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  1. One of the clearest descriptions, I think,
  2. of what a true Christian looks like
  3. is found in Philippians 3:3.
  4. Who knows the three
    things that are said there?
  5. The true circumcision -
    what do they look like?
  6. No confidence in the flesh. That's one.
  7. What are the other two?
  8. They glory or boast,
  9. some translations say,
  10. in Christ Jesus.
  11. What's the other one?
  12. They worship in the Spirit.
  13. But they boast in Jesus Christ.
  14. You know how you can tell
  15. the true Christian?
  16. They boast in Christ.
  17. Isn't that always a dead giveaway?
  18. When we find people that
    profess to be Christians,
  19. but you just don't hear
    anything about Christ,
  20. it's very suspect.
  21. Very suspect.
  22. People can talk about religion.
  23. They can talk about "God."
  24. You know, you listen to some people
  25. and they talk about
    God this, God this, God this,
  26. but there's never anything of Christ.
  27. I'll tell you one thing God does
  28. when He saves a person.
  29. He makes them a lover of Jesus Christ.
  30. Jesus becomes our all.
  31. And so, if we boil this down,
  32. consider Jesus to the end
  33. that you might become
    more confident in Him.
  34. But if we're going to add a little more
  35. to that summary,
  36. we might say this:
  37. Consider Jesus by comparing
  38. Moses to Jesus
  39. so that you might become more confident
  40. in Jesus.
  41. That would be a good summary, I think.
  42. But as I looked at this, I thought,
  43. but doesn't this raise the question.
  44. Look, whoever the writer of Hebrews is -
  45. some think it's Paul,
  46. some think it's somebody else.
  47. I don't think we can know for certain.
  48. But whoever he is,
  49. if we could get him here, we'd say,
  50. hey writer-of-Hebrews guy,
  51. if you want us to consider Jesus,
  52. why introduce Moses?
  53. Doesn't that get in the way?
  54. I mean if you want us
    thinking about Jesus,
  55. don't tell us about somebody else
  56. because then that gets
    us thinking about them.
  57. If you want us thinking about Jesus,
  58. just tell us about Jesus.
  59. And I think the writer would say,
  60. well, that's not true.
  61. When I introduce something else
  62. and it's for the sake of comparing them
  63. to Jesus in order to show you
  64. how much greater He is,
  65. then it's a very useful way to get us
  66. thinking about Jesus.
  67. He doesn't want us just thinking
  68. about Jesus in a vacuum.
  69. He wants us thinking about
    how much better Jesus is.
  70. Brethren, I'll tell you this.
  71. Comparison is a massively powerful way
  72. to use our minds in order to
  73. build up our confidence.
  74. Brethren, we need to be people
  75. who do this with our minds.
  76. We need to be people who are
  77. very studied in the art of comparison.
  78. We need to be that.
  79. Brethren, every time you feel
  80. an idol tug at your heart;
  81. every time there's something
  82. that competes for your affections,
  83. you need to be able to
  84. masterfully use Scripture
  85. to compare those things in your mind.
  86. Comparison is very powerful.
  87. When you set Christ side by side
  88. with anything else in your life -
  89. any possession, any
    love, any relationship,
  90. any money, any power, any person,
  91. any religion, any kind
    of philosophical thought,
  92. or the ways the world thinks -
  93. any of that - any of it.
  94. Anything.
  95. When you set it beside Jesus
  96. and carefully examine Him
  97. over against that thing,
  98. if you properly discern them both,
  99. you have to come away what?
  100. If you discern properly,
  101. you have to come away every single time
  102. thinking that Jesus is better.
  103. Why?
  104. Because He really is better,
  105. and if you see Him for what He is
  106. and the thing where you're comparing Him
  107. over against what it is,
  108. you have to see Him as better.
  109. And the writer of Hebrews know this:
  110. Any time you see Jesus
  111. better than that thing,
  112. you will not walk away from Jesus
  113. Who you think is better,
  114. for the thing you think is inferior.
  115. Right?
  116. It never happens.
  117. And so the Christian,
  118. in order to stay and stand
  119. and remain steadfast and boasting -
  120. brethren, people boast in the Lord
  121. when they don't have greater things
  122. to boast about.
  123. The guy that's always boasting in himself
  124. boasts like that because he thinks
  125. he's better than Christ.
  126. He may not admit it,
  127. but he thinks it.
  128. So brethren, comparison.
  129. It's weighty.
  130. We need to become masters at it.
  131. When you study Jesus
  132. and anything else,
  133. you come to that conclusion:
  134. Jesus is better.
  135. You don't abandon Jesus.
  136. That's the reality.
  137. That's the reality.
  138. Oh, brethren, consider Jesus.
  139. He is better.