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  1. This necklace is one of the peace necklaces

  2. Where I was inspired from
  3. An Indonesian figure
  4. That is Soekarno
  5. One of the characters who abolished
  6. Occupation in Indonesia
  7. This necklace I use is
  8. Make a character
  9. Our hero, "Gus Dur"
  10. Because he has said that
  11. Indonesia is rich in diversity
  12. This is a necklace of peace
  13. That reads dr. Johannes Leimena
  14. I was inspired by him
  15. Because of one quote
  16. "That politics is not a tool of power
  17. But it is ethical to serve "
  18. The necklace that I use is a necklace
  19. Peace necklace
  20. I was inspired by a character
  21. That is Marthen Luther
  22. Where he has fought
  23. Black people
  24. It's the same as white people
  25. And that is the same
  26. We are all humans
  27. And there is no difference between humans
  28. Black and white people
  29. The characters who are I was inspired is
  30. Abraham Lincoln
  31. Because he tried to delete
  32. Discrimination over people
  33. which is black people