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Ukazujem Revíziu 2 vytvorenú 07/29/2018 od Claire Seo.

  1. So specifically for
    performers with disabilities,
  2. Um...we have unique life experiences,
    extremely unique life experiences.
  3. And if you can take all that experience
    and shove that into every role you work on
  4. find a way to see every character
    through your life experience and therefore
  5. bring that unique point of view to
    every role, you're gonna stand out
  6. because that is the gold and a depth
    that a lot of people
  7. won't have to bring to the table.
  8. You have a special set of circumstances,
    a special set of life experiences,
  9. and even a special way of viewing
    however you've been treated in your
  10. lifetime of dealing with your differences
    and if you can tap into
  11. all of that experience,
    you will light up all kinds of roles
  12. in so many different ways,
    so you will be that unique person
  13. who comes in and lights up a room,
    in a way that
  14. nobody else ever thought of.