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  1. He's a humanoid robot. He can talk to you.
  2. He can listen to you
  3. He can pretty much do whatever you want him to do.
  4. He's fully programmable. And have him do like i showed you before
  5. dances or working on application for children with autism or children with disabilities.
  6. where NAO can teach them how to communicate, how to interact with someone.
  7. And what they learn with NAO, they can translate into real life.
  8. He's a great tool to help them interact.
  9. My name is Christina Mariotta, and you are?
  10. Hello. My name is NAO. I'm autonomous and I can connect to the internet, through WIFI.
  11. I can recognize your face, answer your questions, and play music.
  12. I have lots of brothers all around the world.
  13. I have one brother.
  14. Well done. It was nice to get to know you better.
  15. Maybe we can chat again some other time.
  16. Yes!