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  1. Hey there.
  2. My name is Sumana Harihareswara
  3. and I am the project manager
    for the Python Package Index.
  4. From the time that I was a child,
    I've been very interested in
  5. community organizing,
    empowering other people,
  6. making sure that there's
    nothing about us without us.
  7. So when I found out about
    free and open source software,
  8. I thought, 'yeah!
    This is the way forward.'
  9. Essentially, the Python Package Index is
    core infrastructure
  10. for a huge chunk of
    the computing industry.
  11. Most of the time,
    when people write software,
  12. we don't write everything from scratch.
  13. We basically borrow and duplicate
    stuff that other people have done.
  14. This is part of the magic of
    free and open-source software,
  15. and it's part of how
    the internet,
  16. and most of the technology
    you use,
  17. has been built.
  18. It's really useful to have
    a single website,
  19. the Python Package Index,
    that's a one-stop shop
  20. for all of the open-source Python code
    that you might want to reuse.
  21. The Python Package Index got popular
    before the code got good.
  22. Starting a few years ago,
    some people thought,
  23. 'all right, we need a rewrite.'
  24. Volunteers started it.
    But volunteers, working on
  25. unpredictable schedules -- it wasn't
    working. We knew that we needed help.
  26. We needed MONEY! [laugh] Okay.
  27. We needed funding
    in order to get
  28. this piece of core
    infrastructure deployed.
  29. Nobody was just giving us
    money for that.
  30. We heard about MOSS and realized
    that we were potentially a good candidate
  31. to apply for a MOSS award.
    It's interesting how MOSS is
  32. kind of a hidden gem,
    that not nearly enough people have
  33. heard of who would benefit from it.
  34. The Mozilla Open Source Support program
    is a fantastic way to get funding
  35. from an organization that understands
    why what you do is important.
  36. Without the MOSS award, Python would be
    immeasurably worse off right now.
  37. The MOSS Award is what enabled
    the Python Package Index
  38. to launch and move into production.
  39. (soft music)