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  1. ♪ (Music) ♪
  2. I'm Vanessa Radd.
  3. I'm the co-founder of XR Alliance.
  4. We promote industry development
  5. and we help to bring the VR AR
    ecosystem here in Asia.
  6. My name is Jeremy Keith.
  7. I'm a web developer
    and co-founder of a design agency
  8. in Brighton in England called Clearleft.
  9. My name is ClogTwo.
  10. I'm from Singapore
    from Ink & Clog Studios.
  11. So I'm here at the Mozilla Roadshow event
  12. and I will be trying out
    A-Frame and A-Painter.
  13. Right now, I think everyone
    is pretty much siloed.
  14. So designers are doing their own events
  15. and they're creating on their own.
  16. We'd love to see developers and designers
    coming together in this community
  17. and it'll be great to see at this stage
    to have more diverse voices
  18. and people from different backgrounds
    to come and create VR and AR.
  19. I think that VR AR--the platforms
    are still siloed by itself
  20. and the web would definitely help
    bring this creative community together
  21. and showcase their projects.
  22. And I think the power
    of community is huge.
  23. When you want to adopt the technology,
  24. what questions you should
    be asking of that technology?
  25. I think it's really important
  26. that we have a healthy competition
    amongst browser makers.
  27. We've been in a situation in the past
    where we had one single browser dominating
  28. and that was a bad situation.
  29. And so the more browser makers,
    the better as far as I'm concerned.
  30. I'm really excited about what you can do
    in a web browser these days
  31. that previously you would have
    had to written native apps.
  32. So in the next five years
    I'm just imagining
  33. we're going to see the barriers blur
    between native, web--it won't matter
  34. people will just use whatever is handy.
  35. And yeah it's exciting times.
  36. I guess now in the 21st century,
    we want to take the art form
  37. into the virtual world,
    into more expressive.
  38. You preach art, design, and now comes
    technology into the place.
  39. Be connected with technology.
  40. Like right now, it's important
    for us to move forward.
  41. I guess with A-Frame or A-Painter,
    it gives us the opportunity
  42. to actually give our clients or the public
  43. a sense of a new environment.
  44. You can go as small as a model
    or as big as a building.
  45. I guess my favorite part
    of A-Frame and A-Painter is
  46. you can see all the strokes are being made
    within a movement.
  47. You need to see the artist move
    around 360 degrees.
  48. Without art, the technology
    is just a body.