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Afficher la révision 3 créée 09/30/2014 par alorsvoila non-duality.

  1. I feel I want to talk about
  2. the fact that you can't never miss it up.
  3. It's impossible to make a mistake
  4. All that's happening is always
  5. as it's supposed to be.
  6. And cannot be different,
  7. could never have been different,
  8. and nothing could have been
  9. done
  10. another way.
  11. Only the illusion that we have
  12. choice
  13. is what makes us believe that
  14. things could be different, than
  15. what they are.
  16. Because we think we can
  17. go right or left.
  18. We think that we can take
  19. the wrong path.
  20. But if we take left, left was
  21. had to happen.
  22. So, there isn't choice
  23. between left and right.
  24. It was left!
  25. And...
  26. And this tendency to look back
  27. have to really made a choice or seemingly
  28. having made a choice and
  29. the thinking or seeing I made
  30. a wrong choice or I made a mistake,
  31. is the only thing that needs correction
  32. in the moment.
  33. Not correction
  34. for what seems to have been a mistake
  35. but just for in the moment thinking that
  36. I made a mistake that I need to fix now.
  37. The only thing I need to do is just
  38. come back to this moment,
  39. right now.
  40. And see that there is no problem
  41. and nothing went wrong, exact...
  42. everything is exactly as it supposed to be
  43. and nothing could be any other
  44. way than what it is.
  45. And that's the lesson.
  46. That the only lesson,
  47. is that there is no problem
  48. and there is nothing wrong,
  49. with you, with anything
  50. with any others, with the world,
  51. there is nothing wrong,
  52. absolutely nothing wrong.
  53. Everything is as it supposed to be
  54. And knowing this in the core of your being
  55. is freedom.
  56. Because, then really
  57. nothing outside of you or
  58. seemingly outside of you
  59. can ever disturbed your peace of mind,
  60. can ever give you happiness even
  61. or taken it away, it can ever give you
  62. love or take it away.
  63. Everything is complete,
  64. this movement is complete.
  65. Nothing can be
  66. added nothing can be taken away.
  67. Nothing
  68. can be
  69. run different than what it is.
  70. This moment is how it's
  71. supposed to be.
  72. (Skype ringing)
  73. And I just receive a heart,
  74. great, hum?!
  75. There's only the belief that I
  76. can do something wrong,
  77. can make me experience
  78. feeling of guilt
  79. or blame
  80. even on the others
  81. because often in those cases
  82. what happens is that.
  83. If I believe I did something wrong
  84. and I cannot bear guilt of that
  85. I would start to project it
  86. onto the other
  87. and I was starting to blaming the others
  88. for what I believe I made a mistake.
  89. So that's really...
  90. What is
  91. important is to recognize
  92. that there is nothing wrong
  93. and I cannot make
  94. a mistake even what seems
  95. to be a mistake
  96. it's just an other opportunity
  97. for deeper realization that really
  98. there is never any mistake in
  99. everything as it supposed to be.
  100. In a release what every emotion
  101. what every thought,
  102. what every judgment can be
  103. there
  104. release them!
  105. Let the feeling go through
  106. the body,
  107. but just just be with what is
  108. in the moment.
  109. And know in this moment,
  110. everything's okay,
  111. there is nothing to fix,
  112. there's no solution to find
  113. because there is no problem.
  114. Because the guilt that you can experience
  115. is never about what's going on the
  116. screen of the world. Its never
  117. about an other person,
  118. it's never about what you did or
  119. didn't you.
  120. What you did right or what you did wrong,
  121. it's never, never about that.
  122. It's always, just that in this moment
  123. I believe myself to be split and
  124. I just need to come back.
  125. Come back here,
  126. right here,
  127. right here,
  128. there is no problem,
  129. right here everything is as it
  130. supposed to be.
  131. There is nothing wrong.
  132. So,
  133. make as many mistakes as you want
  134. because...
  135. because you can't make
  136. any...
  137. And by opening up
  138. where you put the limitation on
  139. yourself
  140. you will discover
  141. new thing.
  142. You will discover a world that is
  143. beyond any limitation,
  144. you will
  145. discover what's inside
  146. you and that just
  147. is asking for release.
  148. In that is asking for just opening
  149. just opening your heart
  150. opening your arms
  151. to receive what life has
  152. to give you.
  153. What life has best to give you,
  154. to receive everything,
  155. everything,
  156. because there's nothing that is
  157. outside.
  158. There is nothing that is not
  159. yours already but the question is
  160. are you ready to open yourself up
  161. to receive it?
  162. Because truly
  163. you never did anything
  164. wrong.
  165. Neither!
  166. To rejoice in this innocence
  167. unconditional
  168. innocence...