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Features of Golf Clubs To Help Improve Your Game


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Having a high-quality set of clubs on the course can help improve your game. Over the years, clubs have been designed to help golfers drive off the tee, hit the ball down the fairway, get out of sand bunkers, and putt on the green. Any golfer enjoys any day out on the course, but it makes it that much better when you can hold a competitive edge in a game with your friends. Certain clubs have been designed to help mitigate the effects of bad swings or not hitting the ball in the sweet spot. They can also help give you more control as you swing.

When a club helps alleviate negative effects we refer to this club as being very “forgiving.” Forgiving clubs tend to have certain features that help the golfer have more control.

Features of Forgiving Golf Clubs:

1. Perimeter-weighting: Forgiving clubs tend to have a feature where the weight of the golf club is distributed around the perimeter of the club instead of at the center. This feature is known as perimeter-weighting. Most golfers do not hit the ball exactly perfectly in their swing. When a club does not have this feature, it makes it a requirement for the golfer to hit the ball at the exact sweet spot. This feature helps the ball go straight when you hit it and not slice as easily.
2. Wider Soles: The sole of a club is the bottom part of the head of the club that touches the ground. When the soles are wider, clubs tend to offer more forgiveness. Wider soles do not dig into the ground as sharply due to the larger surface area. Wider soles also make it easier to make ball airborne on softer ground.
3. Lower Center Of Gravity: Lower center of gravity essentially means the club has more weight at the bottom of the head than the top. This helps offer more forgiveness as it can help lessen the slice of the ball.