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← Kary Mullis' Eureka Moment

Inspiration at the wheel led to the discovery of PCR, for which he was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Full interview at

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  1. well
  2. well it was you know as
  3. typical have really interesting
    development in that
  4. I was looking for something else and and
    you know it was that
  5. it was a like PCR with the
  6. the possible the the outcome other
  7. to hypothetical problem that did not
    exist and I was working on
  8. trying to sequence single base-pair
  9. you know then whether call snips today
    single nucleotide polymorphism
  10. with because those were medically
    important now is trying
  11. to do it with oligonucleotides because
  12. a lab that made them and we had
  13. really improve the efficiency with which
    we made them earn
  14. the three or four years prior said
  15. we're making we can make mine faster
    than the company's
  16. cedars I word for could use them had
    seven people working for me
  17. and I was thinking on you have to cut
    step down to like about three kids now
  18. we get the salon omitted devices
  19. on tonight arm into increase the demand
  20. for all you can eat I'm so sorry think
    you know what else can you do with them
  21. and that it's possible to make if
  22. a rapid clinical and safer single
  23. his polymorphism like sickle cell anemia
  24. was a good example people there that
  25. back then maybe you going ok Lanigan you
    take a sample maybe three weeks later
  26. you know which is monitor agonizing
  27. other you be nice to have been one shift
  28. in you and that let you know and I
  29. I thought oligonucleotides maybe with
    the answer there were that
  30. I was really home add as
  31. other chemists I still make him and
  32. I really didn't have an appreciation for
    happy huge dance
  33. human genome compared to say five
    thousand base pair
  34. plasma that I was using isn't serb model
  35. and and I was was thinking this method
  36. require couple organically times wanna
    miss Serbia control what they would be
  37. pointed
  38. right toward each other just like in PCR
    reaction and
  39. and then I and I was thinking I mean it
    really love
  40. pics sexe nucleotide triphosphates
  41. mind there's a couple technical problems
    trying to solve in 10 min
  42. a the whales in and decide to solve it
    was to
  43. use to like run a sort of sham reaction
  44. first with the oligonucleotides in place
    in the sample
  45. and then and then I had my break
    actresses and suffering and again
  46. and because he was going to use a it is
  47. not for two not the idea and for the
  48. duplicating the signal but then I
    realized the side effect to that was
  49. going to be the house pointed
  50. double the the signal if
  51. there were enough like the exit Euclid
    has available are trying to get readers
  52. if there are any come in with the same
  53. that you are driving a man was right he
    does not have this in your head you
  54. thinking about
  55. constantly in and it just realized that
    there is a way the
  56. you don't think in the lab as much you
    know I do you think
  57. I was spending my weekends opinion this
    in a little cabin
  58. and I Drive up every Friday night income
    a concern
  59. and that's really all the nice things
    but to a half hours
  60. and e sorry your
  61. uydess got some new to me and you can't
    do anything else
  62. to think as this when I did most to my
  63. usually his the day-to-day life in a
  64. doesn't allow alive now
  65. with all these letters in your inbox and
    use your phone ringing in his own these
  66. people have to deal with and 70 have
  67. really that kind I'm
  68. I'll
  69. of