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← Michael Jackson and his Love for Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  1. Jackson's Heal the World Foundation
    joined the aid group AmeriCares last week

  2. to airlift 47 tons of medical supplies
    and winter clothes to the war-torn region
  3. that was once Yugoslavia.
  4. Michael himself turned up at
    Kennedy Airport in New York
  5. to watch the 2 million dollars
    worth of aid being loaded.
  6. MJ: The mission of Heal the World,
    my mission,
  7. is healing, pure and simple.
  8. To heal the world,
    we must start by healing our children.
  9. Today, we come bearing gifts
    for the children of war-torn Sarajevo.
  10. In 1992,
  11. Sarajevo has become a symbol
    of so much that is tragic,
  12. but avoidable in our world.
  13. Prejudice and ethnic hatred,
  14. the destruction of the environment,
  15. the shattering of families
  16. and of centuries-old communities.