Gabriel Orozco: "Spanish Lessons" | "Exclusive" | Art21

Gabriel Orozco: "Spanish Lessons" | "Exclusive" | Art21

Episode #200: The 200th episode of "Exclusive" provides viewers with an intimate look at "Spanish Lessons" (2013), a project by Gabriel Orozco that took place at Marian Goodman Gallery in New York. Unsatisfied with the relegation of Spanish to "street talk" in the United States, Orozco used art and literature to teach the language to gallery goers. "It's very common to hear people quoting Borges, but not many people have really read Borges in Spanish," he says. "Meaning changes when you translate." Orozco's temporary classroom was situated in an unused office below the commercial gallery, creating an opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge in a space usually used for the exchange of money and objects.

Gabriel Orozco uses the urban landscape and everyday objects to twist conventional notions of reality. He considers philosophical problems, such as the concept of infinity, and evokes them in humble moments. Matching his passion for political engagement with poetry, Orozco's works propose a distinctive model for the ways in which artists can affect the world with their work.

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CREDITS: Producer: Ian Forster. Consulting Producer: Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich. Interview: Ian Forster. Camera: Rafael Salazar & Ava Wiland. Sound: Ava Wiland. Editor: Rafael Salazar. Artwork Courtesy: Gabriel Orozco & Marian Goodman Gallery. Additional Footage: Yunsung Hong. Special Thanks: Irma Cedeno & Alena Marchak. Theme Music: Peter Foley.

"Exclusive" is supported, in part, by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council; 21c Museum Hotel, and by individual contributors.

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