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  1. The Internet.
    It has the potential to affect and improve every aspect of your life:

  2. your education,
  3. your health,
  4. your social life,
  5. your business,
  6. your choices.
  7. But if the way that it’s governed changes, your life will too.
  8. Right now, people from around the world work together
  9. to make decisions about how the Internet functions.
  10. People like engineers,
  11. business owners,
  12. politicians,
  13. advocates,
  14. students,
  15. teachers,
  16. scientists and more.
  17. They all help develop technical standards and protocols
  18. and increase user access to keep us all connected.
  19. This kind of open, collaborative approach is called
    multi-stakeholder governance.
  20. But there’s a debate happening about the future of the Internet,
  21. and the result could limit which stakeholders have a say.
  22. Some believe only government leaders should decide how the Internet
    is run.
  23. But if only governments have a voice at the table ...
  24. it will stifle innovation and economic growth.
  25. It could also lead to increased censorship and control.
  26. As more people get connected to the Internet,
  27. we must expand, not restrict, the current approach
  28. to make room for new voices and new ideas.
  29. This way you can continue learning,
  30. solving problems,
  31. exploring,
  32. innovating,
  33. growing your business
  34. and expressing your views.
  35. You can do your part.
  36. Make sure people from your country are actively representing your
  37. in preserving a free and inclusive Internet.
  38. Because the Internet belongs to everyone.
  39. Let’s keep it that way.
  40. [TEXT: Produced by the U.S. Department of State for everyone who cares
    about the future of an open Internet.]
  41. [TEXT: Get involved: #openwww]