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  1. I am Karel Tuhehay
  2. from the Yogyakarta NGO Satunama
  3. I work at the mental health section
    at Satunama
  4. What are the issues faced by Satunama?
  5. In the earlier years Satunama
  6. focused on programs
  7. for democracy,
  8. politics,
  9. then, but now
  10. There are more issues
  11. undertaken by Satunama
  12. Issues about
  13. social inclusion,
  14. conservative issues
  15. then livelihood issues
  16. then there are also political issues
  17. and this is this new one from Satunama
  18. that is related to mental health
  19. Related to the social issues in Indonesia
    Do you feel you have done enough?
  20. Satunama in the past few years indeed
  21. have done a lot on
    social inclusion issues
  22. We have one program in Satunama
  23. Which is called the Caring program
  24. We have collaborated with some partners
  25. Such as the Pengayat community
    or from minority religions
  26. so a few years ago
  27. There has been an effort from
    the government to change the Law
  28. to recognise some minority religions
  29. such as Arism religion in the state
  30. Related to the work of Satunama, is there
    anything you want to share to the public?
  31. Our society is diverse
  32. there is culture, then society,
  33. What is happening now a days
  34. How certain groups in the societies
  35. are subjected to discrimination
  36. like religious minority groups,
  37. then people with a disability,
  38. then women's groups,
  39. These are areas we feel
    that need a lot of support
  40. from society, especially
    from the government
  41. so that these marginal groups
  42. can establish their rights
  43. Thank you Engagemedia