Hemorrhoids Home Treatment: TOP 7 Relief Recipes (FAST & EASY TIPS)

Hemorrhoids Home Treatment: TOP 7 Relief Recipes (FAST & EASY TIPS)

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Before delve into the topic of hemorrhoids home treatment, let us give a glance to the source of the problem.

The main cause of hemorrhoids is the swelling of the vein around the last part of the rectum or the anus, usually as a result of chronic constipation. As such, it is rather painful and this painful condition is also sometimes referred to as piles.

The condition worsens when an extra mass starts growing outside the anal region and the person faces great difficulty in passing stool. At times, the pain becomes unbearable and also leads to the release of blood in the stool.

Though in extreme cases, it is suggested to consult a doctor immediately; for many people home treatment of hemorrhoids is generally the first step in the treatment process. Many people have found what they claim is natural cures for hemorrhoids. Whether these cures will work for everyone, I am not sure. But there are to many people that claim they have found an effect home treatment for hemorrhoids for it all to be nonsense.

Many home treatments for hemorrhoids basically involve establishing healthy bowel habits and preventing painful stools. The basic trick is to take lot of fibers and water in the diet to soften the stool. The easiest way to achieve this is to maintain a particular diet intake regularly.

Some Simple Relief Recipes for Hemorrhoids

Perhaps, the simplest home remedy for hemorrhoids available, for painful bleeding hemorrhoids, is onion juice. This has been known to stop blood flow during stool. Other important home treatment includes drinking the strained and cooled water obtained from boiling sesame seeds. Similarly, figs can be soaked in water overnight and the strained mixture can be taken first thing in the morning when the stomach is empty.

Amongst the fruits, there are a few like banana, mango and jambu fruit. Boiled, ripe banana mixed with milk (a cup) and taken four to five times a day can, in some cases, alleviate hemorrhoids permanently. Also, dried mango seeds taken in powder form twice or thrice a day can provide relief in case of pain while passing stool.

Even juices extracted from vegetables like carrot, spinach, radish, mint leaves and lemon can act as effective home treatment for hemorrhoids. Apart from these, coriander seeds are useful for treating hemorrhoids. Coriander juice taken early morning, on an empty stomach can act like magic for many hemorrhoid sufferers.

Extreme Hemorrhoid Cases

In extremely painful cases, the basic hemorrhoids home treatment suggested by specialists is to take a sitz bath at least three times a day. This bath simply includes sitting in a few inches of warm water in a tub for at least half an hour. This home treatment can drastically lessen the swelling and the pain. However, it is recommended to dry the skin around the anus thoroughly after each bath. This will avoid the tear and rashes in the skin.

Infact, after every bowel movement, the anus should be blotted gently with moistened toilet paper, certain medicated cleansing agents or medical pads. This treatment prevents the worsening of hemorrhoids. An easy treatment also includes applying ice or damp towels several times in the hemorrhoidal region. All these treatments are basically a part of thermotherapy.

Another common hemorrhoids home treatment includes eating horse chestnut that helps increase blood flow and decreases swelling. It can also help to prevent prolapsed hemorrhoids. However, people suffering from kidney and liver ailments should try and avoid this treatment.

Keep Your Doctor Informed

And as always, you must consult with your doctor before undergoing any sort of treatment because even doing something as simple like changing your diet to a seemingly more healthy one can have an adverse affect on the health of some people.

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