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Natasa M

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Welcome to my Amara Profile!

I enjoy transcribing all regional accents of English in addition to foreign accents/colloquialisms/lingoes.

On Amara I did cc (translations) for:

Science Today | California Academy of Sciences:

1. Monarch Colors
2. Animating Life | California Academy of Sciences
3. Planet Nine | California Academy of Sciences
4. Peacocks’ Calculated Moves | California Academy of Sciences
5. Condor Comeback | California Academy of Sciences
6. Saving Animals from Extinction | California Academy of Sciences

Please feel free to check out my homepage (soon to be added.)

⋆ Google Contributor for English, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian ⋆ GTC Translator ⋆Agora Translator
⋆ English ↔ Serbian; Serbian ↔ English (Southern Serbian dialects [Vranjanski], Northern Serbian dialects [Lalinski], Younger Ekavian dialect/Standardized Serbian [Sumadija])
⋆ Bosnian ↔ English [the Eastern Herzegovinian dialect, Turkisms, Bosnian Ladino]
⋆ Croatian ↔ English [regular Chakavian, Kakavian and Shtokavian versions; also Dalmatian--mixed with Ragusan, Vegliot dialects]
⋆ Also foreign accents in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian [Hungarian, Jewish, German, Turkish, English, Russian, French...]

Natasa M joined Amara on aug. 6, 2016



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