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← Costelinha de Porco na Cachaça - Cachaça e Cozinha

Nesse episódio do Cachaça e Cozinha você aprende com a chef Bia Goll como fazer uma receita de costelinha de porco na cachaça e mel.

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Sous-titres traduits à partir de Portuguese, Brazilian Afficher la révision 1 créée 12/02/2011 par felipejan.

  1. Today you will learn how to prepare a pork ribs baked in cachaça and

  2. honey accompanied by a mandioquinha puree and broccoli sauteed in garlic.
  3. While worldwide the most consumed meat is pork, here in Brazil we don´t have the same felling about this kind of meat.
  4. That doesn't make much sense because, in addition that in many cuts, the pork has less fat and cholesterol
  5. than the chicken, it is much easier to find it without hormone.
  6. For this recipe we are going to use the salt
  7. The black pepper
  8. The honey
  9. Today we are using the Cachaça Santo Mario Silver which is stored in barrels of amendoim,
  10. a typical Brazilian tree that gives an incredible smoothness to the cachaça.
  11. Cachaça is wonderful with meat. It is great to tenderize tougher cuts of meats.
  12. The great thing about this recipe is that it is super simple. All you have to do is to mix together all the ingredients.
  13. Pour the mixture into a normal square pan
  14. and cover it with foil.
  15. And bake it in medium temperature oven for about 8 hours.
  16. This is a very easy way to make puree
  17. We are using 1 kg of mandioquinha for about 1 liter of water.
  18. We do not discard the water. We leave it to dry which preserves all the nutrients of mandioquinha.
  19. At this point we put the other ingredients.
  20. 200 ml of milk
  21. 50g of butter
  22. A little bit of salt to balance the sweetness of the mandioquinha.
  23. The good thing to use mandioquinha instead of potato is that the mandioquinha has much
  24. more fibers and nutrients than the potato. And for me, particularly, is far more tasty.
  25. At this point we start mashing the mandiquinha
  26. We can finished our puree in the same pan.
  27. This puree has practically 0% of fat and a lot of fiber.
  28. The broccoli we will wash and cut into small pieces.
  29. The oil must be very hot
  30. Than we put the garlic.
  31. When the garlic gets very dark, we put the broccoli and stir.
  32. Let's put the salt to extract he liquids from the garlic and the broccoli.
  33. After 8 hours let´s take a look on our pork
  34. It´s time to prove our Pork with cachaça and this crust of honey
  35. which is incredible. And our mandioquinha puree and broccoli sauteed in garlic.
  36. Somebody hungry?
  37. It´s incredible.
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