelyn) All right, and I'll be reading
  496. from the New King James Version:
  497. (Stephanie) What does that verse
  498. tell you about Daniel?
  499. (Gladys) He praises God,
  500. he's acknowledging who God is.
  501. (Stephanie) He is acknowledging
  502. who God is, absolutely.
  503. Let's go to verses 5 through 14, Nicole?
  504. (Nicole) The New King James Version
  505. of Daniel 9:5-14 says:
  506. (Stephanie) What do you see
  507. Daniel doing in this passage? Rodney.
  508. (Rodney) I'm just blown away
    by his humility.
  509. He is saying "we," and from all
  510. that we have read so far,
  511. we have seen that Daniel
  512. has been an upright man.
  513. He wasn't sinless, but he was upright.
  514. And he is saying, "We have sinned,"
  515. and, "We have committed..."
  516. Not they, "They, Lord,
  517. they are the ones that..."
  518. He's including himself because he sees;
  519. he's humbling himself before God
  520. because the same prayer
  521. that he has for his fellowmen
  522. he has for himself; great humility.
  523. (Stephanie) On that note, it does appear
  524. that he's identifying himself
    with their sins.
  525. Why? Why would Daniel
  526. ask for forgiveness of sins
  527. that he did not commit?
  528. (Derek) That's a good question, Stephanie,
  529. because when his enemies
  530. put his life under a microscope,
  531. they're unable to find any fault with him
  532. except that he's fully devoted
  533. to the God of Heaven.
  534. But I think he's demonstrating
  535. the humility of saying, "I am
  536. as much in need of a Messiah,
    of a Redeemer,
  537. as anyone else," which is true
    for all of us.
  538. (Stephanie) Yes, for all of us, exactly.
  539. What else do you see
  540. Daniel doing in this passage?
  541. It's definitely confession, right? John.
  542. (John) He sees himself
  543. as one with God's people,
  544. and that's what you see.
  545. When you do that, just as Christ,
  546. you identify with them,
  547. then you can take upon, you know,
  548. almost the guilt because of that.
  549. And so I see confession,
  550. but he's also pleading
  551. on God's goodness and His mercy.
  552. (Stephanie) We'll get to you, Travis.
  553. Why do you think it's important
  554. to focus on God's mercy and his goodness
  555. instead of our shortcomings,
  556. our sins and our needs?
  557. (Gladys) It gives us hope.
  558. (Stephanie) Gladys? Hope,
  559. It gives us hope. Kim.
  560. (Kim) Sometimes when we focus on our sins,
  561. we can focus too much on the guilt.
  562. But when we focus on God,
  563. we know that He forgives us,
  564. and He can also help us
  565. to overcome sins in our life.
  566. (Stephanie) Amen. Kenneth.
  567. (Kenneth) When we focus on our sins,
  568. we make our sins greater than God,
  569. and, you know, we make God
    less of something.
  570. But when we focus on God,
  571. we see, though we have sinned,
  572. we know that in His hand
  573. are mercy and forgiveness, and He is able
  574. to redeem us and forgive us.
  575. (Stephanie) Amen. Derek.
  576. (Derek) I saw Shaina's hand, too,
  577. but I just want to say
  578. there is a place for confession of sin.
  579. The Bible says, "If we confess our sins,
  580. He is faithful and just."
  581. The issue is, is that all we do?
  582. "Oh, I did this sin; I did that sin;
    I did..."
  583. I think that's depressing.
  584. I think, by beholding all of that sin,
  585. we stay focused on it.
  586. So it's good to recognize
  587. where we're out of harmony with God.
  588. That's what confession is, right?
  589. But then we turn our eyes toward Jesus,
  590. who is the One who can
  591. forgive us and cleanse us.
  592. Or, of course, he's looking forward
  593. to the Messiah to come.
  594. So, I think, yeah, don't stay there,
  595. but it is important to recognize
  596. where we need forgiveness.
  597. (Stephanie) So he acknowledged
  598. at the very beginning who God was,
  599. and now He's essentially acknowledging
    who man is.
  600. They are weak, right?
  601. But he's focusing, again, on God. Travis.
  602. (Travis) Well, I just kind of agree
  603. with everything everyone's been saying,
  604. but he acknowledges, he tells God,
  605. "You said this would happen,
  606. and now it's happened, but You also said
  607. that You would have mercy."
  608. So he's acknowledging
  609. that what God has said
  610. would happen all along,
  611. but at the end of his prayer,
  612. he's just claiming the mercies
  613. that God has also promised.
  614. So, as Derek mentioned,
  615. when we confess our sins,
  616. we're looking to God the whole time,
  617. but we can also claim
  618. the promises that He has,
  619. and we can rejoice
  620. because we have a Savior who loves us
  621. and has promised to redeem us.
  622. (Stephanie) Very true. So, Abigail,
  623. if you would take us to that last portion
  624. that Travis referred to,
  625. verses 15 through 19.
  626. (Abigail) Okay, and I'll be reading
  627. from the New Living Translation:
  628. (Stephanie) What impresses you the most
  629. about this intercessory prayer
    of Daniel? Kenneth.
  630. (Kenneth) It's not even about the people,
  631. but because of God's name.
  632. (Stephanie) He's claiming the promises
  633. and provisions, right?
  634. Not just the promises
  635. but the provisions. Rodney.
  636. (Rodney) This sounds like
  637. he knows God very well.
  638. The language that is used;
  639. it's like he's talking
  640. to a Friend, a Father.
  641. It's like, "Please..."
  642. It's just amazing to see
  643. how he goes through and intercedes
  644. on behalf of the people.
  645. And the language, the actual language
    used - very personal.
  646. So he had that relationship with his God.
  647. (Stephanie) That is beautiful.
    Nicole. Thank you.
  648. (Nicole) It's funny, he's
  649. where we should be.
  650. You can tell that he dislikes sin.
  651. He's like, "This is horrible,
  652. but, Lord, You are who You say You are."
  653. And so, we should be at a point
  654. where, even if we're not involved
  655. in some of the activities of the world,
  656. we despise what's going on around us
  657. so much that we are pleading to God
  658. to please do what only He can do for us,
    including ourselves.
  659. (Stephanie) So, that's a great point,
  660. How do we get there, practically speaking?
  661. How do we get to the point
  662. where we detest sin?
  663. We detest it. Someone help me out. Evelyn.
  664. (Evelyn) I think we get to that point
  665. when we love God,
  666. and we know that by sinning,
  667. or transgressing His law,
  668. that separates us from Him.
  669. And just that slight separation from Him
  670. is devastating for us.
  671. (Stephanie) Gladys.
  672. (Gladys) Having a close relationship
    with Him,
  673. like Rodney was saying,
  674. that his relationship with God
    was so close
  675. that he can say to Him, "Lord, forgive!
  676. Lord, hear! Lord, act!"
  677. because he knows who He's talking about.
  678. It's just that close relationship
    with Him.
  679. The more you get closer to God,
  680. the more you're going to shun evil.
  681. (Stephanie) The things of this world...
  682. (Stephanie, Gladys) Grow strangely dim.
  683. (Stephanie) Dark, right? Derek.
  684. (Derek) I imagine tears
  685. running down his cheeks, "Oh, Lord!"
  686. And I'm thinking, we don't
    pray like that very much,
  687. because it's not just that he knows God,
  688. but he knows how much
  689. God loves His people.
  690. It's a very intense prayer,
  691. and it's not, you know,
  692. "Thank You for this nice day."
  693. I mean, it's "Oh, Lord!"
  694. And he knows he's not trying
  695. to change God's heart
  696. because God loves all of His people
  697. with an everlasting love.
  698. But it's like it's a heart cry,
  699. and I find myself saying,
  700. "God, I want to know you like that
  701. and pray like that," not just for myself.
  702. (Stephanie) The intercessory prayer,
  703. and, Travis, we're going
  704. to take your point,
  705. but as Travis is going to share,
  706. I'd like you to think
  707. about other intercessory prayers
  708. in the Bible that you recall. Travis.
  709. (Travis) And while this is
    an intercessory prayer,
  710. in verses 17 and 18, the focus
  711. really is on Daniel, chapter 8:14,
  712. the restoration of the sanctuary
    in Jerusalem.
  713. The thing that made him faint
  714. because he thinks this thing
  715. is not going to be restored.
  716. (Stephanie) Okay, so referring
  717. back to chapter 8 in Daniel.
  718. All right, can anyone share
  719. another intercessory prayer
    in the Bible? Alex?
  720. (Alex) I think of Jesus in, I'd say,
  721. in Luke 23, if you want to turn there.
  722. (Stephanie) Would you like
    to take us there?
  723. (Alex) Yeah, Luke 23, verse 34.
  724. (Stephanie) Luke 23, verse 34,
  725. and what does the Bible say?
  726. (Alex) Okay, I'll be reading
  727. from the King James Version:
  728. So here's the Son of God,
  729. and He's, you know, they're
    crucifying Him;
  730. they're killing Him on the cross,
  731. and He's praying for them
  732. on their behalf, at a time like that.
  733. (Derek) It shows you
  734. that an intercessory prayer
  735. doesn't have to be long.
  736. (Stephanie) Exactly.
  737. (Derek) It's one sentence, right?
  738. But you sense that same intensity
    and passion.
  739. (Stephanie) Yes, oh to have that
    as we pray. Shaina.
  740. (Shaina) Another intercessory prayer
  741. is in Exodus, chapter 32, verses 11 to 14.
  742. (Stephanie) All right, Exodus,
  743. chapter 32, 11 through 14,
  744. and you're saying that this is
  745. another example of intercessory prayer?
  746. All right, would you like
  747. to read that for us?
  748. (Shaina) Sure, I'll be reading
  749. from the King James Version:
  750. (Stephanie) Again we hear intercession,
  751. "Remember who You are;
  752. this is Your people, God." Abigail.
  753. (Abigail) There is another one;
  754. Moses intercedes for the people
  755. in Numbers 14:17-19.
  756. (Stephanie) All right, let's go there.
  757. Would you read that for us?
  758. (Abigail) Yes, and I'll be reading
  759. from the New Living Translation:
  760. (Stephanie) What do you notice there?
  761. He's referring back to the character
    of God? All right.
  762. How is it possible
  763. to offer intercessory prayer with joy,
  764. even though you do not see
  765. the outcome of that prayer? Kenneth.
  766. (Kenneth) I think Daniel says something
  767. in the chapter, verse 4 of chapter 9,
  768. where he says that, "You are
  769. a covenant-keeping God."
  770. God keeps His covenants
  771. because He is the One
  772. who made a covenant, not us with Him.
  773. And He is faithful,
  774. so whenever we seek Him,
  775. and then we ask Him
  776. because we know He is a faithful God,
  777. He will always keep His covenant.
  778. (Stephanie) So the joy is in Jesus,
  779. not in the circumstances
  780. or what we can see?
  781. (Derek) I'm thinking
  782. of the Scripture song, Stephanie,
    we've been singing.
  783. When he's going, "Blessed
  784. be the name of God,"
  785. he's not seen any evidence,
  786. apart from the faithfulness of God,
  787. that he's got the right dream
  788. and the right interpretation.
  789. (Stephanie) That's right.
  790. (Derek) He's going to find that out
    in just a few minutes
  791. when he goes before the king.
  792. But there's this, like, total confidence
  793. in a God who loves us,
  794. that he's already rejoicing.
  795. And what that illustrates is,
  796. "I know who is in charge
  797. of the outcome - God -
  798. so I'm going to praise Him ahead of time."
  799. (Stephanie) He had a praise session,
  800. and then he went and delivered
  801. the message to the king.
  802. Let's see what the response is
  803. to Daniel's prayer here
  804. in Daniel, chapter 9.
  805. We're going to look at Daniel, chapter 9,
  806. verses 20 through 23,
  807. and, Kim, would you read that for us?
  808. (Kim) Sure, I'll be reading
  809. from the New King James Version,
  810. Daniel, chapter 9, verses 20 to 23:
  811. (Stephanie) What encouragement
  812. do you find in Daniel's testimony?
  813. And, by the way, this is a heavenly being
  814. that is having a conversation
  815. with Daniel, all right; go ahead, Nancy.
  816. (Nancy) As soon as he called to God,
  817. the prayer was answered.
  818. He sent Gabriel just like that.
  819. Heaven is listening attentively to us;
    God loves us.
  820. (Stephanie) Nicole.
  821. (Nicole) In all the prayers we read
  822. just in the last segment
  823. and just this segment,
  824. it seems like when you have
  825. that fervent desire to know
  826. what God wants you to do,
  827. and you pray to Him in earnest,
  828. He speaks to you right then.
  829. I mean, you don't have to wait...
  830. I mean, some may have to wait a long time,
  831. but in these examples,
  832. right when they were done
    with their prayers,
  833. somehow God came and told them
  834. what was needed for that time.
  835. That's true intercession.
  836. (Stephanie) That's awesome. Kenneth.
  837. (Kenneth) There's a key phrase he uses.
  838. It says, "This being was caused
  839. to fly swiftly to reach out to him."
  840. You know, like, it tells you
  841. how much God cares about you.
  842. God doesn't use snail mail,
  843. He uses express mail, you know, immediate.
  844. (Stephanie) "Snail mail" being...
  845. Put a postage stamp on the letter
    and send it.
  846. (Kenneth) But immediate...
  847. (Stephanie) Immediate.
  848. God is in the business
  849. of answering prayers.
  850. The question is, why are we
  851. so reluctant to petition
  852. His throne of grace?
  853. That's not a question
  854. to answer here today.
  855. (Derek) You know the word, Stephanie,
  856. "You are greatly beloved,"
  857. and immediately I think,
  858. "God so loved the world."
  859. That's not just the feeling of Heaven
  860. for one man or woman.
  861. But imagine an angel coming to you
  862. and saying, "You're greatly beloved."
  863. You know, I'd just have to use
  864. my favorite Hebrew word.
  865. (Derek, Team) Hallelujah!
  866. (Derek) I mean, that is a breakthrough
  867. for so many people
  868. even watching Hope Sabbath School today,
  869. is to understand how greatly beloved
    they are by God.
  870. (Stephanie) Somebody needs to know that.
  871. (Derek) That's right.
  872. (Stephanie) Someone needs to know that.
  873. There is a vision that the Bible speak of
  874. in these verses that Daniel
  875. was seeking to understand.
  876. Can you tell me what that vision was?
  877. (Travis) Well, some might say
  878. that it was the vision of Daniel 8,
  879. but actually in Daniel 8,
  880. almost the whole vision was explained,
  881. but it was specifically the 2,300 days
  882. in Daniel, chapter 8, verse 14,
  883. that he didn't have an understanding of.
  884. (Stephanie) All right, so, let's go
  885. to Daniel, chapter 8, verse 14 and 27.
  886. And, Nancy, would you read that for us?
  887. Daniel, chapter 8, verses 14 and 27,
  888. this is the one piece of that vision
  889. that did not receive an interpretation
  890. at the time - go ahead.
  891. (Nancy) I'm reading
  892. from the New King James Version, verse 14:
  893. And then verse 27:
  894. (Stephanie) So, he was astonished why?
  895. (Gladys) Perhaps he had
  896. Jeremiah's prophecy about the 70 years,
  897. and like we said at the beginning,
  898. he was probably thinking
  899. it's about coming to an end.
  900. And then he receives this new meaning,
  901. He was like, "What is that?"
  902. Another number, basically, to add.
  903. So he might be a little bit confused,
  904. "What is this all about?"
  905. (Stephanie) So he potentially thought
  906. the captivity time would be extended
  907. instead of the 70 years. Travis.
  908. (Travis) I think the sanctuary service,
  909. what it pointed forward to
  910. meant so much to Daniel,
  911. it was just like being
  912. in the presence of God,
    by the sanctuary.
  913. He knew that God came to dwell with him.
  914. We found that out in Moses' day,
  915. that, that's why He had
  916. the sanctuary built,
  917. was so that He could dwell
    with His people.
  918. And He just looked so forward
  919. to being close to God
  920. and living with God again.
  921. And all of a sudden, "What?
  922. It's taken away from me?
  923. It's, like, almost here? I want this now."
  924. And I imagine it's like losing
  925. a best friend, "What?!" you know...
  926. (Stephanie) So he's on the brink
  927. of giving the interpretation.
  928. Let's see what the Bible says in verse 24.
  929. And, Rodney, if you
  930. would read that for us.
  931. Daniel, chapter 9, verse 24,
  932. which is really just a continuation
  933. of that interpretation
  934. from Daniel, chapter 8.
  935. (Rodney) I'm reading
  936. from the New King James Version:
  937. (Stephanie) So, Gabriel is bringing in
  938. this time frame of 70 weeks.
  939. According to prophetic time,
  940. how many years is that?
  941. So do some quick calculations.
  942. (Derek, Stephanie) 70 times 7.
  943. (Stephanie, Team) 490 years.
  944. (Stephanie) And it says
  945. that it was determined.
  946. What does that mean literally, determined?
  947. (Gladys) It's been separated;
  948. it has been set apart.
  949. (Stephanie) It's been cut off, right?
  950. Cut off from what?
  951. (Gladys, Rodney) From the larger piece.
  952. (Stephanie) From the larger time period,
    which was the...?
  953. (Stephanie, Team) 2,300 years.
  954. (Stephanie) Okay, and this verse
  955. is really giving us somewhat of a summary
  956. of the next three verses, okay?
  957. The next three verses
  958. we're going to break out
  959. some of the details.
  960. So let's go to verses 25 and 26,
  961. and, Travis, if you would
    read that for us,
  962. Daniel, chapter 9, verses 25 and 26.
  963. (Travis) And I'll be reading
  964. from the New King James Version:
  965. (Stephanie) All right, so, in verse 24
  966. we talked about the 70 weeks.
  967. In verse 25, we have a starting point
  968. for the 70 weeks, right?
  969. When was that starting point?
  970. (Gladys) When King Darius sent the decree
  971. that the captives will go
    back to Jerusalem.
  972. (Stephanie) So, Artaxerxes had a decree
  973. that the Jews would go back
  974. and rebuild Jerusalem.
  975. When was that? 457 BC, all right.
  976. So, if we know the beginning
    of the 70 weeks,
  977. we'll know the beginning
  978. of the 2300-day prophecy, right?
  979. (Derek) I think the fact
  980. that that is so important -
  981. Ezra, chapter 4, actually records
    the whole decree -
  982. when you see that whole decree,
  983. you think, "There must be something
  984. really significant about this decree."
  985. Because there were some other times
  986. they were given permission to go home,
  987. but with this one, it's like,
  988. the whole thing's written down,
  989. like, "Mark this decree well."
  990. Now, at that time,
  991. certainly not everybody realized
  992. how important it was,
  993. but I think Ezra was obedient,
  994. and he wrote down the details
    of the decree
  995. because that's a historical moment.
  996. It's not like, "somewhere, sometime."
  997. A specific king makes a specific decree
  998. in a specific year, and that's crucial
  999. for giving us that starting point
  1000. for the 2,300-year prophecy.
  1001. (Stephanie) Thank you. Definitely.
  1002. Daniel, chapter 9, verses 25 and 26,
  1003. in addition to giving us
  1004. the time when it starts,
  1005. it also broke down
  1006. just the first how many weeks?
  1007. The first seven plus three score and two,
  1008. so, 69 weeks, that's what it's looking at.
  1009. So, if I take 69 weeks times 7,
  1010. how many years do I get?
  1011. We're looking at prophetic time.
  1012. (Stephanie, Team) 483 years.
  1013. (Stephanie) So, 457 BC,
  1014. 483 years from there,
  1015. what does that take us to? 27 AD.
  1016. All right, what happened in 27 AD?
  1017. (Team) The baptism of Jesus.
  1018. (Stephanie) Jesus was baptized;
  1019. what does that signify?
  1020. (Travis, Gladys) Anointing.
  1021. (Stephanie) The anointing,
  1022. and we can see that
    in Luke and Acts, right?
  1023. (Derek) I'm thinking
  1024. a lot of things happen in 27 AD,
  1025. but the question is,
  1026. what happened related to Messiah?
  1027. Because that's what this prophecy
  1028. is all about, the plan of salvation.
  1029. And it's interesting that Dr. Luke
    specifically says,
  1030. "It's in the fifteenth year
  1031. of the reign of Tiberius," and it's like,
  1032. does it really matter to us
  1033. what year Jesus was baptized?
  1034. Shouldn't we just say,
  1035. "Well, He was baptized,
  1036. and we should be baptized,
    as His followers"?
  1037. The answer is, "It does matter,"
  1038. because that is a key point
    in this prophecy.
  1039. And so Luke says specifically,
  1040. "Fifteenth year of the reign
  1041. of Tiberius Caesar.
  1042. (Stephanie) Thank you. Travis.
  1043. (Travis) And another key point
  1044. is found in Matthew 3:15
  1045. when John the Baptist
  1046. wants Jesus to baptize him,
  1047. and Jesus said, "No, permit it to be so
  1048. for righteousness to be fulfilled."
  1049. So there's a fulfillment
  1050. of time going to happen.
  1051. Jesus becomes the Messiah,
  1052. the anointed Messiah.
  1053. (Derek) He's already the Messiah,
  1054. if I can correct that.
  1055. He doesn't become Messiah; He is Messiah,
  1056. but He begins His work as Messiah.
  1057. And, of course, the anointing
  1058. of the Spirit at His baptism
  1059. is all like you said,
  1060. part of the fulfillment
  1061. of this great prophecy.
  1062. (Stephanie) I'd like us to turn...
  1063. I know it's not in your outline,
  1064. but let's turn to Galatians,
  1065. chapter 4, verses 4 and 5,
  1066. because we're talking about the timing
  1067. and how detailed the timing was
  1068. when events took place.
  1069. Galatians, chapter 4, verses 4 and 5,
  1070. and, John, would you read that for us?
  1071. (John) Sure, from the King James it says:
  1072. (Stephanie) "When the fullness
  1073. of time had come."
  1074. There is no haste nor delay
  1075. in what God does; it's always on time.
  1076. Going back to Daniel, chapter 9,
  1077. our last verse is verse 27,
  1078. and, Nicole, do you have that?
  1079. Would you read that for us?
  1080. (Nicole) The New King James Version
  1081. of Daniel 9:27 says:
  1082. (Stephanie) All right, so, 25 and 26
  1083. talk about the 69 weeks of the 70, right?
  1084. Verse 27 talks about that last week.
  1085. What's going to happen
  1086. in the middle of the week?
  1087. (Team) Messiah cut off.
  1088. (Stephanie) "The Messiah
    shall be cut off."
  1089. If we're looking at the middle
  1090. of the week, that last week,
  1091. that would be AD 31.
  1092. What took place in AD 31
  1093. as it relates to the Messiah?
  1094. (Gladys) Jesus died.
  1095. (Stephanie) The cross, Jesus died
  1096. right on time, perfect timing.
  1097. Three-and-a-half years later,
  1098. what took place in AD 34?
  1099. (Derek) According to the prophecy,
  1100. the end of this time
  1101. for the Jewish people.
  1102. So that means, as we see
  1103. the book of Acts taking
  1104. the gospel to the Gentiles,
  1105. and certainly you've got the event
  1106. of Stephen being martyred
  1107. and the persecution that leads
  1108. to the people going everywhere to share,
  1109. is clearly a fulfillment of the conclusion
  1110. of the 70-week prophecy.
  1111. (Stephanie) Yes, beautiful!
  1112. Do you see the connection?
  1113. No detail is missed.
  1114. God is very intentional.
  1115. Now, we're just going to recap.
  1116. We said that the 2300 days,
  1117. it started at the same time
  1118. as the 70 weeks, right?
  1119. When did it start?
  1120. When was that decree? 457 BC.
  1121. Twenty-three hundred years after that
    takes us to...?
  1122. (Stephanie, Team) 1844.
  1123. This is the antitypical Day of Atonement
  1124. and the cleansing
  1125. of the heavenly sanctuary.
  1126. And we spoke about that
  1127. in a previous lesson already.
  1128. What does this prophecy...
  1129. Why is that so important to us today?
  1130. Does it even impact us today? Travis.
  1131. (Travis) Because we're living
  1132. in the time of judgment.
  1133. Jesus is coming soon,
  1134. and we see that in Revelation 14
  1135. where it says, "The hour
  1136. of His judgment has come,"
  1137. and that's the message to the world.
  1138. Jesus is coming soon; He loves you
  1139. with an unfailing, immeasurable love,
  1140. and He is coming back soon for His people.
  1141. And He just wants us to come to Him.
  1142. (Stephanie) Yes. Evelyn.
  1143. (Evelyn) If we wanted any more proof
  1144. to know if we're in the Last Times,
    this is it.
  1145. I mean, the angel told Daniel,
  1146. "These will come to happen
  1147. in the Last Days."
  1148. This last date, 1844,
  1149. of the 2,300 years has passed.
  1150. So now we know for a fact we are
  1151. in the Last Days of Christ's coming.
  1152. (Stephanie) What hope,
  1153. in the last few seconds
  1154. of our study today,
  1155. what hope have you found
  1156. in this lesson as we've studied?
  1157. (Travis) You can trust Jesus.
  1158. (Stephanie) You can trust Jesus.
  1159. (Abigail) God is always on time,
    and He will come back.
  1160. (Stephanie) God is always on time,
  1161. and He will come back. Gladys.
  1162. (Gladys) He is faithful to His Word.
  1163. (Stephanie) He's faithful
    to His Word. Nicole.
  1164. (Nicole) Because of Him,
  1165. we're going to win; we're going
    to win this battle.
  1166. (Stephanie) Amen. We are going to win.
  1167. Praise God for His faithfulness.
  1168. Aren't you glad we have the Word of God?
  1169. (Team) Amen!
  1170. (Stephanie) We've got to share it
    with more people.
  1171. Thank you for studying.
  1172. (Derek) Thank you, Stephanie.
  1173. And there is so much more
    we have to learn.
  1174. We're not done with the series.
  1175. We've got chapter 10, 11 and 12,
  1176. but I hope you've learned
  1177. the most important lesson
    through this book:
  1178. There's a Most High God who rules,
  1179. and He will accomplish
  1180. His perfect plan of salvation.
  1181. And He wants you to be a part of that.
  1182. He wants you to make a decision today.
  1183. Maybe you've not made that decision yet
  1184. to say, "God, will You save me?
  1185. Will You forgive my sins?
  1186. Will You have a place for me
  1187. in Your eternal Kingdom?"
  1188. I want to personally invite you
  1189. to make that decision today
  1190. while there's still time; let's pray.
  1191. Father in Heaven, there may be
  1192. someone today listening to our prayer
  1193. who needs to make that decision,
  1194. "God, will you save me?
  1195. We're living in the Last Days.
  1196. Will You be my Savior
  1197. and soon-coming King?"
  1198. I thank You that You're touching hearts
  1199. right now by Your Holy Spirit.
  1200. And we, too, say thank You, Jesus,
  1201. that You have saved us,
  1202. and for Your amazing plan of salvation,
  1203. that You love us with an everlasting love.
  1204. May we live a life that would honor You
  1205. and be a blessing to those around us.
  1206. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.
  1207. (Team) Amen.
  1208. (Derek) Well, we're not done
    with our series,
  1209. but take the truths you've learned
  1210. and go out now and be a blessing
  1211. to those around you.
  1212. ♪ theme music ♪