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  1. Hey, what's up?
  2. Welcome to this week's video contest
  3. brought to you by Vidopp
  4. the Video Contest Clearing House.
  5. This week we have posted over $78,000
  6. in new contests, so stay tuned.
  7. I'm your host, Alex Farnham.
  8. This is your video contest watch
  9. for the week of October 20th
  10. 'til October 27th.
  11. So let's get things started
  12. with our Fresh Contests.
  13. The invasion is coming.
  14. Always wanted to make your own '50 style
  15. invasion movie?
  16. Look no further.
  17. Current TV is hooked up with the folks
  18. over at PlayStation
  19. to offer up a brand new V cam
  20. for you to celebrate the launch
  21. of Renaissance 2.
  22. Think Independence Day meets Happy Days
  23. and you could win $2,000 to $60,000.
  24. Wow.
  25. Aquafina Flavor Splash is looking for
  26. a viral message that dimensionalizes
  27. the concept of pure water
  28. with a splash of flavor.
  29. They want to reach
  30. their female boomer target.
  31. They're looking for a creative way
  32. to engage with customers
  33. that breaks through the clutter
  34. of traditional beverage marketing.
  35. Show 'em what's up
  36. and you could win $3,500.
  37. Have you ever bought something
  38. that you didn't want anybody to know about?
  39. Create original video
  40. of your shopping confession.
  41. Show the world what you bought.
  42. Who was it for, and why did you hide it?
  43. Tell us how your secret
  44. was finally revealed
  45. or maybe this is the first time
  46. that it will be.
  47. And if you were caught in the act
  48. they want to know how did it happen
  49. and how did you get out of it...
  50. for $15,000.
  51. That's a big one.
  52. Let's move on to
  53. some of our expiring contests.
  54. This week we have six contests expiring
  55. totaling over $1500
  56. a brand new camera
  57. premier tickets
  58. and a trip to D.C.
  59. Due October 24th Saw V...
  60. (chainsaw buzz)
  61. (screaming)
  62. has a mashup contest.
  63. Create a mashup
  64. using Saw V's mashup tool
  65. with a maximum length of 10 minutes.
  66. One winner will be selected to receive
  67. a 3-night stay in Los Angeles
  68. and two tickets to
  69. the Lions Gate Horror Film Premier.
  70. That's scary.
  71. And five runnerups
  72. will receive tickets to YouTube Live.
  73. Due October 26th, is
  74. giving away $1,000 for a Reseller Video.
  75. They're looking for a video
  76. to promote the advantages
  77. of becoming a SmartGuy Reseller.
  78. The Reseller video
  79. should be less than 2 minutes
  80. so get on it.
  81. They provide you with the script.
  82. Vidopp is sponsored by
  83. ebilleme, Shop and Confess
  84. and Fujeezy Spot Now.
  85. So don't forget to check out
  86. their contest this month.
  87. You can find all the details and more
  88. at
  89. The Video Contest Clearing House.
  90. I'm your host, Alex Farnham
  91. and we'll see you next week
  92. in the world of video contest.
  93. Bye.