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  1. Tips for entering CAPTCHA codes
  2. Under some circumstances...

  3. ...Yahoo needs to apply a little extra security
    when you try to access your account
  4. We may ask you to enter a CAPTCHA code
  5. CAPTCHA helps protect your account
    from spammers and hackers
  6. You'll see random letters and numbers
    floating on a background of other characters
  7. Enter what you see in the box
    and click Continue
  8. Capitalization isn't important! Letters
    can be lowercase, CAPITALIZED, or MiXeD
  9. If you have trouble supplying
    the correct code...
  10. ...click Try a new code
  11. You can keep asking for new codes...
  12. ...until you get one you can read
  13. You can also choose to hear
    an audio CAPTCHA code instead
  14. Click Audio code
  15. Enter the numbers that you hear in the box
  16. Need to hear it again? Click Replay
  17. You can also keep asking for
    a new audio code...
  18. ...until you get one you can understand
  19. Yahoo [yodel]