About Amara

Amara gives individuals, communities, and larger organizations the power to overcome accessibility and language barriers for online video. The tools are free and open source and make the work of subtitling and translating video simpler, more appealing, and, most of all, more collaborative.

The benefits of captioning and subtitling are immense:

Amara is composed of three main parts:

Everything we do is available under the open source AGPL license.

Our Organization

Participatory Culture Foundation is a non-profit organization building free and open tools for more a democratic and decentralized media. Other projects of ours include Miro, Miro Video Converter, Miro Community, and Open Video Alliance.

Amara is a featured project of Mozilla Drumbeat, and the Mozilla Foundation has provided development support. Open Society Institute and the MacArthur Foundation are also financial supporters.

Publisher and Enterprise Services

Amara offers a set of professional tools and services that enable publishers and video platforms to create and manage high quality subtitles. With Amara, you can build a community of volunteers to subtitle your content, integrate with professional services, and use a powerful quality control system to ensure world-class quality. To learn more, see our enterprise services and contact Dean Jansen, dean@pculture.org.

Three Important Ways You Can Help

Amara is an open source, non-profit project. We are volunteer driven and would love to have your help!
Here are three ways you can get involved:


Amara has won several awards in recognition of our breakthrough platform for accessibility and translation.

2011 Tech Award

2011 Tech Award Laureate

FCC Award Advancement in Accessibility


Intercultural Innovation Award

Intercultural Innovation Award