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  1. Now, your boss was right
    when here she said
  2. fail to plan
    or plan to fail
  3. But they weren't right
    about your job
  4. In this video, I'm going to go
    over the 3 common mistakes
  5. that you may be making
    in your e-commerce business
  6. and what to do about it
  7. Hi, my name is
    Beau Crabill
  8. and in the past decade, I've been
    growing e-commerce businesses
  9. And surprisingly,
    believe it or not
  10. I got started off
    with selling socks
  11. And things were doing
    very, very well at the start
  12. Then as things
    started to slip away
  13. I spent years to trial and error
    on making sure to figure it out
  14. And as I perfected my methods,
    I saw so many self-proclaimed gurus
  15. giving misleading information
    on YouTube and on the internet
  16. and I know I wanted to
    help more people
  17. So let me take you
    downstairs right now
  18. and explain to you about
    these 3 common mistakes
  19. Mistake #1 is trying
    to recreate the wheel
  20. That you think to succeed
    in e-commerce on Amazon
  21. you gotta create up your
    own brands and products
  22. You think you're gonna be
    the next new Shark Tank
  23. the next new Apple
  24. I'm gonna
    tell you right now
  25. that's not where the money
    is made with e-commerce
  26. Over 51% of Amazon sellers
    right now are trying to private label
  27. which means you're trying
    to create up your own brands
  28. But let's look
    at the numbers
  29. 10% of the sellers who do over
    a million dollars a year on Amazon
  30. which, I do well over a million
    dollars a year on Amazon
  31. create up their own brand
  32. The rest are reselling
    other people's brands
  33. Do what me and other sellers
    are doing at the higher levels
  34. in selling big name
    brand products
  35. I'm talking about Hasbro,
    Mattel, Samsung, Sony
  36. Why is this so important?
  37. Well, let's think about
    the company Walmart, right?
  38. What works offline
    tends to work online
  39. Walmart, they do roughly
    half a trillion dollars a year
  40. They do more than Amazon
  41. And have you ever seen Walmart
    create up their own brand?
  42. They have a couple of their own,
    but majority of their revenues
  43. 99% of their revenues
    and profits are made
  44. through selling other
    big name brand products
  45. Best Buy does not own
    one brand in their store
  46. GameStop, none
  47. Target, none
  48. So why do you think
  49. that you can go on Amazon,
    which is just another shopping mall
  50. and try to go recreate
    your own brands
  51. So let's think about this,
    even if you do
  52. become a great marketer
    and a great advertiser
  53. get a great brand going on,
    great brand equity
  54. The odds are that in
    a couple of years from now
  55. that brand's
    gonna be obsolete
  56. I know a lot of friends
  57. who were making a lot of money
    a couple of years ago in e-commerce
  58. had some great sites
    and launched on Amazon
  59. And now, you know,
    they're working a job
  60. Because the odds of Hasbro,
    Mattel, Samsung, Apple, Sony
  61. All these big brands
  62. they will be in business
    in 10, 20 years from now
  63. But there, I can 100% guarantee,
    there will be a big brand
  64. in business in 10,
    15, 20 years from now
  65. as long as Americans and
    consumers are still shopping
  66. So I'd rather create
    relationships with distributors
  67. and wholesalers throughout
    the United States
  68. And buy products low
    from them at wholesale prices
  69. of big name brands
    and selling them for more
  70. instead of trying to go recreate
    the wheel and sell my own products
  71. Mistake #2 is going to be
  72. not having a plan,
    failing to plan
  73. Most people that are running
    an e-commerce business
  74. think that they see
    videos like this
  75. They think it's all easy and
    press a couple of buttons
  76. make a bunch of money
  77. And that's not
    accurate at all
  78. If I ask a hundred people who are
    running e-commerce businesses
  79. what makes you the
    most amount of money
  80. they have no idea
  81. They don't know their ROI
  82. they don't know their
    cost per acquisition
  83. they don't know
    their advertising cost
  84. They don't know
    what actions
  85. they need to double down on
    to make them more money
  86. They don't know what the biggest
    mistake is in their business
  87. They're working in their business,
    they're running a hobby
  88. So if you can't
    answer those questions
  89. you are running a hobby
    and not a business
  90. So start to position yourself,
    realizing where's your end goal
  91. and start to work
    backwards from there
  92. Okay, you wanna do
    $100,000 a year
  93. $10,000 a month,
    whatever it is, work backwards
  94. Okay, how much inventory
    do I need in my store?
  95. What's the margins
    that I need?
  96. How much time does it take me
    to go source those out?
  97. How much capital
    does it take?
  98. Do I need other people
    doing things for me?
  99. Do I need to invest into
    softwares and tools?
  100. Do I even know
    what I'm doing?
  101. Maybe they think, oh
  102. I'm just gonna sign up,
    call it good
  103. It's not how it works
  104. The third common mistake
    is not utilizing software tools and data
  105. in this technology-rich world
    to get an unfair advantage
  106. When you have people
    like me who know how to use
  107. technology, software, and tools
  108. Have their softwares
    and tools himself
  109. And you who's trying to do
    things the old-fashioned way
  110. trying to be very scarce-minded
    and not invest, you're gonna lose out
  111. Amazon has so much data
  112. I can tell right away on Amazon,
    on if a product sells or not
  113. I can see how many sales
    are happening off of this
  114. I can see how many
    reviews are going on
  115. I can see what customers
    are leaving feedback on
  116. And very close to the penny,
    I can figure out what my profits will be
  117. before I invest into
    any types of products
  118. because I know how to read the
    data that Amazon provides me
  119. So don't skimp out,
    take advantage of the tools
  120. take advantage
    of the software
  121. and just don't run it
    all by yourself
  122. If you're anything
    like I was 10 years ago
  123. information, knowledge,
    and tools is everything
  124. You can spend hours and
    hours a day on YouTube
  125. and still have no idea
    where to start
  126. If you implement just the
    advice given to you in this video
  127. you'll be way ahead
    than most
  128. However, I wanna
    give you something more
  129. Something that I wish
    I had 10 years ago
  130. I've put together and worked hard
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    in details on my process
  132. Pitfalls to avoid and how to
    absolutely crush it in e-commerce
  133. Now, I wanna make it an
    absolute no-brainer for you
  134. so I made it
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  138. Listen, I'm gonna be
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  139. my training is awesome
  140. And of course
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  141. but I'll see so many people
    talk about how, you know
  142. we only have a certain
    amount of seats available
  143. it's only for today,
    while supplies last
  144. We both know
    that's just complete BS
  145. But the fact is that
    most people watching this
  146. won't do anything
    and won't take action
  147. Why is that?
  148. Humans, it is much easier
    for us to stay as we are
  149. than to change,
    and I get it
  150. Change is hard,
    change can be scary
  151. And maybe there's
    something about you
  152. that you have a fear
    to make a change
  153. to invest into training, to take
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