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  1. ♪ (jazz music) ♪
  2. Growing up profoundly different from birth, size-wise
  3. that I was on stage all the time.
  4. I mean I'd walk out of my house
  5. and people would look, and stare at me.
  6. I'd go to the grocery store, or ride my bike
  7. and people would stare, come up and talk to me
  8. I could never be anonymous,
  9. so many people try to not be
  10. I had that, whether I wanted it or not
  11. the second I walked out of my house.
  12. So when I found the stage,
  13. it was the only time I could control people
  14. looking at me.
  15. And, how they felt about me.

  16. I couldn't control how they felt about me
  17. out at the grocery store.
  18. (male interviewer) How is that sometimes?
  19. It's really annoying.
  20. I've come to the realization that
  21. it's them, not me, that whole thing.
  22. And so I feel very comfortable with that.
  23. Whenever I do, you've been so kind to let
  24. me do a couple of workshops for
  25. Meet the Biz. I think what I try to
  26. express more than anything to other actors
  27. is, you have to know yourself. In and out.
  28. And know all the tricks you use to cover-up
  29. the things you're insecure about.
  30. Know those and really understand them,
  31. you may not always get underneath that,
  32. but you have to be so aware of yourself.
  33. I mean, I think a lot of people think of
  34. acting as playing somebody else, so I'm
  35. going to put on this facade and be
  36. somebody else. I feel like, you can't unless
  37. you really know yourself. All your flaws,
  38. and atributes.
  39. ♪ (jazz music) ♪