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  1. I remember years ago
  2. when the alarm used to
    go off in the morning
  3. The first thing I did was roll over
  4. and hit the "snooze" button.
  5. In that instant where you have a choice
  6. a choice to either hit the "snooze" button
  7. and go back to sleep
  8. in your nice, warm, fluffy, cozy bed
  9. or open your eyes and get out of bed.
  10. That's a choice that take discipline.
    Now I didn't have any discipline.
  11. I always took the easy route.
  12. The most comfortable
  13. The problem is when you make this decision
  14. because it's the first that you make
  15. literally the second
    you wake up
  16. you're letting yourself
    off the hook
  17. you are literally training your mind
    to take the easy way out
  18. throughout the whole day
  19. which leads to you taking
  20. the easy way out the whole month
    all year!
  21. Discipline is not something
    that any of us are born with.
  22. It's a muscle that we have to train
  23. and I don't care what anyone says
    it all starts that first second.
  24. How you start your day
    and that decision you make in that instant
  25. isn't as small as just
    getting up a bed or not.
  26. It's the decision that can shape
    the rest of your (f*#%ing) life
  27. [dramatic music]
  28. This is ain't some motivational,
    inspirational bullshit.
  29. This is the truth.
  30. When I was younger I dreamed
    that one day I'd get a job
  31. that paid me fifty grand a year.
  32. That-- for a boy where I come from
    was a dream come true.
  33. If you told me back then that
    I'd be running a seven-figure company
  34. and building a business of my own,
    I would have laughed in your face.
  35. It wasn't until I started to believe
    that I and I alone could shape my world
  36. that I started achieving
    anything I wanted to.
  37. That little decision in the morning
    if you open your eyes and get out of bed
  38. the next decision you face that day
  39. you're gonna now be disciplined
    to not take the easy way out.
  40. People don't realize it but that bed
    can basically represent your entire life.
  41. If you stay in that bed,
    you'll literally stand in your comfort zone
  42. which means your day will be spent
    in your comfort zone-
  43. and your month, your year
    and before you know it
  44. you've spent your whole life
    in your comfort zone,
  45. never pushing yourself to new heights,
    never trying anything new,
  46. taking risks, moving forward.
  47. It all starts in that first second
    of your day.
  48. So don't take it lightly.
  49. Start building discipline.
  50. It's something I started doing
    and it helped me massively.
  51. It ain't easy but it's worth it.
  52. One of the worst phrases
    we've ever created was
  53. "You've got to see it to believe it."
  54. It's a phrase created by cynical people
    with small minds
  55. that have not got any hope
    that things can get better.
  56. Can you imagine
    what the world would be like
  57. if everyone believed that this was true?
  58. We'd have no cars, no planes,
    no light in the dark
  59. We'd never have computers
    or mobile phones.
  60. We'd never climb mountains,
    break records or go to the moon.
  61. I used to believe this rubbish.
  62. People had it completely
    the wrong way around.
  63. Nothing can be achieved, conceived
    until first it's believed.
  64. You have to believe it to see it.
  65. If there's something that you
    want to do with your life,
  66. that thing deep inside you
    that whispers day and night,
  67. it will always, always just be an idea
    until you choose to believe it's possible.
  68. You have to believe it so much
    that you already think it's happened.
  69. You have to walk like it's there,
    talk like it's there, believe it's there.
  70. People are going to think you're mad,
  71. they're going to look at you
    and think you're insane.
  72. They're going to tell you sh*t like
    "It ain't possible, it's risky,
  73. You shouldn't do it.
    Be careful, stick to what you know,
  74. stick to what you do."
  75. Fu*k that. Follow your dreams.
  76. These people have to see it to believe it
    but you have to believe it to see it.
  77. I was in a tough position,
    19 years old, kid on the way
  78. Earning twenty-seven pounds a day.
  79. I could have chosen to focus
    on all the problems I was going to face,
  80. all the pain.
  81. Instead, I decided to change my stars.
  82. I decided to say enough was enough
    and focus on ways to change them.
  83. It's easy to say that
    "I'll try that thing tomorrow"
  84. or "I'll do that tomorrow."
    "One day I'll get in shape"
  85. "One day I'll tell that person
    how I feel."
  86. "One day I'll start that business",
    "One day I'll leave this job"
  87. "One day I'll leave
    this abusive relationship".
  88. We've all had times we find ourselves
    constantly telling ourselves
  89. that one day we'll do that thing.
  90. The problem is we look
    at all these opportunities around us
  91. and we say they're risky.
  92. What you've got to realize
    is that life itself is risky.
  93. It ain't important how long you live
    what's important is how you live.
  94. When life gets on top of you
    and you feel like it's all becoming too much
  95. it's easy to let things
    spiral out of control.
  96. I've been there.
  97. That place where you feel like
  98. the weight of the world
    is on your shoulders,
  99. things don't go your way,
    that promotion at work you don't get,
  100. you don't make the team,
    that person you asked out said no,
  101. your business is struggling,
    the bills are piling up.
  102. We all go through dark times.
  103. My advice to you
    is to focus on finding the light.
  104. If you spend all your time
    focusing on all the problems in the world
  105. and all the problems in your life
    you ain't going to be happy.
  106. It's easy in the world that we live in today
  107. to be consumed by all
    the media-fueled negativity in the world.
  108. You can't turn on the TV
    without seeing some negative story,
  109. all the bad.
  110. Everyone has problems.
  111. The difference between the people
    who are happy and the people that ain't
  112. is that the people who are happy
    choose to focus on the solutions
  113. to the problems they face,
    rather than the problems themselves.
  114. You always have a choice.
  115. Amazing things happen
    when you believe you have something.
  116. Your brain actively goes out
    to make it happen.
  117. It starts to know its
    little subtle opportunities
  118. that you would have otherwise deleted
    because it knows it's got a job to do
  119. to get you what you want.
  120. It's all about perspective.
  121. Constantly tell yourself
    how much worse things could be
  122. and you could actually be thankful
    for the way you've got things at the moment
  123. Your world and your life
    can truly be anything you make it,
  124. but you've got to make it.
  125. Don't take it lightly.
  126. Start building discipline into your life
    by not taking the easy way out.
  127. Most of us are told growing up
    that we can be anything we want to be
  128. and most of us hear it,
    but we don't listen.
  129. We don't believe it.
  130. I'm here to tell you today that
    it ain't a load of rubbish, it's true.
  131. You can be who you want to be.
    You can do what you want to do,
  132. see what you want to see.
  133. It's all in your power and no one else's
    but you've got to believe it.
  134. If you believe it
    you can achieve it, baby!
  135. Whatever it is.
  136. I used to believe to my core that
    I was going to run my own company
  137. and make more money
    than I currently did
  138. and have a family and be happy.
  139. Even when I was dead-broke,
    skinned as a bean
  140. I would never worry
  141. because I believed with everything in me
    that I could change it.
  142. You've got to stare all that in the face
    and say, "You can't beat me, I'm too strong."
  143. What most people do is they roll over,
    but you can't.
  144. It ain't going to be easy.
  145. Most of the time you're going to feel
    like there's no way out,
  146. that you can't do it,
  147. but listen to me when I say
    there is always hope.
  148. You have to take control
    and attack it head-on,
  149. Because as soon as you do this,
    just once,
  150. just like a muscle lifting weights,
    you've become stronger.
  151. You've become comfortable being uncomfortable,
  152. and before you know it,
    you've become a machine
  153. and nothing, nothing on the outside
    can affect you
  154. because your mind's trying to
    beat it down.
  155. Never run, always fight.
  156. Take control of your life
    and you'll change it forever.
  157. Go get in shape,
    go tell that person how you feel,
  158. go start that business,
    go leave that job,
  159. go leave that abusive relationship.
  160. Deep down you know you should do it,
    but you've got to risk it all.
  161. Not doing it definitely
    guarantees one thing,
  162. that you'll get to the end of your life
    and regret that you didn't even try.
  163. You can either be a victim of your life
    or the master of it,
  164. but the choice is always yours.
  165. Go out and get it,
    don't take 'no' for an answer.
  166. If you get knocked down,
    get back up again.
  167. You can never foul if you never give in.
  168. Stop being a victim,
    stop letting life push you around
  169. and start fighting back,
  170. because the minute you tell yourself
    that you control this shit
  171. is the minute you can start to change it.
  172. It all starts
    the moment you take responsibility
  173. and say to yourself
    "I can make out of this life what I want
  174. and no one and nothing
    is going to shape my destiny but me."
  175. I'm here to tell you today
    that you can have anything you want,
  176. be anyone you want.
  177. Believe you can do it
    and work hard to get it
  178. and it's yours.
  179. Never wait and 'see to believe it',
    believe it and you'll see it.